Harun Yahya Works At The 25th international Moscow Book Fair

There was a Harun Yahya stand at the 25th International Moscow Book Fair organized at September 2012 just as there has been in recent years in the past. At the book fair, where 20 posters and many fossils were displayed, more than 500 books were presented as gifts. The book fair, visited by more than 50 thousand people, was also attended by well-known personalities from Russia.

The Pastor of the Grand Church of the city of Vlademir.

Mr. Sergey Mitrohin, President of Russian Yablaka (Elma) Party,
visited the Harun Yahya stand and inquired about the works in detail.

Mr. Sergey Mitrohin, President of Russian Yablaka (Elma) Party

Mitropolit Kliment; Mitropolit of Kagula, President of the Broadcasting
Council of the Russian Orthodox Church

Mark Galasnik; Israeli author; his Russian-language books are well-known in Moscow. 

İosif Mihailovich Rogal; Members of the Writers Association of Russia and Byelorussia,
Member of the Composers Association, Law science doctor, poet and composer

2012-09-23 20:38:35

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