First Russian public TV channel for Muslims goes live

In Russia, the first public TV channel for Muslims, named Al-CID, broadcasting twenty-four around the clock has been launched. The aim is to raise awareness and understanding of Islamic teachings and Muslim traditions.

In the beginning of the week, Russia began broadcasting the first public Muslim television channel. The Channel was created at the initiative of the largest Muslim organizations in order to promote the spiritual and moral values of Islam.

Representatives from all major Islamic organizations in Russia including the council of Muftis are among those who have formed to manage the Channel. 

The potential audience of Muslim public television in Russia, according to the Channel’s chief editor Rustam Arifdzhanov, is over 14 million people. 

The channel is broadcasting through the industry's largest satellite network.  According to the chief editor, there will be preaching, culinary, historical, and cultural programs about Islam. 

Round-the-clock TV exists on private donations and government grants. Broadcasting of "Al-CID" at the moment is in Bashkortostan, Tatarstan, in the six republics of the North Caucasus, and is planned to develop further to Russia’s regions and CIS.

Russian public tv channel

Russian public tv channel

2012-09-22 01:18:46

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