Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 20 July 2012


A9 TV,  July 20th, 2012

Surat al-Kahf speaks directly of the End Times and the system of the Mahdi. It is a Surah that every Muslim must know well. Our Prophet (saas) always stressed Surat al-Kahf against the system of the dajjal.  Read Surat al-Kahf, he said because the whole system is described in detail in it.

(Mr. Adnan Oktar interprets verses from Surat al-Kahf)

 “Praise belongs to Allah Who has sent down the Book to His slave and has put no crookedness in it.”

The first thing that Allah notes is the Qur’an and the sufficiency of the Qur’an. The solution in this world is built on accepting the sufficiency of the Qur’an. The reason for all this disorder, all these sects, all these different communities, all this pain and all this fighting is that people reject the sufficiency of the Qur’an. If people accepted the sufficiency of the Qur’an, if they truly understood its language, none of this would happen.  

It is [a] straight [Book]” says Allah. He again refers to the Qur’an. “...to warn of violent force direct from Him,because if people are not warned and frightened, they will not act normally out of love of Allah alone. Without fear of hell, they will not pray or take care over what is lawful and unlawful. “Allah will protect me in any event,” they say, “Allah will always forgive me.” The lack of fear of Allah has done away with love and depth of thinking. People have not an ounce of intelligence unless they fear Allah. “...and to give good news to the believers, those who do right actions,” Look, Allah next states the key point; doing good works, behaving honestly. People are Muslims, but they are not sincere. The  Injil (True Gospel) also means good news. Giving good news to Muslims is very important; to tell them of the way of the Mahdi, of the return of Jesus the Messiah, of Islamic Unity, of paradise, to give good news for Allah’s approval. that for them there is an excellent reward.” There is good merit in this, says Allah. Look, Allah gives good news.

“...a place in where they will remain for ever.” Allah is eternal. He is eternal and He makes believers eternal. They have a beginning but no end. The believer already bears the spirit of Allah. It is impossible for something bearing the spirit of Allah to be finite because Allah says, “I have breathed of My spirit.” Now, if you say that this being into which Allah has breathed His spirit is finite, then you are saying, may Allah forbid, that He is also finite because the believer bears the spirit of Allah. The endless nature of the believer can be seen from that, from that statement of Allah’s.

“...and [for the Qur’an] to warn those who say ‘Allah has a son’.” This means that Islam will reign across the world through an alliance with the Christians. Allah is now speaking of the most important point, the worst corruption. "...those who say ‘Allah has a son’.” In other words, Allah is warning with the wrath of hell.  The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is not the son of Allah. Allah is above and beyond having children. There is only one Allah. And then there are the servants of Allah. Jesus the Messiah, our Prophet (saas), we are all servants of Allah. Nobody is the son of Allah. But that is an expression used in the figurative sense, for the purpose of expressing love, in the sense of expressing Allah’s protection, and in that sense it refers to all of Mankind in the  True Gospel. It is an acceptable term in that sense, referring to the servants created by Allah, an expression of love. But Allah has no need to be a father and have children. This is a very primitive belief, in other words.

They have no knowledge of this, neither they nor their fathers.” They themselves have no knowledge, He says. There is no such information in the True Gospel. Because when we look at the True Gospel we see that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) prays to Allah. He eats and sleeps and says He is a servant of Allah, and that Allah is One. There is no other such information. There is nonsensical information in the other gospels, but since they are contradictory, and these true statements are in the majority, these contradictory statements are regarded as invalid. “It is a monstrous utterance which has issued from their mouths.” Almighty Allah refers to this as a most ugly thing to say. What they say is nothing but a lie.” They themselves know they are lying. That is why nobody in the world really believes in the Trinity. No Christian really maintains that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) is Allah because it is obviously a lie, a childish lie.  It is much the same way that drug addicts speak fantastical lies, and that they lie in the same shameless and unembarrassed way. And they themselves know they are lying.

Perhaps you may destroy yourself with grief, chasing after them, if they do not have faith in these words [the Qur’an].

Almighty Allah says there is no reason to grieve because Allah also creates the reasons to do so. A Muslim does not grieve. Grieving is a violation of the Qur’an. It is wrong, it means ascribing an equal to Allah. That is why Allah warns our Prophet (saas) to avoid it in the future. Never to grieve or be uneasy or unhappy. Disbelief is beating the drum at the moment, but are we saddened? No.

We made everything on the Earth adornment for it,” trees, flowers, the sea and the sky. People look with wonder at the sky and the clouds. The forests and the sea have their own separate beauties. Allah says He made insects and flowers and human beings as an adornment. “...so that We could test them to see whose actions are the best.”

Almighty Allah says He has done it deliberately, as a test. But look to see who behaves better; there are those who behave well, and those who behave even better. And those who behave even better still. “...so that We could test them to see whose actions are the best.” Does Allah not know already? He knows everything in all eternity. So who does he want to know it? He wants us to know because we are the spirit of Allah. We were created from Allah’s spirit. Allah cannot be ignorant of what His own spirit will do.

We will certainly make everything on it a barren wasteland.” Allah describes the state of the world on the Day of Reckoning because the world will be blown apart. Under the impact of an earthquake, though it will still exist as a block of matter. It will be flattened. Fire will spread, so the interior part will remain molten, while the top part is blown apart. A barren wasteland will result. Almighty Allah is describing the Day of Reckoning.

Do you consider that the Companions of the Cave and Ar-Raqim were one of the most remarkable of Our Signs?

This verse refers to the followers of the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah. The Companions of the Cave are followers of the Mahdi (pbuh) and the people of ar-Raqim are the followers of Jesus the Messiah. “...one of the most remarkable of Our Signs.” Our Prophet  (saas) must have been puzzled for Allah to say that. In other words, He means, “Are you amazed?”

“When the young men,” one feature of the followers of the Mahdi (pbuh) is that they are young. “...took refuge in the cave,” when they came together. This describes their living together in the cave. They actually seek shelter in the cave, and that is another issue, but this is what the Qur’an is referring to, insha’Allah. “...and said, ‘Our Lord, give us mercy directly from You.’ Once the mercy of Allah rues a place, the matter is over and done with. That is why we say, ‘Bismillahirrahmanirrahim’; the Compassionate and Merciful. “...and open the way for us to right guidance in our situation.” That means they will do things. Where? In the cave. How can you have activity in a cave? We are being told something here. They have an aim because they have ideals. They are sleeping, but they are in the cave.

So We sealed their ears with sleep in the cave for a number of years.”

This also indicates the state of the world because we are also currently in a kind of sleep. Hazrat Ali (pbuh) says, “We are sleeping now. But we will waken when we die.” This world is a very high-quality dream. We are watching a very sharp, conscious dream. You will realize this if you look carefully. You are watching an image in your brains. I mean, every scientist, when he enters the laboratory, imagines he is holding test tubes and equipment. Allah causes them to touch the test tubes in their brains. A scientist looks at the electron microscope in his brain. He cannot make direct contact with the electron microscope on the outside. He makes a discovery in his brain. Allah gives him that finding, and he finds it. When the Darwinists make a statement, it is Allah Who causes them to make it. They cannot make it by themselves. They merely state information that is already there. There is nothing else one can say. Not a millimeter more or less. That is the exact truth. Everything Darwin or Marx will say is already present and ready in the sight of Allah. For example, Marx’s Das Kapital was already there before he was born, or his father was born but Allah makes it look as if he wrote it. That is how he sees it in his brain. But since he is unaware of the secret of the universe, he imagines matter is on the outside. So if you ask Marx or Darwin, they will say, “The ship is standing off at a distance.” Only Allah knows the true nature of matter and things, not us.

Then We woke them up again so that we might see which of the two groups would better calculate the time they had stayed there.

Some people say, “One is a picture.” Allah says there are two groups. Where is the sign? If one person says something, the rest say, “Is that so?” and leave it at that. Use your head. He speaks of two groups here. The Companions of the Cave and Ar-Raqim, He says. These are expressions referring to people. How much time is left? How much time to the Day of Reckoning? Only Allah knows, of course. But we can make approximate estimations from the signs. By Allah’s leave, those estimates are generally correct, insha’Allah. “...we woke them again.” Allah is again indicating that life is but a dream.

We will relate their story to you with truth.” This event really happened,” Allah says. It is not a symbolic reference, says Allah. It is a true event, He says. There has been such a case, He says. They were young men who had faith in their LordAllah says they had true faith. There is submission, and there is real, genuine faith. He says they had genuine faith so they became really very strong. If someone or a group of people really believe, there is nothing in the world that can vanquish them. This is a miracle. If 100 people have faith, then the rest of the seven billion people in the world can never overcome them. Those 100 people will definitely be victorious. Almighty Allah creates this miracle.  “a...nd We increased them in guidance.

It is Allah Who gives and increases happiness. We see Him increase happiness. This means that people’s faith is not immobile; it shines and grows. We can see from this that people grow in faith. 

We fortified their hearts.” One has to have fortitude in the face of the years. One of the main features of the followers of the Mahdi is their fortitude and determination; never to abandon their cause. To see it through right to the end.

When they stood up (to the king, the dajjal)” when they attacked, engaged in activity. “...and said, ‘Our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the Earth’,” in other words, we believe in the existence of Allah. We believe in the Lord of the Earth and sky. “...and We will not call on any god apart from Him.” We will never worship Darwinism, materialism, communism, fascism or any other such belief.  “We would in that case have uttered an abomination.”

In other words, it would not be scientific or rational or true. It would not be credible. It would be a lie, He says.

"These people of ours,” the people around us, this community. “...have taken gods apart from Him.,” they have become Darwinists, materialists and atheists. They do not believe in Allah. Why do they not produce a clear authority concerning them?” In that case, let them bring forward fossil evidence, evidence regarding protein, one piece of evidence, just one; but of course, there is no such evidence at all. “Who could do a greater wrong than someone who invents a lie against Allah?”

He says they lie against Allah and are wicked. The wicked are always brought down. The Qur’an states this explicitly so people will know that the end is always defeat, insha’Allah.

(About Muslims in Burma being thrown into rivers with their hands tied)

I fail to understand why people insist on opposing unification among Muslims.  They all want to have their own little kingdoms. They all attack one another. If you want the best for someone else, then desire Islamic Unity. Everything will resolve itself for the best inside Islamic Unity; but because they oppose Islamic Unity, brotherhood and love have been put on hold. We must be united, brothers.

Allah has set out His pronouncements about the People of the Book in the Qur’an. He says we will find that Christians are the closest to Muslims. Allah says we can marry them, and eat their food. But the bigots have this terrible ferocity and thirst for bloodshed. There are Christian bigots, too. We all know about the Muslim bigots. And there are Jewish bigots and atheist bigots and Darwinist bigots.  They really stir everything up. They produce terrible wickedness. Let us live as brothers in the whole, wide world. Let us live in love, as friends. Everyone must respect everyone else. There is no peace anywhere in the world. Muslims need to be united as brothers in order for all this to come to an end. My brothers must criticize those who refuse to support Islamic Unity.

If our brothers would give short talks everywhere, that would produce enormous results. It is not as people imagine. I always say that one person will become like a thousand. Do not say that one person cannot do anything. In a week’s time there will be 1,000 people. Or 100,000, 200,000. This will snowball. We are a small group, but we have demolished Darwinism across the world.

It is no good looking at China with hatred. They have had an utterly wretched and miserable time. They fell into the hands of communism. They thought Darwinism and materialism were true. The Chinese people are peaceable. They are not aggressive. We want them to be free. Open the borders and let them travel the world. Let them enjoy peace and happiness and well-being. It is terrible to live under the threat of death. Our young people went to East Turkestan. They say, “Don’t let on, but everything in the hodja’s books is true.” I did not know I was so well-known in East Turkestan. Our people say, “Wherever we went, people praised the hodja’s books.” But they should be able to say that out in the open, without fear. They must be able to say that in the hearing of the authorities.


Almighty Allah says, “You will find Christians very close to you, your friends.” Almighty Allah says this because we need to put it into action. “You can eat their food.” Allah says this because people fail to understand the purpose of friendship. Allah says we can marry their women. What is the aim in Christianity? Love and friendship and everything.


(In response to a question from a viewer saying, “What place do these ladies we address as maidens have in the program?”)

Women are the adornments of the world. Love of women is a sign of faith. They asked Rasulullah (saas): “O Rasulullah, what have you loved in this world?” “I have loved three things,“ he said. One, “A pious woman.” Two, “a fine scent.” Three, “our beloved prayers.” Smell cannot be held in the hand, only perceived. But a woman can be experienced with all five senses. “I loved woman most of all,” he says. I also love women most of all in this world. Look, all the women around me love me very much. And I love them. They are all radiant and lovely. They are all highly intelligent, cultured, well-informed and devout. May Allah bestow good people on good. May He bestow beautiful people on beautiful people. This is what Allah says in the Qur’an; “Female believers for male believers, and male believers for female believers.” “Immaculate women for immaculate men, and immaculate men for immaculate women.” Allah cites them one by one, and at length. Allah shows me these lovely beings as a manifestation of Himself. They are a blessing from Allah.

Since one thinks of quality when being a Muslim is mentioned, Islam is now spreading very fast whenever beauty is mentioned. Left as it was, they would have slaughtered Muslims en masse. They would have declared them to be Gog and Magog, the army of the dajjal, and would have slaughtered Muslims wherever they were, under the name of dajjal. We have been instrumental in stopping that. We have saved Muslims from the sword. Many of them. Us and other believers, various immaculate people. A great scourge has been lifted from the Muslim world. They describe Muslims as monkeys, filthy people.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Does ritual purification during the fast invalidate that fast?”)

I do not want to make a declaration on matters of religious law, but this is a well-known matter; of course it does not invalidate it. Rinsing the mouth does not invalidate the fast. The water stays in the mouth, and that is that. There is no harm in keeping the mouth clean or in using toothpaste. A Muslim must have a clean-smelling mouth. The bigots say it must stink. That is wrong, a lie. A Muslim must have a spotlessly clean mouth. The opposite is very ugly. One must wash the mouth, and there is no harm in that. Water normally has no taste. It seems the bigots would rather people’s breath stink of food.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “Everyone is very slothful on the first day of Ramadan. We cannot sleep properly. What can we do about this?”)

This comes from a mineral deficiency. A deficiency of calcium or magnesium or potassium, perhaps. One must eat fruit, and vegetables. And cheese or milk. One cannot do heavy labor under those circumstances. Our brothers should put in for leave. People work in the Sun and become ill; that is no good. Allah says that Muslims must take precautions. They must rest. Heavy work is out of the question. Of course one needs to sleep well. Our brothers must keep their bodies healthy and fit as they fast. Some people regard themselves as real heroes; that is very foolish. Allah says there is also a provision for if you cannot stand it. Allah says you must not fast if you are ill. That is Allah’s command. Some bodies are very delicate. They faint and cannot stand up. But they still insist on fasting. He may have a kidney stone. Are you crazy? You will ruin your health. Fasting is for the healthy. Or he may have a stomach ulcer or low blood pressure. May Allah forbid, he could go into shock and die. It is not lawful for such people. Or he may have high blood pressure. His blood pressure could go really high due to electrolyte imbalance. Such cases must not fast. Apart from that, fasting is very beneficial. It causes renewal of the gastric mucosa and the digestive system. It lowers cholesterol in the entire body. It increases the body’s resistance to thirst. It improves the palate, and bestows general well-being. It causes a good feeling throughout the body, but for healthy people. They must consume more minerals and foods with a high water content. They must eat watermelon and baked goods are excellent. It is good to eat them with watermelon, and plenty of olive oil. Soups are good, too.


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