Our nation looks for love and beauty

What He Said?What Happened?

Çay TV, July 23-2008

Adnan Oktar: Our nation wants only peace. Peace, love, calm and brotherhood. Bring just half a loaf of bread and some cheese or something to go with it and our nation will make do, but if you bring a lot of food or provide a great many material means, then you eliminate that peace, it is not to be desired. Bring the nation peace, in other words, through democracy and peace, and a brotherly belief will emerge. We need to concentrate on that. Our nation has gone through very difficult economic conditions. But it never made any concessions regarding its moral values or its own character. We are also heading towards a stronger economy. In other words, Turkey will be very rich within the Turkish-Islamic Union. It will be very wealthy in the near future. 

Başkent TV, February 27-2009

Adnan Oktar: Our nation is not in any case preoccupied with the Turkish-Islamic Union being founded so it can live at ease or in great wealth. Our nation seeks peace, love, beauty and spiritual things. It wants good human bonds. It wants joy. A bit of bread and cheese is enough for my nation. They have no greed, only ambition for love. They have a thirst for love and friendship. The most important of the blessings that the Turkish-Islamic Union will bring with it is perfection in our spiritual natures. That will bring us wealth. Of course there will be investment in people. But there are atheist Zionists and Masons who do not want investment in people. And there are many communists with links to the Masons. I mean people who think in another way, in the opposite direction.

TRT, April 26-2009

The Prime Minister Calls to His Mayors

Addressing his party’s mayors in his address, Erdoğan said: “If you are a mayor who is unapproachable, we will hold you to account before the public do. If you become caught up in a lust for pride, fame, rank or the trappings of office, we will hold you to account first.  Mayors from the AK Party must be there for those who have no-one, must be the voices of the voiceless. Because governing is our business and justice is our goal. Our aim is to serve and lift people up.

Erdoğan said that the cause taken up by the AK Party was one the size of Turkey itself, and went on:”   

"Those who take up this cause, who take their place in our ranks, never stoop to any marginal conception of politics. They have to embrace all the citizens of the Republic of Turkey, without exception, whether they vote for us or not. There is and can be no room in the policies of the AK Party for those who discriminate, who seek favoritism instead of justice, who wish to subsume pluralist democracy under a single ideology. Those who take their place alongside us have a duty to justice and the nation. Rank or station have no sway over us. We must exhibit a form of administration that is accountable to the people, clear and transparent.”

İHA, April 26-2009

Orders from Erdogan to his mayors

2009-06-26 15:29:25

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