Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 13 August 2012


A9 TV, August 13th,  2012

Notice that Syria was representing the system of the anti-Christ. It was a communist country and it turned into a ghost. It is about to fall. Iran is in a panic because Iran is also a communist state. It will either abandon the communist system or surrender to Allah and the Qur’an sincerely. She will abandon mocking Muslims and the system of Mahdi (as). She will abandon assuming that she is deceiving Muslims. She will honestly say, “Yes. I was so far a communist; I tried to show the regime as Islamic but I administered the country with a communist regime. But now I am quitting it. I am surrendering myself to the system of Mahdi (as).” A full submission to the system of Mahdi (as), an honest submission to the Qur’an and Allah. They have no way other than that. This  also holds true for Syria. Assad, he was thinking that he could go on with the communist mindset. It would not work. Allah has granted time to you up until now. For instance, Allah also grants time to satan. Until when? “Until the Day of Judgment.” says Allah. Until the human beings are resurrected. Then it's all over.

Crowd psychology is prevalent over the communist youth and the PKK. That is why they can not do otherwise. For instance, if a person comes up and says, “I am against Darwinism and grasped that Islam is true, and have come to believe in Allah” then everything would be over. But they hesitate because of the crowd psychology. They can not break off from one another, for they go to the very same coffee houses, and enjoy a great circle of friends. He has to go against every one of them. They can not abandon them. That is why they have to be brave and use their will. At least they can abandon it from the heart from the very  beginning. He may conceal himself. In the beginning he can conceal his thoughts. He may keep his faith hidden. He can side with the truth and Islam in a concealed way. Then, stage by stage, he can make his belief apparent or

he can reveal it all of a sudden. But those who have not enough strength can conceal their faith because notice that there is mention of a man who hides his faith in the palace of the Pharaoh. He comes running. They can conceal their faith but communists are generally brave and courageous. They can express it out in the open. What will happen? He can say, “Alhamdulillah, I am a Muslim.” That is because there are many young people who write to me. I see that on the Facebook, they say, “My Master, I am an atheist, but I follow your books, works and publications. If I embrace Islam, you will be instrumental in that.” A lot of people, masha’Allah. It is impossible for them to be Muslims with the system of radicalism. That would not be; that is to say, they will never attempt it. But there is no one in the world who will not live by Islam in the way that we explain. Everyone would like it, because we explain the essence and truth of Islam. They say, “We did not know that Islam was so. We would be Muslims.” So do the Christians and Jews. Masha’Allah.

 (About a viewer who said that he was a believer in evolution but has changed his opinion about evolution after reading the Atlas of Creation)

That is why evolutionists are in a panic because when they read the Atlas of Creation for five or ten minutes, they abandon it for a lifetime. We thwarted their ruse that they have built with great effort for 300 years in only three minutes. Even under the most difficult situations, we were able to bring Darwinism and materialism to its knees. Alhamdulillah. The ratio of people who don’t believe in Darwinism in Turkey is 95 percent. Although they were under severe oppression,  65 percent of  the British people have declared to the world that they don’t believe in Darwinism. We will continue to explain, we will continue to explain with all sorts of publications.

Turkey is having a labor pain. This is the labor pain of the system of Mahdi (as). Such a calm, a system of  Mahdi which is silent  is not becoming. Many great incidents will happen in the next days. There will be more weird, more astonishing incidents. Earthquakes will continue, and at the end the system of Mahdi (as) will appear with all its glory. People will understand that the system of Mahdi (as) is obligatory and indispensable. Those who think that Prophet Jesus (as) will not descend will be amazingly embarrassed when they will see Prophet Jesus (as). They will be very astonished. That will not eliminate their free will. That is to say, if they wish, people may not believe that he is the Prophet Jesus (as). Just as how it is not obligatory to believe in Hazrat Mahdi (as)- it is obligatory to believe in his coming. Those people of conscience will understand that he is the Prophet Jesus (as) by their conscience.

Some time later Christianity and Islam will act together. Communism strengthens around the world in an astonishing way. The entire world will see that elimination of it will be possible by the alliance of Christians and Muslims.

People suffer for no reason. There are fights for no reason; they are being killed themselves and they are  being martyred. They live under very severe conditions themselves, and they also make our soldiers live under harsh conditions. At the end of the day, nothing is accomplished. What satan wills comes into existence. That is what the anti-Christ wishes.

Everyone insults one another on Facebook. A great majority of the internet websites are like dumps. People insult one another. The fact is however, when we access the sites, we have to encounter joy and exuberance. Everyone needs to compliment one another, they have to show love and compassion. That is how it should be. Otherwise people will become unhappy.

People have lost their minds, their creative power will be broken. Entrepreneurs have become paralyzed, the economy does not prosper in the world. The EU is experiencing a tremendous economic crisis. So is America. The economic crisis has enclosed the world. There is also an economic crisis in China. It seems that China will experience a downfall within a few years, because no one is buying  from China. There is a tremendous production, but there is no one who purchases from it. China is in a difficult situation. In Europe factories no longer make any production because there are no buyers. All of these are the portents of the coming of the Prophet Jesus (as) and Hazrat Mahdi (as). All the portents revealed in the Gospel have come into existence. All the portents in the Torah have also come into existence. All the portent foretold by our Prophet (saas). We are in the End Times of the world.

(Mr. Oktar recommended the establishment of a security zone near the Syrian-Turkish border so that Syrian refugees could have a secure accommodation, stating that these are the areas that are not used. Zaman journal initiated a debate about it.)

What is there to debate about? I cannot understand it. Is that (Syria) not their own homeland? You are setting up a security zone in their own country. What is surprising about that? If the Syrian government wants to do it, it can come and help its citizens itself, if it has good intentions, isn’t that right? It can bring drugs and blankets in for its own citizens. But if they try to kill them, then of course they will be repulsed, if they come to do evil. But if they come with good intentions, they can send doctors in, for instance, and drugs. People from all countries who want to help can go in. A 20-kilometer-wide security zone can be set up. I have said this a hundred times, but they are only now starting to come round to the idea. This is a very logical idea. I fail to understand the logic of those who are opposed to it. A no-fly zone can be established, and aircraft of all kinds banned from the area. Syria must be told that no planes or helicopters are allowed, but people must be able to live freely there and do what they want. 

Iran has also openly shown that it is communist. They have talked about the “Islamic Republic of Iran” for years, and everyone believed it. We believed in the Islamic Republic; but it has turned out to be a communist regime. They set up a regime, the diametric opposite of the system of the Mahdi. They built a system that laughed at the system of the Mahdi. But it is possible to save Iran. Israel, Turkey and Iran should meet in secret, and establish an agreement and an alliance. A three-way alliance. That would end the problems in the Middle East. Totally end it. A huge power would result from this.


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