Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 30 July 2012


A9 TV, July 30th, 2012

Some segment of our Muslim brothers always occupy themselves with hatred and rage. Rage and hatred are evil. One arrives  nowhere with hatred and rage. They are very unwise, very stupid. Everything can be handled with love. A person is already weak. A person is not strong enough to resist hatred. A person is a weak being. This aside, he is created as an illusion.  Matter is created as an illusion. This world is not a place to indulge in inconvenience. It is not a place for hatred, rage and fights. This is a place of trial. Allah wants us to be happy in heaven. He wants us to have joy. Good food, beautiful people, love, a gracious environment, beautiful sights, flowers, trees, pools, beautiful houses;Allah shows these to us in our brain now; we see everything in a bright form. We see houses, boats, streets, beautiful people; they are all created in our brains. Allah creates them in our brains. They exist outside, but what we see is an illusion  in our brains. And Allah causes us to see an infinite realm in a lentil-size place. Allah places an infinite realm in a lentil-size place. We will love Allah in a honest manner. Then Allah makes us feel that He protects us, watches over us. Allah oppresses mean people- those who are dajjals. He devastates them. He breaks their pride and he puts an end to their lives. This was  the case with Abu Lahab and Abu Jahil. This was also the case with Pharaoh and Nimrod. Allah puts an end to their lives but first, as a necessity of the trial in this world, He allows them to engage in cruelty, so that all their ignominy can be revealed. All their immoral acts can be observed. Their ruthlessness, scurrility, jealousy, their hypocrisy are all revealed beforehand. Then Allah takes them back. For instance, although Pharaoh was warned several times, he insists in his insolence while he was very well aware that Prophet Moses (as) is the prophet sent by Allah.  There are so many evidences that denying it is almost impossible.

For instance does not a person understand the existence of Allah? He understands it outright. There is that feeling. I touch my hand and a person perceives this feeling. There is something like feeling. There is the “seeing”. There is someone who sees. Someone sees. With whom he sees? Without an eye. Does the one who sees has an eye? The one who sees the image in our brain; does he has an eye? No, but he sees nonetheless. For instance, there is the nose but that nose is not the thing that smells. It is the nose in the brain that smells. It is the one that smells. When a nose smells, it only takes electric and relays it to the brain. The brain releases the electric signals. There is nothing like smelling in the brain. The nose by itself in no way smells. The soul in the brain perceives that electricity in the brain as a smell. This is what they call the “smell of rose.”  For instance, what is called the illusion; not all the eyes see. The eyes are only cameras. A classical camera indeed. Two cameras. The video takes the electrical signals in the camera to the place where recording takes place. In return, it relays it to the particular location in the brain and leaves it as electricity. Then the issue becomes over. We see that the eye is blind. Who is the one that sees? Who is the one that sees that electric current? There is neither need for the eye to see, nor for the ear to see. Or we do not have the need for the tongue to taste. There is a need for Allah to create. That happens just as how Allah creates it.

2012-08-28 13:45:07

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