Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 7 July 2012


A9 TV, July 7th, 2012

Science and research is very nice. Let us encourage science. Let us encourage scientists, let us protect and watch over them, so much so that they should be the ones we protect and watch over the most. Science is a blessing. Science is beauty. Science puts forth the artistry of Allah. Science discovers, determines and shows us how Allah created us. It increases our admiration, love and affection for Allah.

Animals are very sweet creatures. These are very great blessings. They should be protected and watched over intensely. They are amazing creatures. It is really a great thing to have a cat as a pet. Owning an apartment, etc., wouldn't be enough for one, owning a cat is an amazing thing.

(LiveLeaks website which previously reported the inhumane scandals of American soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, this time broadcast the images of the moment a helicopter of the 101st Aviation unit of the American Air Force killing two people.) 

They constantly ask for proofs with videos, these men have killed off almost half of the population of Afghanistan. They are ravishing the young girls and ravishing the kids. They are losing face. And these grandpas we have here keep saying, "We are in our best days, what antichrist are you talking about? We are living in peace. Everything is going nice, everything is very good."

In the Qur'an, Allah says; "When there is an attack on you in anywhere, be united and save your brothers altogether." There is a verse in this content. Allah tells us to defend each other.


(In response to a viewer's message asking; "Are there compilations in your works?")

Of course they are compilations. If you do not have sources, if you do not take quotations from researchers how will you be able to publish scientific works? Of course my works have compilations from the Qur'an, the hadiths and from the works of scientists. But the comments and their interpretations are very important. The interpretations of the matters are very important. Interpretations are crucial. I generally make interpretations in my books. I take sources, and these sources come to me ready to be used. I only make main interpretations. Those interpretations are the reason why we are so very effective.

Love is the reason of the creation of the universe. Allah says "I have created people to be My servants," but Allah takes love as a basis in this servitude. Without love, there will be no meaning to anything in the universe. Everything is based on love. One acts kindly, we love that person. One acts obediently, we love that person. One does not gossip, we love that person. The whole system is based on love. That is what Allah wants from us. For instance, Allah creates ants as very sweet, orderly and disciplined creatures. For instance ,ants are very clean creatures. What is the reason for their being clean? For us to love them! That is because man loves cleanliness. What does love form? It forms love. Instantly, a feeling of protection forms in a person. He will be loving that person a life time, and there is a soul that would want to be friends with that person for a life time and also in the Hereafter will be formed. That is what Allah likes. Allah lives our love as well. Allah knows it all. That is because Allah creates that love. He knows them very well because He created them all.

There are the gardens of Paradise. We love the trees in the gardens of Paradise. That is all in the soul. If there is no love, the trees in the gardens of Paradise would not interest the man. Neither would the rivers of Paradise, nor the sweetness of the children of Paradise would not interest them. There are men and women of Paradise, there are the houses of Paradise and the pillows of Paradise. There are adornments on the pillows of Paradise, there are many details, there are goblets and pitchers in Paradise. They are all about love. If we were to speak without mentioning the Name of Allah, love would diminish. There would be no meaning to anything. The man wore beautiful clothes, ate food. Everything loses meaning. Jolliness would have no meaning, joy would have no meaning, life would have no meaning either. Everything is beautiful with Allah, by loving Allah. If you do not love Allah, if you do not believe in Allah, you would be thinking that you would simply fade away and that you were created aimless, as the result of coincidences. May Allah forbid, such a person would consider people to be creatures. He would think that he cannot live forever. He would think that the universe is a nightmare.

A person would go mad in such a life. For that reason, for it is impossible to live without faith, Allah reveals the Qur'an, the Torah, the Gospel and other holy books. If religion had not informed us about life, people would have gone crazy. Love and life wouldn't have any meaning to it but of course this is true if is there is irreligiosity on top of all. That is because by creation, man believes in Allah. I mean even if the Qur'an did not exist, man would still believe in Allah nevertheless. By creation, he would pray to Allah. He would want to worship Him in his own way, in the way that he knows. Mostly he would be express his love to Him. Man would instinctively know between many lawful and unlawful things. He would instinctively know many of the unlawful things mentioned in the Qur'an. Allah reveals that in his heart.


Mr. Adnan Oktar paraphrases the Surat al-Muminun;

[I seek refuge with Allah from the satan]

52nd Verse:

"This faith of yours is a single faith," and what have you done about that? You have made the Muslims scattered in pieces. ".. and I am your Lord, so have fear of Me."

53rd Verse:

"But they disagreed and split up, dividing into sects.. " as sects and groups, ".. each party exulting in what it had." They are feeling happy saying we are the people of salvation, we are the ones that will find salvation, we are the ones on the right path and they regard the others as unbelievers.

54th Verse:

"So leave them in their glut of ignorance for a while." As you know these people, the hypocrite men and women, are very fond of their wealth and sons.

55th Verse

"Do they imagine that, in the wealth and children We extend to them.."

56th Verse

"We are hastening to them with good things? No indeed, but they have no awareness!"

57th Verse

"Those who are filled with the fear of their Lord.." Those who fear the Grandeur of Allah with awe..

58th Verse

".. those who have faith in the Signs of their Lord,"

59th Verse

".. those who do not associate anything with their Lord," meaning those who abide completely by the Qur'an, those who do not associate anything with Allah. In the Qur'an, it is stated that Almighty Allah fiercely detests people from various thoughts forming new religions by acting as if they receive revelations, by adding new orders to the commands of Allah, or by making new additions through fabricated explanations.

62nd Verse

"We do not impose on any self any more than it can stand. With Us there is a Book which speaks the truth. They will not be wronged." Allah says that they will never be wronged in their tests. Furthermore, Allah says; "We do not impose on any self any more than it can stand." That is a great blessing. No one can turn up and say, "I have faced things that are more than I could stand". Things would definitely occur in such a way that a person would take it normally and would not be affected.

63rd Verse

"However, their hearts are overwhelmed by ignorance about this matter and they do other things as well." According to their own mindset, according to their own interpretations.

64th Verse

"But then when We seize the affluent among them with the punishment, they will suddenly start praying fervently." That bigot will begin to scream when Allah gives them trouble.

65th Verse

"Do not pray fervently today. You will not get any help from Us." Meaning their crying and lamenting, their making scenes.

66th Verse

"My Signs were recited to you and you turned round on your heels.." You were not accepting the Qur'an, you were advocating bigotry. You were advocating filthy mindsets, violence, terror, fierceness and lovelessness.

67th Verse

".. arrogant towards it.." being arrogant towards the system of the Mahdi (pbuh).." .. talking arrant nonsense all night long." Allah says that the bigots have meetings at nights, planning the evils that they will be doing on Facebook, or here or there, in the morning.

68th Verse

"Do they not ponder these words? Has anything come to them that did not come to their ancestors the previous peoples?" The bigots claim that something has come to them anyway. They say -may Allah forbid- "The Qur'an is not enough; we possess additional information."

69th Verse

"Or is it that they do not recognize their Messenger and therefore do not acknowledge him?" So they do not recognize our Prophet (saas) and know that he abides by the Qur'an. They do not recognize the Mahdi (pbuh) either.

70th Verse

" Or do they say, 'He is a man possessed'?" There have always been accusations of insanity towards all prophets, towards the Mahdis. ".. when he has brought the truth to them? But most of them hate the truth." Just like they have assumed an attitude against the system of the Mahdi (pbuh), against the guidance and struggle of our Prophet (saas), they will also assume an attitude against the Mahdi (pbuh) in the End Times and they will discountenance him.

71st Verse

"If the truth were to follow their whims and desires.." If the truth did follow bigotry, if the explanations of the Mahdi (pbuh) were to be in line with bigotry, if they were in compliance with their mindset, ".. the heavens and the Earth and everyone in them would have been brought to ruin." The bigots are dragging the whole world into corruption. They bring about atrociousness, anarchy, terror and sadism. "No indeed! We have given them their Reminder.." The Qur'an brings honor and pride to people.. ".. but they have turned away from it." Allah says that they turn away from the Qur'an.

72nd Verse

"Are you asking them for payment? Your Lord´s payment is better. He is the Best of Providers." You are not asking for money from them, you are not expecting any kind of benefit from them either.

73rd Verse

"You are calling them to a straight path." You are calling them to the path of the Qur'an, to the way of the Mahdi (pbuh).

74th Verse

"But those who do not have faith in the Hereafter recoil from the path." The bigots would always be faithless. They always are in doubt.

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