Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 5 July 2012


A9 TV, July 5th, 2012

(When you said "The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) came in the year 2002" yesterday in your interview with our brother Nadir Alami from the French TNT channel, he forgot to ask during the live broadcast  how you knew this. And now he asks your response about this question, if at all possible.)

In the verse of the Qur'an, Almighty Allah says -I seek refuge with Allah from the satan- "A day with your Lord is equivalent to a thousand years in the way you count." The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) has gone to the Presence of Allah in a day and came back in a day. 2,000 years. However there is an error in the Gregorian Calendar; there are two years missing in the calculation of the date the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) has been taken to the Sight of Allah and his birth at that date. There is a mistake of two years. And that coincides to the year 2002. There are repeating two's. There is a two in the beginning and a two in the end. The repeating two's are very crucial, it is a very important matter. There is a reference to that in many places of the Qur'an, that is a measure. Where does our information about this come from apart from this? There are some people that we are in contact with of course, there are some valuable people. 

(Mr. Huseyin Celik said that it was a mistake to close the Halki seminary and that there was no legal barrier in opening the school again, that it could be opened within 24 hours if required.)

He is telling the truth. That is because the Christian-Muslim alliance is a characteristic of the system of the Mahdi. Or else there would be nothing to be called the global dominion of the moral values of Islam. The students of the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh) will definitely act with the students of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and thus they will rule the world. That is an act of the system of the Mahdi. That is a blessed act. It is no problem to educate children in irreligious, atheistic, Darwinist schools, so why should a handful Christians receiving their education according to their own belief then be forbidden? 

(Regarding Syrian soldiers opening fire on five Turkish trucks in the Aziz district of Aleppo)

Syria and Iran are in a race to display evil acts in the region. They are under the sway of the system of the dajjal (anti-christ). May Allah guide them to the right path, may Allah save them. May Allah turn them to the belief in the true Mahdi. May He turn them to the brotherhood of Islam, to the belief in the Union of Islam. May He save them from the grasp of communism. Of course it is very important for other Islamic countries to wake up and unite and become pioneers in this respect. Yet if anyone is to assume that role, it will be Turkey. That is the conviction of the whole region, and that is how we believe it would be. Since this is what the hadiths refer to, anything other than this is impossible, insha'Allah. This is how things are rolling and this is how it will continue to happen, insha'Allah.    

(About Russia)

They have to talk to Putin. They have to talk to him face to face. He should stop supporting Syria and Iran. That would not serve any interest of Russia. These could only rip off Russia's bond to Islamic world. It would ruin their relationships. If Russia casts Syria and Iran aside, they would come to their senses. They would become more reasonable. They would have to unite with the Islamic world. Other than that, this communist mindset would make them even fiercer. 

(Prime Minister of Somalia Abdiveli Muhammed Ali made the following statement regarding Turkey; "At the moment there is something that we call the “Turkish model” in Somalia. What is this Turkish model? Turkey came, you've come here all together and gave us schools, hospitals, water and infrastructure systems. That was what Somalia needed. Erdoğan's coming to Somalia was a miracle for us. We really believe that. It was a miracle coming from Allah.")

That is alright, yet why did Allah give you that pain? Why were those troubles given to you? You failed to understand the secret behind that. You say that, "Schools are opened, meatballs are cooked, we've eaten the rice and we are fed. It was really nice," you say for the coming of our Prime Minister. "Turks are very nice people. They brought us meat, they brought us milk, we ate, we drank and then went to sleep. Thank you very much, can you please bring the rest as well?" Well, that is not acceptable. Somalia is a Muslim country. Their people are Muslims. Why don't you talk about the Unity of Islam? Ask for the system of the Mahdi, ask for the coming of  Jesus Messiah. Let the Islamic world be united. We are suffering because of this separation, because of this division. That is the reason for this poverty, this torment. Look how beautiful results are attained only by cooperation. Instead of saying, "Let us unite in the perfect sense of the word, let us become brothers. May Allah remove these torments, these disasters on us," you simply say; "I have eaten my meal, now I  want a toothpick". What kind of speech is that? Allah did not send you here to eat and drink and go to sleep. Allah has sent you here to be a servant, to pray, to live Islam, to struggle until the religion is Allah's alone. What does Allah say in the verse; I seek refuge with Allah from the satan; ".. until there is no more fitna.. [..and the religion is Allah's alone.]" Do you see from where Allah wants us to remove fitna [dissension]? From the face of this world. Allah wants that there would be no more dissension in the poles, in America, in Russia, in everywhere.  The reason why our Prime Minister sent all that help is because our brothers there were starving to death, and we went there to save them for the good pleasure of Allah.  That was a disaster brought upon you by Allah. 

Allah tells us that "...obedience to those parents who attempt to lead you away from religion is not acceptable." If she struggles with you because you perform your prayers, that kind of a mother is not acceptable. If she stands against you because you are talking about the facts leading to faith, that kind of a mother is not acceptable.  If a person develops an attitude against that, it means that he or she develops attitude against the Qur'an, against the Book of Allah. Then such a person would cease being a mother and become something else. It would be as if she doesn't exist and you should act as if she doesn't exist. If she tries to lead you away from religion, if she doesn't let you mention the Name of Allah, if she doesn't want your faith to get stronger, if she doesn't want you to learn the invalidity of Darwinism, materialism and the evils of the system of the dajjal (antichrist), she is no mother.  

2012-08-28 13:43:05

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