Highlights from Mr.Adnan Oktar's interview on 23 August 2012


A9 TV, August 23rd, 2012

Look, do you see what those characterless bigots said to Hz. Ali (ra)? After the martyrdom of the companions of the Prophet, “Yes, our prophet (pbuh) gave you the good news of Gardens, which is true” said the bigots of that time to Hz. Ali (ra) “But you have changed” said they. They did not like his joy, his cheer, his love for women, his vivacity, and his humorousness. Scoundrels; they were wretched people, look at our beloved Hz. Ali (ra) and look at their treachery; they martyred him while he was performing prayers in the mosque. Bigots have always been trouble and dirt, always. When they get an opportunity, they try to cause trouble, do viciousness, behave cruelly towards Muslims, to do evil. They assume they do evil but they have ascended to the highest level when they martyred Hz. Ali (ra). Then they died as well. They went to hell. What happened? What did they earn? Hz. Ali (ra) is in the Gardens.

 (According to the claims of British Newspaper the Telegraph, Ayatollah Ali Hamanei, the spiritual leader of Iran, ordered elite Jerusalem forces of Iran to attack Western powers and their allies regarding the Syria conflict. Among the target countries is also Turkey.)

They are making it up, Allahualem (Allah knows best). Iran won’t do such a thing. They are incredibly reserved. I talked to the Ayatollah. We have connections with Iran. They are incredibly reserved, but they act like the tough guy because they need to look that way in front of their people. In their view, they need rightist pronunciation to keep their people. They should play the tough guy towards Israel; they should play the tough guy towards the world. Then their people will support the government. If they act differently, the ordinary people will not support them they think. So they play the tough guy. Such a thing won’t happen. Iran will not attack to any country. They would be miserable; they would be in a very difficult position then. I explained this to the Israelis the last time they visited here. They also want to cause trouble with no reason. “They have a nuclear bomb. We will go bombard their nuclear plants” they say. If you go bombard their nuclear plants, you give them a legitimate cause for self defense. Then they will go bomb all your cities. They will bomb with all the rockets  and all the planes they have. There will be mass slaughter without rhyme or reason. If they have atomic bombs, then they have atomic bombs. They can hide them underground. If you bomb their nuclear plants, you cannot stop them. These are wrong politics. They understood what I explained them here. Allahualem they gave up their wrong idea.

 The Prophet (pbuh) says about Mahdi (as)  “...he will follow my path”, “...he will not do wrong” says He. He is innocent in his judgments “Because” says the Prophet (pbuh) “he has got an angel, invisible to him, who straightens him, leads him to the right path” He says an angel leads him to the right path. “He will carry patients on his back” says he, he will take care of patients, he will help them, “he will help the weak and will be hospitable” says he, he will take good care of his guests. “ “He will help those who stand by the truth” says he. He says he will help the Muslims, the believers, “...he will do what he says” says he. The prophet (pbuh) says “...he will say what he believes” he will not be afraid of anyone. Look, this one is very meaningful. “Allah will bestow Mahdi such power that he will eradicate injustice and wrongdoers over night” says he, over night. “He will substitute religion, revive Islam” Islam will become strong again. “After it became inconsiderable, Islam will again gain importance; after the demise of Islam, he will revive it again” says the Prophet (pbuh) with Allah’s will. “Someone who is ignorant, idle and cowardly in his age will become immediately wise, generous and brave.” “He will remove the jizyah.” No tax will be collected from Christians anymore, neither from Muslims.  “He will destroy those who oppose him” says he, with science and knowledge, inshaAllah. “He will practice religion just like in the time of the Prophet (pbuh).” He says it will be based on revelation, that is to say, the four schools will no longer be present. “He will terminate schools from the world” says he, our Prophet (pbuh) states “There will be no sects but genuine and original religion”. An Islam which is based on revelation, as the Qur’an says. “His enemies will be imitators of scholars of opinion” in other words, some ignorant people who allegedly follow sects will be opposing him, he says.   

Allah mentions those who convey the message without asking for any wage for it in the Qur’an. It is  mentioned as a characteristic of believers in the Qur’an. You, my fellows in our cause don’t ask for any wage whatsoever. Fisebilillah (you expect nothing in return), everything is for Allah. So Allah gives success, glory and goodness. It is illegitimate for men of the cause to work in the way of Allah for money in return. Therefore he works for His cause for free, and he even spends money for it. He buys and give away books, he provides means for people with his own money.

Surah Hud, verse 51:

“My people! I do not ask you for any wage for it” for my conveying the Islamic message, that is: “My wage is the responsibility of Him who brought me into being. So will you not use your intellect?” states Allah in the Qur’an. They don’t use intellect. You work for the sake of Allah. How do you ask for money for Allah’s sake? Of course it is free of charge.

 Surah al-Furkan, verse 57:

“Say: ‘I do not ask you for any wage for it – only that anyone who wants to should make his way towards his Lord.’” That is our statement insestently. We dont ask any wage for it. We speak of Islam for the sake of Allah.

Surah Sâd, verse 86:

“Say: ‘I do not ask you for any wage for it, nor am I a man of false pretensions.”

Surat Ash-Shu‘ara’, verse 109:

“I do not ask you for any wage for it. My wage is the responsibility of no one but the Lord of all the worlds.” We practise these verses and that is why the unbelievers and hypocrites are so surprised. No wage is asked for the service of Allah.

 Do not be worried, the system of Mahdi is up and strong. Allah is arranging Turkey for the system of Mahdi. He is arranging the Middle East. People think disasters are taking place. There are no disasters. There is a design. This arrangement is merely for Mahdiyet (the system of the Mahdi). So don’t let this frightening outlook deceive you. Allah also made a design in the time of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). He made a design in the time of the prophet Moses (pbuh) but a design has been carried out right now throughout the world. It is a worldwide design that has been carried out since the time of the prophet Adam. The system of the anti-Christ has been specially created. Now the Dajjal system has been eradicated. Allah brought dajjal to Syria, and now Allah takes the dajjal away from Syria. Allah brought the dajjal to Iraq, and now Allah takes the dajjal away from Iraq. The gates of the system of Mahdi have been opening. The system of Mahdi has 70 gates. 70 closed gates have been opening one by one. When all the gates are open, the system of Mahdi will emerge. I take refuge in Allah from the cursed satan- You who are enwrapped in your clothing! stay up...” says Allah. Mahdi, who is enwrapped in his clothing, will emerge, inshaAIlah. When these enwrapped clothes are being removed, it hurts, it causes pain. When a woman delivers a baby, she suffers pain but she gives birth eventually. She suffers labor pains. One who endures, he will acquire great merit. Turkey doesn't have a second option, its certainly Mahdiyat. It is her duty. Allah has created that way. Allah brough spiritual relics to Istanbul hundreds of years ago for Mahdi. He let Turks conquer Istanbul in 1453 because Mahdi will emerge from Istanbul. The world has been designed in a specific way by Allah. Mosques have been built in Istanbul for a purpose.

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