Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 14 August 2012


A9 TV, August 14th, 2012

 The People of the Book are the sons of Adam. They are from Adam and Eve. They are also our brothers. It is very important to stress that the Unity of Islam is a system that embraces them also  with compassion because when we speak of the Unity of Islam, they often think of it as Islamic nationalism, a type of system that only grants rights to Muslims and no one else. The fact is however, the Turkish Islamic Union, the Unity of Islam is the base upon which Christians and Jews can also live as if in paradise.

(Mr. Adnan Oktar wishes Muslims well for the Shab-e-qadr)

Yes, it is a great blessing to attain the qadr night. This night is a night that is full of beauties, vital wisdom and profundity. May Allah pour down His blessings on us. May Allah make us experience it once again.

Russians are people of moral perfection. They are a good nation and they are also physically beautiful.  They are kind, gentle people who have a broad knowledge of culture. They are precious beings who are modest, humane and who enjoy being companions and friends. That is why Russians and Russia must be in the first rank in the Unity of Islam. The Russians are a very blessed nation. They are noble. That is why taking action as soon as possible would be very beneficial.

We want Turkey, Israel and Iran to establish a military alliance, a social alliance. They can be the seeds of peace, security and justice for the system of Mahdi (as). That would be perfect, they can all feel at ease.


2012-09-20 12:49:47

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