Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 16 July 2012


A9 TV, July 16th, 2012 

Let us act very quickly for the Union of Islam. Satan presents something very easy as if it is very difficult. No one should be too proud.  So you should go to Egypt and say, "My brother, we are here to serve. We would like to establish the Union of Islam. What are your commands?" They will go to Pakistan and say, "What are your commands for the Union of Islam?" They will go to Iran and say, "What are your commands?" And that is it. You will say let us make alliance in the least common denominator and do not dwell on details. Allah is One, the Prophet is one, our Qiblah is one, our Book is one, and that is it, let us not get in any further details. Dwelling on matters like the martyrdom of the Companions and history would be satanic. Leave them behind in history. 

Explanation of Surat al-Furqan, Verse 3

Look, Almighy Allah says in Surat al-Furqan Verse 3 – I seek refuge with Allah from the satan-  "But they have adopted gods apart from Him which do not create anything .. " How can matter create anything? It cannot create anything. ".. but are themselves created." Allah created matters, right? " They have no power to harm or help themselves. They have no power over death or life or resurrection." And the man says "Matter is intelligent." He claims that "Matter sees, the soul creates, it gives the sense of smelling."

Insincere understanding of religion would ruin the minds of people.  Some of our brothers who are the students of Nur are making a grave mistake. It is okay that you know Bediuzzaman to be the Mahdi and love him dearly. I personally love him very dearly. And I say that he is greater than Imam Rabbani, greater than Imam al- Ghazali. He is like a prophet. I am not saying that he is a prophet, but that he is a blessed person just like a prophet. He is the sultan of the world, he is a very precious person, but he is not the Mahdi. Why are you pushing it this far? I mean would the fact that he is not the Mahdi suppress our respect for him?  Are we to lose our respect to such a metaphysical being, such a great saint, just because he is not the Mahdi? I do know that Bediuzzaman is not the Mahdi, but I love  him very dearly. Look, no other channel has ever given a place to Bediuzzam night and day like we do. We are the ones who had these young people like Bediuzzaman this much. His real value will be appreciated in the End Times, he will be appreciated even further in the coming years insha'Allah. But why is there the need this insincerity?

(Hadiths of our Prophet (saas) regarding Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)) 

Look the Messenger of Allah says "I have seen the Witness Qaim, the Mahdi at the night of Mi'raj." Abdullah Umar ibn Al-Khattāb relates from the Messenger of Allah (saas). The Messenger of Allah (saas) commands; "Allah has revealed to me the following on the night of Mi'raj; "O Mohammad, do you want to see them?" And I said" I do want to see them my Lord." And He commanded; "Then proceed this way." As I proceeded, I saw Ali Ibn Abi Talib. And then I saw Hassan, Husain, Ali Ibn Hussain, Mohammad Ibn Ali, Jafar Ibn Mohammad, Musa Ibn Jafar, Ali Ibn Musa and the Mahdi. Mahdi was like a bright star among them," says our Prophet (saas). And I said "O Lord, who are they?" And Almighty Allah commanded; "They are the imams. And this Al-Qaim, Mahdi. He will pronounce what I pronounced lawful as lawful, and what I pronounced unlawful as unlawful. He will take revenge from my enemies.’ He will take revenge from the Darwinists, materialists, atheists. How? With science, with knowledge and love. "O, Mohammad, love the Mahdi, because I do love him. And I love those who love the Mahdi." We love the Mahdi as well, Insha'Allah, Almighty Allah loves us too.  

The Messenger of Allah decreed; "Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) dip in between his eyebrows will be in the form of a crescent. His shoulders are broad. His teeth are bright. He has a thin and beautiful nose. His forehead is wide and bright. His shoulders are robust as a rock. His cheeks seem to be less full and when he is sleepless he sometimes looks pale. His muscles are curved and strong. His hair has curls over his ears. His lips are perfect and beautiful, his figure is good and handsome. His face is filled with the radiance of honesty and glory. He has the appearance of a glorious leader. His glances are beautiful, he is different. His voice is strong and breathtaking. 

Remembrance of The Beloved, Questions and Answers About Imam Mahdi (p.b.u.h), By Seyed Husain Husaini)

About Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) Our Prophet (saas) says that he sometimes looks pale, that his muscles are curved and strong, that his hair curls upon his ears. Look these are all new details. "HIS LIPS ARE PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL." There were no hadiths we knew about his lips. "HIS HAIR CURLS UPON HIS EARS." This is the first time that we've come across these hadiths. That is a detail, look how beautifully the Messenger of Allah (saas) gave details. "HIS FIGURE IS GOOD AND HANDSOME." For instance, previously we've never heard that he is handsome. I mean there were some accounts stating that he will be beautiful, but this is the first one we've heard stating that he will be handsome. "His face is filed with the radiance of honesty and glory." So he has a glorious face and his face shines with the radiance of honesty. Look, for instance, this is a hadith that we've never heard before, that is very important: "HE HAS THE APPEARANCE OF A GLORIOUS LEADER" so he is a dashing, glorious leader so it is understood that he is an extra-ordinary person says our Prophet (saas). "He has the appearance of a glorious leader." This is the first time we heard this hadith. Our brothers should memorize these.  Actually some people really attract attention on them. Mahdi is someone who attracts a lot of attention. "HIS GLANCES ARE BEAUTIFUL, HE IS DIFFERENT." I do not remember hearing this hadith before. I mean there is a depth, a beauty lies in his glances, he is different. "HIS VOICE IS STRONG AND BREATHTAKING." So he speaks eloquently, effectively, he has a beautiful voice. His voice being breathtaking is an expression of beauty. This is the first time we've heard this. 

For instance, we know how Hazrat Mahdi's eyebrows are; he says, "His eye-brows are like crescent". The hadiths state that there is a little bump in the middle of his nose. We know all these. His hair is black, we know that. But we didn't know that his hair had curls. We know that Mahdi's hair is wavy. We even see that from the ancient stone scriptures. I mean that is mentioned in the 3,000 years, 2,000 year-old stone scriptures. It writes, "The one that will come in the future will come in white and have wavy hair." This is how it is stated in the scriptures. We've heard this from the statements of famous augurs. Hadiths are the source of these prophecies. But it is really interesting that the stone scriptures mention this as well.  For instance Nostradamus says that "A young man with wavy hair will rule over the whole of Europe and Asia." And he gives the dates of 2000's and 2020's. For instance "He is of middle height," we know that. For instance we have learned that he has green eyes only after many years. "Ayn-ul hadra." All those translating this hadith translated it as black eyed, beautiful eyed."Ayn-ul hadra," is an explicit statement, his eyes are green. Hıdır means green, hıdır, hadra. The root of the word is very clear, it means green. The hadiths state that it is green, but that has been translated as black. He has beautiful green eyes. But the fact that his glances are beautiful are also mentioned in the hadith. That is a different detail. 

For instance the Messenger of Allah (saas) gives details about the beard of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). His beard is thin at sides (kawsej). That is for instance known by everyone at the moment. The Messenger of Allah (saas) explains that Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) skin in between his beard and his ear is shinny and very beautiful and very fresh looking. That also is a detail. I mean look at the precision of the Messenger of Allah (saas). I mean if I were to see someone, I would look at his face, general features of his face might stick in my mind but look at the details the Messenger of Allah explains. I mean these are perfect details. He explains even the shinning bright part and the smoothness of his skin there. This for instance is an amazing detail. "His beard is shaped from the below" he says. That is an amazing detail. He is telling us these details from 1,400 years back. This is written  in an account from 1,000 years ago. Our Prophet (saas) tells us that from 1,400 years ago and it is related in a 1,000 year-old  handwritten account.

"There is a slight bump in the middle of his nose," our Prophet (saas) says. That is for instance an amazing detail. A person would not see this in the first sight. You might think that it is flat. But that is not the case. For instance, our Prophet (saas) says, "There is a slight concavity in his forehead." He says that his forehead is slightly concave. This for instance is a very amazing detail. He doesn't say that his cheeks are prominent but that they are less full. That is also an amazing detail. That is new, we've just newly found this hadith. Normally people have full cheeks and they are prominent. But that is not the case for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), his cheeks are less full. That is an amazing detail. For instance, it is also stated that he has broad shoulders and that is something that can be seen frequently. But it is said that "…;he has a wide stomach, he has wide thighs." You do not come up with many people who are wide overall.  "He has a wide forehead," our Prophet (saas) says. That means that he has a big head, as his forehead is wide. That is what this means. His shoulders are broad, his stomach is wide, his thighs are wide. That means that his feet are wide from the sides. "His legs are a bit thick," our Prophet says. That is an amazing detail.  But he also says that "He walks by putting his steps outwardly." That for instance is an amazing detail. THAT MEANS THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH (SAAS) HAS SEEN THE WAY MAHDI WALKS. THE WAY HE WALKS DREW HIS ATTENTION; THAT MEANS HE CAME BY THE MAHDI AND THEY WALKED TOGETHER TALKING. BUT THE MANDI ISN'T AWARE OF THIS AT THIS MOMENT. HAZRAT MAHDI MET THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH (SAAS) BACK IN QALU BALA. HE CAME BY HIM AND THEY'VE SPOKEN. THE MAHDI WOULD NOT REMEMBER BUT THE MESSENGER OF ALLAH (SAAS) KNOWS IT ALL AND EXPLAINS IT DETAIL BY DETAIL.  He draws attention to Hazrat Mahdi's hands, he says "...they are white". This is also mentioned in the poems. 

His appearance resembling  the Sons of Israel is mentioned specifically by our Prophet (saas). He says; "THEY WILL CALL HIM BY HIS NAME IN HEBREW, as "ADON"." That is also mentioned in the accounts.

"WHEN HE IS SLEEPLESS HE SOMETIMES LOOK PALE."  I didn't know that for instance. But in the other hadiths it is stated that his face is sometimes white and sometimes pinkish. Now these are related with this as well. But that is completely another detail. The accounts state that he sometimes look all pale when he is sleepless. So that means sometimes, when he is very tired, his skin looks pale.

Look at the kindness in the words of our Prophet (saas); He says, "His cheeks look less full," he doesn't says that his cheeks are hollow. Look at the kindness in these words. Because of his love for him he tries to address him in the most beautiful way possible. I mean because the Messenger of Allah loves the Mahdi (pbuh) as one of his sons his expressions about him are always very loving and complimentary. He constantly compliments him. He says that "HE HAS AN AMAZING APPEAL." We didn't know about that for instance. This was something we didn't know. Appeal, attraction. Some people have a normal appearance but Mahdi has an appeal, says our Prophet (saas)

Abu Abdullah [Jafar Al-Sadiq (pbuh)] related the following;

The Messenger of Allah (saas) commanded; 

"Nine thousand three hundred and thirteen angels will come down for Al-Qaim [Mahdi (pbuh)], those angels were with  Jesus when Allah raised him to the skies."

(Meclisî, Bihâru’l-Anvâr, Beirut, 1404, v.14, p.339)

Look, 9,313; There is 9,000 and there is 313. The Prophet Jesus Messiah is taken to the skies with 9,313 angels and comes back with 9,313 angels.  These 9,313 angels are also the helpers of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). These blessed beings have undertaken that important task, Alhamdulillah. 

(In response to a viewer's question asking about red wine)

There are hundreds of toxic materials inside  red wine. Just like food being spoiled poisoning the body, there are hundreds of toxic materials in it. And there is ethyl and methyl alcohol and they ruin the liver and the brain. It makes one dizzy, exhausted and distracted. It makes you unbalanced and it intoxicates you. You feel sick in your stomach. What is it that makes you aspire to this? Even if it were not religiously forbidden- and it is religiously forbidden- I wouldn't drink it. You feel all curious about it when something is forbidden. Knowing that Allah had prohibited it, they all develop a passion for it. Normally, you wouldn't drink it if it were lawful anyway. You wouldn't normally give it a sip or a sniff. It stinks and it is rather irritating. The taste should be awful anyway, bitter and irritating. Pour yourself a glass of grape juice and drink it properly if you are so fond of grapes. 

With the establishment of the Union of Islam, everything would be solved. People should constantly give utterance to this fact everywhere they go. They should talk about this ambitiously and determinedly. Look, the students of light are falling apart from each other. First of all, as a token of the Union of Islam, they should unite among themselves. 

Mosques are houses of gathering (cemevi/djemevi). Just like the name implies they are the places that people come together. People may go to the mosques or to the cemevi (house of worship) to perform their prayers and our Alevi  brothers can also come to the mosques to perform their prayers and have discourses.  

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