Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 12 June 2012


A9 TV,  June 12th, 2012 (Hadiths about the system of the Mahdi)

Hazrat Ali, Commander of the Faithful: “Rasulullah (saas) pronounced thus; the most superior religious observation is to expect the coming of the Mahdi (pbuh)” because Islamic Unity is the greatest form of worship. “The most superior religious observation is to expect the coming of the Mahdi (pbuh).” In other words, to desire Islamic Unity. It is therefore to expect the Mahdi (pbuh) because this will happen with the Mahdi (pbuh). (Yenabi’ ulMevedde p. 493 and the work known as El Mehdi p. 201)

Hazrat Ali, Commander of the Faithful, said: “Anyone expecting our reign, the reign of Islam, our idea of the reign of Islam, is like someone dying on the path of Allah.” Like someone who is martyred. In other words, someone who awaits Islamic Unity, who awaits Islamic Union, who awaits the coming of the Mahdi (pbuh), is like someone who gives his life on Allah’s path. (Ikmaluddin Vol. 2, p. 327)

The idea that Islamic Unity is the greatest religious obligation is also based on the following hadiths:

“What will be the use of the presence of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) in the time of his disappearance in the period before the coming of Rasulullah (saas)?” In other words, when the Mahdi (pbuh) is arrested and imprisoned. Since he is not active, since he is detained or invisible to people. Rasulullah (saas) pronounced: “I swear to Allah Who sent me as a prophet that people will benefit from the Mahdi (pbuh) in the time of his disappearance as they benefit from the Sun hidden behind the clouds.” Now what happens when the Sun goes behind the clouds in summer? Nothing happens, and it soon comes out again. It is still warm, because it emits its warmth from behind those clouds. It emits light, and the clouds do not obstruct it. Do the temperatures fall if clouds appear in the day? No. If it is 30 degrees, it stays at 30 degrees. It does not drop. Then it comes out from behind the clouds again. Look, this is highly significant. Can we still tell where the Sun is from behind the clouds? Yes, we can. We can see it emitting light from behind them. You cannot say you cannot see the Mahdi (pbuh), because you can see him if you look carefully. That is what this means.

Our Prophet (saas) says: “Were it not for the Imam Mahdi (pbuh), Allah could not be properly worshiped.” In other words, Islam does not reign throughout the world because the verses of the Qur’an in Surat an-Nur about the reign of Islam have not fully come to pass. The Mahdi (pbuh) is essential if that is to happen. He says the Mahdi (pbuh) is essential if people are to live by faith in the pure sense, if Islam is to reign everywhere and if everyone is to be Muslim.

But of course the idea of the Mahdi (pbuh) in Shia Islam is a great trick intended to eliminate the system of the Mahdi. It is a huge ruse of shaytan’s. All Iran knows that Iran is the country in which atheism is most widespread. It is the country where satanists and atheists are most widespread, where communists are most widespread. It is the country where people pray least. If you do not believe me, go to Iran and see. Get them to show you one person praying in the street.

“Our Prophet (saas) was given a silk cloak. The Prophet (saas) donned this and prayed.” That appears in the Libas chapter of Bukhari. So much for him not wearing silk! Berâ b. Âzib relates: "Our prophet (saas) was given a silk cloak. He touched it, and we expressed our admiration for its beauty. The Prophet (saas) said, ‘Do you call this beautiful? The handkerchiefs of Sa'd b. Muâz in paradise are more auspicious than this’.” Some Bedouin Arabs competed in silks at the time. The Prophet (saas) banned such competition. A temporary prohibition, because they had begun dressing their camels in silks and behaving very wrongly, some of them. That is why the Arabs criticized in the Qur’an are the Bedouin.

Those who write against my colleagues and me are lacking in character. They have complexes, inferiority complexes, and are swamped in immorality and vileness. They are filthy people who have failed in life. When they talk with envy, Muslims earn merit. That is the system Allah Has created. Muslims earn merit from them just by doing nothing. That is a blessing from Allah for being a Muslim. When men and women of no character speak ugly words, a Muslim earns merit right where he is. This is a huge blessing and benefit. All the merit goes to the Muslim. A Muslim must not be upset by ugly words from filthy and immoral men and women of no character. He must realize it is a blessing. That is why a Muslim must enter into things rather than avoiding them, and he must hear such words if he is to earn the merit from them. He cannot earn merit if he runs or hides. He must stand in the open and be seen, and those horrible types must flock round him like bats. And they will return to Muslims in the form of merit.

Madonna is a complete artist, but she has an ideal. Her methods may be wrong, but her objective is true. She wants the system of the Mahdi. So we will form an alliance with her. Her powerful affection for me comes from my faith, reason, character and service. Otherwise, look, she could have met a great many famous people in Istanbul, all advantageous to her but she did not speak to any of them. But I met with her at her own request. Some people are blind, but others can see. The most unexpected people have the power of sight. Insha’Allah. I will help anyone who desires good.

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