Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 18 August 2012


A9 TV, Aug 18th, 2012

 A woman becomes very beautiful when she is classy. A crude woman does not become beautiful. An unruly, impolite woman does not become beautiful. A well mannered, classy woman with moral perfection becomes beautiful. I find them very impressive. A woman with simple manners becomes weird, I only pity them. A woman with simple manners, attitudes; I can not call her  a woman. She must have a noble character in order to be a woman. She must have a broad knowledge of culture. That kindness, that delicate nature of hers that reflects the love she feels for Allah must prevail over her entire life.

 (About the  anti-Putin band who were sentenced to two years imprisonment for profanity)

Putin must release those kids. Would it be becoming to imprison young girls? Those are the crazy years of those girls. May be they have done something crazy, something childish. They might have wanted to feel the freedom, the exuberance of that age. Two years imprisonment is improper. I especially ask Putin, you can also write a letter to him. We ask them to release those kids. They are young girls, what business do they have in a prison?  Two years is a very long time. They might have behaved ignorantly, that is one thing, but should they go to prison? You can fine them and that will deter them. There are so many others reviling. One must be more meticulous in treating women. For instance, if they injure anyone, that is all right, I can understand but what is the need, if they have not done anything? She is a young girl, you can fine her and simply release her. She would not commit it again. Money matters a lot to those young girls. They may have acted ignorantly. They might have engaged in ignorance. Religion is presented as something weird to  them. Christianity is presented as a very horrible system. The interior decorations of the churches are odd; skulls, tolls startle the kids, that dark environment;they also mummify the dead and keep them in churches, which frightens the kids. The Christian religion is presented as a very weird system. They say, may Allah forbid, “Prophet Jesus (as) is the son of Allah.” That young girl is smart enough to know that Prophet Jesus (as)  can not be the son of Allah. Then they engage in childish activities. That would not be becoming, that can only be possible by education. For instance, as a punishment, they can make them write a book about what they have done wrong. They can say, “Write this book and we will release you; otherwise we will imprison you.” That is it.

(According to Debka website, known to have close connections with  Israeli Intelligence, the President of Syria Bashar Assad holds Turkey responsible  for the FIM-92 Stinger surface-to-air missiles given to the opponents of the regime, and in case the transportation of the weapons continues, they will arm 2,500  PKK militants.)

Probably someone has put this forward. Syria would avoid such a thing. It is already in trouble, it is so difficult. We need to stress that we want to save Syria. People think that we want to divide and devastate  Syria while our intention is to be brothers. We only want democracy to come to Syria; Muslims, our brothers will live in peace. Alawite brothers, Shia brothers are our dearest, and so that Sunnis can live in the best way. They can also live in the best way. A plentiful and beautiful environment can be established, this is the issue. There should be no violence. The deep government must withdraw. There is a terror organization there similar to the Ergenekon in Syria. They must step back, that is it.

2012-10-01 16:38:53

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