Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 17 August 2012


A9 TV, August 17th,  2012

(Mr. Oktar interprets Surat al-Vaqia)

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan. “We created you so why do you not confirm the truth? (Surat al-Vaqia, 57) Notice that Allah attaches importance to creating. That is why we constantly speak of Creation. That is why they call us, “Creationist.” Those who deny Creation are Darwinists, materialists. Al-Mighty Allah says, I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan, “Have you thought about the sperm that you ejaculate?” (Surat al-Vaqia, 58). How will a person see? A single sperm can not be seen, that is to say, its details are not seen. However they can be seen under an electron microscope. In this very verse Allah commands us to examine them.

 “Is it you who create it or are We the Creator?” (Surat al-Vaqia, 59) “Is it created with evolution?” says Allah, “Or is it me who created you? Surely Allah created.

Notice that Almighty Allah says, I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed satan, “ We have decreed death for you and We will not be forestalled;” (Surat al-Vaqia, 60) That is to say, you can not stop death. Nothing can ever change this situation. You will definitely die. Scientists work with all their might. They can not even imagine stopping death. Notice that Allah says, “We will not be forestalled;” “You can not stop, you will definitely die.” says Allah.

 “in replacing you with others the same as you and re-forming you in a way you know nothing about.” (Surat al-Vaqia, 61).

Allah says, ‘,,,in a way you know nothing about”, that is by a method that we are not aware of; by new laws of physics, laws of chemistry, law of Allah. Allah will use a new method while creating.

 “You have known the first formation;” Allah says that you have examined, researched, and ultimately you will know about it. We look at the fossils, the details of the matter and understand the first creation. Allah says, so ,,,will you not pay heed? (Surat al-Vaqia, 62) Allah says that there is some kind of wonder in the structure of the cell, in the vacuole and mitochondria. For instance, the body knows  calcium, the atom of calcium. So far the atom can not be seen under the electron microscope, but cell sees it.

 “Have you thought about what you cultivate?” (Surat al-Vaqia, 63) Allah wants us to analyze, to research. Researching the seed is a branch of science. Allah wants us to make research on seed. Sperm and cell is a branch of science. Allah also wants us to research them.

Indeed Allah says; “Have you thought about the water that you drink?”(Surat al-Vaqia, 68) Allah also wants us to research water, its molecular structure, and how it is.

 “Have you thought about the fire that you light?” (Surat al-Vaqia, 71) We are also investigating the fire. We are also researching fire, and learn about it.

 “And I swear by the falling of the stars “, (Surat al-Vaqia, 75) says Allah. Then he attracts attention to stars. Allah also wants us to research.

 “it truly is a Noble Qur’an”, (Surat al-Vaqia, 77) It is the Qur'an of Allah.

 “in a well protected Book..” (Surat al-Vaqia, 78) The destiny written in the Lahwi Mahwuz already remains. That is why it exists in the Sight of Allah.

“No one may touch it except the purified.” (Surat al-Vaqia, 79) That is only angels can touch it. Satan can also not touch it. They say, “Satan has touched it, he has changed it.” Allah says that this is unlikely. Satan can not touch the Qur'an. Only the angels can touch it. That is to say, those who are pure.

 “Revelation sent down from the Lord of all the worlds.” (Surat al-Vaqia, 80) It is revealed from the Sight of Allah. Allah draws attention to the revelation of the Qur'an in  surah 80. At the same time, that means that there is a spiritual revelation of the Qur'an in the year 1980 that will make it reign all over the Islamic world. There is reference to it, because in 1980, with the appearance of Hazrat Mahdi (as), people turn to the Qur'an. If you notice, after the 1980s, we see a movement of return to the Qur'an. Notice that this has happened all over the world.

“Do you nonetheless regard this discourse with scorn”, (Surat al-Vaqia, 81). At that time people look down to the Qur'an, Islam, the system of Mahdi, Hazrat Mahdi (as) and Prophet Jesus (as), and it still persists.

 “and think your provision depends on your denial of the truth? (Surat al-Vaqia, 82)

In verse 83, Allah says; “Why then, when death reaches his throat ” (Surat al-Vaqia, 83) There is reference to the incident of Hazrat Mahdi (as). The main portent here is “death reaching the throat.” But the second meaning is the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (as) to the Bosporus and his engaging in activities at the Bosphorus, because our Prophet (saas) says that Hazrat Mahdi (as) will be near the Bosphorus.

 “and you are at that moment looking on” (Surat al-Vaqia, 84) says Allah. To whom He addresses? To those who die. What is the second person who is addressed? Hazrat Mahdi (as). Or the person who dies may be looking at his own body from outside. He has died and he sees his own body. This is the first meaning of the verse. The second meaning is that Hazrat Mahdi (as) recognizes you but you do not recognize Hazrat Mahdi. You look at him but you do not recognize him.

 “and We are nearer him than you but you cannot see “ (Surat al-Vaqia, 85) Allah is nearer to those who die. That is to say Allah sees those who die but other people can not see him. For instance they can not see the coming of  Azrael (as), the angels and how the soul leaves the body. Allah says that He is nearer to him and that only He can see him. The second meaning is that verse 85, you can not see Hazrat Mahdi (as) at the very first beginning. He will see you, but you will not see him.

 “And if he is one of the Companions of the Right,” (Surat al-Vaqia, 90)

“‘Peace be upon you!’ from the Companions of the Right.” (Surat al-Vaqia, 91) Those who are saved insha’Allah.

“And if he is one of the misguided deniers,” (Surat al-Vaqia, 92)

“there is hospitality of scalding water.” (Surat al-Vaqia, 93) “and roasting in the Blazing Fire. (Surat al-Vaqia, 94)

“This is indeed the Truth of Certainty.” (Surat al-Vaqia, 95)

“So glorify the Name of your Lord, the Magnificent!.” (Surat al-Vaqia, 96) Allah-u Akbar. Insha’Allah.

In the Alawite teaching the love for human beings is very important. Alawism  is a system like concrete against bigotry. What does exist in the soul of a bigot? Lovelessness. Lack of understanding, formality, crudeness, hypocricy, skulduggery, disnonesty, and no profundity. There is love, profoundity, passion and delicateness in Alawism, they are very fine. Even if we describe it, paradise is somewhere we can superficially understand. We can at most understand the green fields, beautiful mansions and people. The fact is, Allah says, “We will create with a brand new creation.” For instance Allah mentions a green cloth. We do not know the green of paradise. What we know is a classical green. The green of paradise is something different. It amazes a person. It is a color that you always want to see and with which you are almost hypnotized. A person does not feel satisfied with the green of paradise. The green of paradise is prevalent everywhere. So that  people can feel utmost relief. A hodja was saying, “There is no sexuality in paradise.” There is sexuality in paradise. Sexuality is love, it is an expression of love. When lawful partners are involved, it is an expression of love. If it is unlawful, then it becomes immorality, prostitution. It is obnoxious if it is unlawful; when it is legitimate, it expresses love. Since paradise is the abode of love, there is nothing that is obnoxious.

Considering sexuality as something odious is peculiar to the bigots . Such  thinking is very unbecoming. Some people take such ways because of ignorance or, in their own thinking, of influencing the society but they only give harm to themselves. I don’t say that they are all bigots, but they act foolishly, they are doing wrong.

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