Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 24 June 2012


A9 TV,  June 24th, 2012

(In response to an e-mail from a viewer claiming that “consciousness evolved.”)

“If it is the brain that creates our bodies…” But the brain does not create them, of course. Allah makes the brain His instrument. The brain is a piece of flesh made of nerve tissues. There is nothing in the brain. The brain merely appears as a natural cause in order that we do not have to renounce free will. Otherwise, it is just a piece of fatty flesh full of blood vessels and fibers. If you talk about “...the evolution of consciousness, meaning the evolution of the soul,” that is where you will end up. The soul is not something that evolves. It cannot be touched or seen or put in the laboratory. You are subject to consciousness. Consciousness is never subject to you. Consciousness directs you, not you consciousness. When you examine something in the laboratory you can examine it consciously. Consciousness controls you. You do not control it. Consciousness is an awareness, a soul in other words, perfectly made up of sight, hearing, touch, smell and all the rest. Matter is an interpretation by the soul. We believe in matter because Allah tells us to believe in it. We accept its existence. But nobody can see the existence of matter. Nobody knows what it is like. Scientists simply say, “We judge it exists on the outside, we believe in matter. It is pitch dark, and transparent.” In other words, we in any case could not see it if there were no light. But when there is light it becomes transparent, they say. Therefore, when we look at the world, it is as if we see a glass block. There is nothing there. You are talking about information encoded in the soul. You are talking about that coming into being through evolution. Allah is making you say that. You are the prisoner of your soul. You cannot move at all. It is as if you are nailed to the spot. Your soul tells you to write, and you write. My soul tells me to read, and I read.

“The Mahdi is highly learned and flawless in gentleness. He is strong in faith and learned in politics. We have an obligation to obey him. He has come to discharge this duty at the command of Almighty Allah. He is the defender of the faith of Allah.”

“There is correspondence about the Mahdi.” “People will point to him.” “They will ask him questions, and attempts will be made to kill him,” he says. These are characteristics of the Mahdi. Now look, there is correspondence about the Mahdi on the internet. They point to him. He can be shown on the streets or on the television. Written or verbal questions can be asked. That also means that many attempts will be made on his life.

Abu Basr relates; “I said to Abu bin Hassan Mousa bin Jafr; “By what sign is the Imam Mahdi to be known? He replied; he will respond immediately when people ask him about the Mahdi. If they are silent in his presence, he will begin speaking of his own accord.” In other words, he will not ask why they do not speak alongside him. “...and he will tell them of the future.” Things like; “We can see this from the hadiths of our Prophet (saas). These things will happen. There will be Islamic Unity in the End Times. The Mahdi will appear. Jesus the Messiah will appear. Disbelief will be destroyed, the system of the dajjal (antichrist) will be destroyed.” “He will describe the events of the future. He will speak to people in all languages.” That means his words will be translated into all languages. Maybe 70 or 80 languages. The followers of the Mahdi are very similar to the Mahdi. That is a sign we are followers of the Mahdi. They match one another. “The Mahdi is highly learned and flawless in gentleness.” He is gentle and mild. “He is strong in faith and learned in politics.” The Mahdi will be a good politician. Politicians will await his comments. They will receive his opinions. Not directly, but indirectly. Insha’Allah. Our Prophet (saas) says so.

A Muslim must be attractive and pleasant-looking. Being attractive is not a sin. Prostitution and adultery are sins. Looking at pork is not a sin, but eating it is. Looking at wine is not unlawful, but drinking it is. Of course a woman must be attractive. And a man must be attractive and good-looking. Otherwise, they would have to look unpleasant. And there are a great many men do look quite repellent. There are those who are disgusting and are criticized by everyone. A Muslim must look good, but must control his heart and eyes. There is no reason why a Muslim should not look good. You must control your mind and desires. A Muslim must not be repellent. Why look repellent to people? But one must avoid prostitution and adultery through faith.

 (The election results are announced in Egypt today and Muhammad Mursi, the candidate of the Muslim brothers won the election.)

By  the good will  of Allah, it is one step further to the system of Mahdi. The order of Pharaoh was prevelant in Egypt for the last 5-6 decades, 7 decades. This is the first time that the branch of the system of Mahdi enters Egypt. Muslim brothers is a Muslim community that Bediuzzaman appreciated. Of course they are not the people who have no flaws or errors but they will abide by the system of Mahdi. What do they say? They say, “There is no madrasa, we will abide by Hazrat Mahdi.

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