Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 27 July 2012


A9 TV,  July 27th, 2012

Joel Richardson’s language appears very humane, but his description of the dajjal is ruthless, with no compassion or good conscience. It is very wrong and a great violation of good conscience to depict a religion or a whole nation as the army of the dajjal. There are good and bad people in all religions. There are good Christians, and they are the supporters of the Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus the Messiah. There are good Jews, and they are the supporters of the Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus the Messiah. And there are good Muslims, and they are the supporters of the Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus the Messiah. The bad are the supporters of the dajjal. There are supporters of the dajjal from all three faiths, and also supporters of the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah. One needs to distinguish between good and bad when evaluating people. But to say, “The dajjal will appear from Turkey, there will be an army of the dajjal in the region of the Turks,” or “The Vatican is the army of the dajjal” is both wrong and dishonest. Such words encourage oppression, disorder and terror. The rational way of thinking is that cruel, wicked and loveless people will be supporters of the dajjal. The enemies of Allah, Darwinists and materialists, will be supporters of the dajjal, while good people, loving people, those who see creation, will be on the side of the Mahdi and Jesus the Messiah. It is therefore disgraceful and a sin for Richardson to think of the whole Turkish nation as the army of the dajjal. He is also defaming the Gospel by constantly saying, “This is what the Gospel says.” The Gospel says no such thing. Where does it say in the Gospel that “The Turkish nation is the Antichrist”? Allah would never say such an illogical thing. That is why Joel needs to correct this language as a matter of urgency.

As you now, the Prophet Noah (pbuh) was a Muslim. He was a modest man, a prophet, highly virtuous. But his wife was a disbeliever. Allah set his wife aside. He son was also a disbeliver. He did not listen to the Prophet Noah (pbuh). “I will go up the mountain,” he said. And Allah destroyed him.  This is a world of testing. Embrace Islam and the Qur’an, live like a Muslim, and forget about the rest. You have no responsibility to think about anything else.

Taking care of the sick earns one merit. It is a fine act of worship for the approval of Allah. It is the morality of the Mahdi (pbuh). Rasulullah (saas) says that, “The Mahdi (pbuh) will carry the sick on his back.” That is not just taking an interest in them, because carrying a sick person is very difficult. It means he helps the sick under even the most difficult conditions. That is one of the Mahdi’s (pbuh) attributes. And we are followers of the Mahdi (pbuh). That is why, by Allah’s leave, we help the sick, the weak and the needy with all the means at our disposal in destiny, to the best of our intelligence and as much as time allows.

Caring for the sick and treating them with affection is very important. It is a truly dreadful thing, may Allah forbid, to leave them alone and take no interest in them. That is terribly wrong. Affection gives rise to abundance, insha’Allah. Allah makes it His instrument.

There can be no question of the sacred nature of immoral parents. The prisons are full of mothers and fathers. Being a mother or father is not a sacred thing. That does not apply if they are immoral. People are real mothers and fathers if they are moral.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “Allah says, ‘I have created some people dead.’ How can we know if we are among them? They worship as well, don’t they?”)

No, the dead are inimical to Allah. They are aggressive and filthy as germs, but people do not know this. Thetravel around among people. Through the streets and roads. They engage in all kinds of filth and vice. But they resemble the living, when you show them something they say they see it, when you say something they say they hear it. Yet Allah says in one verse that “...they neither see nor hear.” They live with a second self, in other words. They live as zombies. There are a great many dead people, but you cannot identify them. If they are spotted, they are terrified. They are exactly the same as the dead in the grave. Their consciences are completely closed down. Allah creates them for the test. They are creatures that commit all kinds of wickedness and psychopathy. Allah says, “You think they are alive, but they are dead.” This is a secret of Allah’s. A special secret of His.

There will be wickedness everywhere. Our brothers can be at ease, but they should not stay at home if they have fathers predisposed to aggression and psychopathy. There are types who are predisposed to mayhem and killing, they wait till the last moment, until they kill someone. Our police and prosecutors and courts have to be scrupulous about that. Reports still keep coming in about women being killed, despite all our beseeching and requests. This is not something difficult. They can complain at the police station and the police will take them away. They can take them away in unmarked cars. The prosecutor can issue a warrant or an indictment, and the court can issue an immediate ruling. Protection on all fronts: plainclothes or uniformed police can be appointed, and they can call the man out and take him away and the children can be placed with a relative. Or the person can go and make a request in person.

It would be very dangerous for classicalal Islam, the Islam we all know, to disappear because there are various sides to the modern conception of Islam. The modern conception of Islam comes in two forms; one is the time of the Companions. That is the one we advocate. But there is also a movement that, under the guise of the modern conception of Islam, seeks to totally eradicate Islam, a movement based on weakness of faith and shaped by crazies and evangelicals. This is a form of Islam with none of the commandments of the Qur’an. It is an Islam that rejects the commandments of Allah. It is a conception of Islam that does not seek Islamic Unity. If I understand correctly, this conception of Islam does not regard prayer as necessary. It has no concept of lawful and unlawful. “My ID card says I am a Muslim. I am affectionate toward everyone, and full of love. I do not fear Allah [may Allah forbid], but I love Him.” This is a very strange mindset. Both Darwinist and Muslim. There is this modern conception of Islam. They wanted to surrender our Muslim brothers in Turkey to this. Of course they found no foothold in Turkey. They tried their best in the Middle East, but found no foothold there either. They managed to find a bit of a foothold in Europe. Thus there is  no reason to take it seriously. But thanks to people who have espoused Islam in the classic, orthodox sense, the hadiths have been preserved. This is of vital importance for me. I support it in that regard.  People will be healthy and at peace under the Islam of the Companions. Under the other form of Islam, people will collapse both physically and mentally.

Surah Ibrahim;

Verse 12

"And why indeed should we not put our trust in Allah?” One would have to be insane not to put one’s trust in Allah. Submission is the greatest luxury and ease. Submission has a greater effect than even the most powerful tranquilizer. It has a more powerful effect than even the strongest antidepressants. Submission makes people really healthy and happy. They have no problems. Such people’s bodies do not fall ill. “...when He has guided [with the Qur’an] us to our ways? We will be steadfast however much you harm us...”

Because they have placed their trust in Allah. They can oppress or defame or conspire against them all they like. They can do whatever they like. Those who trust put their trust in Allah.” They trust in Allah, not in weapons or their clan or their friends or their money.


Those who were disbelievers said to their Messengers,” Allah speaks of such people in the plural. Such people always do this in a state of sickness. "We will drive you from our land” In other words, we will not let you live here, in this place. They defame and threaten them, saying they do not want them there. “...unless you return to our religion.” In other words, you must return to their religious conception. They try to get them to return to that society’s religious conception, whatever it is. Their Lord revealed to them, ‘We will destroy those who do wrong’.” So why did Gaddafi depart? In the light of this divine commandment. What made Saddam depart? Allah’s warning. Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler and Lenin all departed in the light of this warning of Allah’s. Allah caught them with this warning. That was their destiny.


" We will leave you the land to live in after them.” The world. Global dominion.That is the reward of those who fear My station and fear My threat.” Those who truly fear. Allah says He will bestow global dominion on those who fear Him. Not those who love Him, but those who truly fear Him, because if someone loves Allah without fearing Him, then he does not truly love Him. But if he fears Allah, that fear is because of his love of Him. There is fear of Allah in profound love. In true love. They say, “I love Allah, but I do not fear Him.” That means they have no love of Allah. So they are lying.


They asked for Allah’s victory, and every obdurate tyrant failed.” Allah bestows victory on those who ask for victory.

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