Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 12 September 2012


A9 TV, September 12th, 2012

(Following the broadcasting of the libelous movie trailer about our Prophet (saas) – Astagfirullah, may Allah forbid- there have been protest demonstrations in many places all over the world. The video which caused rage among all Muslims was distributed over the internet by an Egyptian Christian, Moris Sadek, who is an anti-Muslim.)

There is no need to attach that much importance to such things. I mean there may be many ramblers all around the world that libel – may Allah forbid- religion, faith and holy matters. They expect others to say, "What was it?", "What did he say?" And the others will say, "This one said this and that." Why is there the need for this? You should just say he spoke nonsense and the matter would be closed there and then. What is the meaning of distributing it all over? There is a nice saying of Bediuzzaman; "Depicting null and void things thoroughly would seduce the gullible minds." Why is there the need for that? They explain what he said in all details. Where did he say that? Who said it? Where was that person born, where did that even take place? They attract the attention of the whole world. And then no one would be left who hasn't heard about it in the world. For instance, instead of having 20 people, 10 people hearing of it, they make it heard by 1.5 billion-3 billion. There is no need for that, there may be such libelous people all around the world. These are depraved people. The best thing to be done against those is to ensure the Unity of Islam. Have a look at those people making all that fuss, do they make any speech about the Unity of Islam? If you implement the unity of Islam, no one could ever dare say anything against our Prophet (saas), against Allah, or against the Book. Without the Unity of Islam they can spout libel against everything, against holy things, against you, against your family, against everyone. Whilst the solution lies in the Unity of Islam, the scholars act as if it is a skill to hide this, to conceal this fact.  Those people taking the lead are thus suppressing the excitement of Muslims and are putting away the Unity of Islam. They want to experience the excitement of stopping the Unity of Islam. Yet we have struck their heads like a spiritual ton of bricks. They have been disarrayed. Or normally they were attempting to stop the Unity of Islam. I mean picture that we didn't have our activities. Picture a world that we have not explained the facts. Picture a world where we haven't defeated Darwinism, materialism. Assume that our support has been withdrawn. If we were to say, "The Islamic World does not have a problem to be called the Unity of Islam. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will not come, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will not come either and Evolution took place," like many scholars, many hodjas have said, what would be the status of Muslims? Yet we have never let that happen, and we wouldn't. We have spoiled all such games, insha'Allah. 

(The American Ambassador Chris Stevens and three embassy officers have lost their lives in the attack towards the Benghazi Embassy of the US in Libya.  The Libyan government has apologized to the US people and the whole world. It has been stated that the Ambassador Stevens  died from smoke inhalation in the Embassy. Afghanistan blocked YouTube in the country in order to prevent the movie from being watched.)

What are you going to ban? If you make it famous this much, people would somehow go and watch it anyway. They can watch it secretly. I mean you are the one encouraging these people. You entice their curiosity.  So they make the most important celebrity out of a common punk in the street. They are talking about themselves in that movie, where is our Prophet (saas) in it? For instance they draw a sordid caricature and they say –may Allah forbid- "This is the caricature of the Prophet (saas)". That person is drawing his own caricature.. Why should it be the caricature of the Prophet (saas)? Does it at all look like our Prophet (saas)? Our Prophet (saas) is an outstanding beauty, what does that caricature have to do with it? But you accept their clamor and call it the caricature of the Prophet (saas). So you are the one libeling! Because you accept their insults!

Without the Unity of Islam, people's minds remain empty and such blank minds create such delirium. On every whim, they throw themselves to streets and make scenes, cry out and scream. All of them employ barbaric methods, if you pay attention you see that they all do barbaric things. The mentality in Libya would constantly create this. I mean what is the meaning of their apology? They would do the same things in a breath.

The education system in Libya is a Darwinist and materialist education. They are teaching Darwinism at schools day and night. Just like it is in Turkey, a Darwinist, materialist education is obligatory in Libya. The administration is socialist anyway, there is a communist regime. Gaddafi has gone but the mentality has not changed. They are training Darwinist, materialist, terrorist people. It writes “Muslim” on their IDs and they call such men Muslim terrorists. Yet they are not Muslims, they are Darwinists. They are Darwinists, materialists, what has being a Muslim to do with it? What does a Muslim say? He says, "Allah has created living beings, Allah created the universe." What does a Darwinist, materialist say? "Allah did not create them. There is no God, everything happened through coincidences." In the Darwinist, materialist system, Allah is denied. Accordingly a Darwinist youth comes into being. And thus such killings would go on incessantly.  The Islamic world would remain being miserable in pieces. The only solution is the Unity of Islam, the Turkish-Islamic Union and the appearance of Mahdi (pbuh), the appearance of Jesus Messiah (pbuh). Apart from that you do see disastrous news items everyday night and day on televisions. And these men keep asking us, "Why are you not mourning everyday night and day?" And they are constantly lecturing us about mourning. Nowadays they invented a mourning literature. They keep telling us, "You have to  mourn every single day." I mean they are convinced that they have found the ways to materially and spiritually enslave the nation. 

(US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who claimed that the attack on the embassy in Libya was arranged by a small barbaric group, said that the Libyan people or the government cannot be held responsible for this attack. US President Barack Obama said that they protest the libels against religion, yet they also are against the meaningless violence that caused the American diplomats be killed in Libya.)

There is a bigoted mindset in Libya, there are many bigot groups. Islam as the Qur'an depicts is something different, but in Libya there is a system of polytheism, there is a polytheist system. When you ask an idolater, he says, "I am a Muslim." I mean he wouldn't say, "I am an idolater," he would say, "I am a Muslim," yet he is an idolater. There is the fierceness of idolaters and they cause misery, pain and restlessness to the world.  There is no solution other than the system of the Mahdi. Obama has to see this fact, Putin has to see this fact as well. If they have seen this, they need to make haste. I mean this is not something that could be delayed or else afflictions would constantly rain down on them. 

(Following the incidents in Egypt and Libya, there has been a call for revenge from the Taliban. The statement given in the name of the Taliban stated "Muslims should be ready to fight against and take revenge against Americans.")

See here, Obama is putting on socialist manners and stalling the American public. What is the relationship with socialism and so? There is no salvation other than the system of the Mahdi and  Jesus Messiah. There is no solution other than the Unity of Islam. Attempting to save America with socialism is in vain, I mean you would ruin it, you would spoil the existing situation, you would smite America.

You should accept materials as if they do exist. Allah wants us to do so. I mean, we understand in our nature that Almighty Allah wants that from us. He created us in a way that we would accept materials as if they do exist. You would accept materials as if they do exist. You will live accordingly and the system is according to that perception, so that you wouldn't be able to step out of it even if you wanted to.  When you put your hand on it you feel its hardness. Your head aches, someone laughs, the wind blows. I mean, because you are designed in a way that you feel the existence of the materials compulsorily, you cannot get out of that system even if you wanted to anyway. What Allah wants from us is that we accept materials as if it exists. I mean every day you will recognize that "the mountains exist", "people exist." That is how it is, according to the religious law as well.

(The President of Azerbaijan, Ilham Aliyev, announced that they have taken the first step toward abolishing the visa requirement for the citizens of the Turkish Republic.)

Ilham Aliyev is a brave man. We call on the Azerbaijani youth to support the government. That means we have something that we know. He is a very reasonable person. He takes precautions against bigots, and what else should he do? They want to subvert the state. These people do not have tolerance for a lady who doesn't cover her hair. They do not have tolerance for a lady who wears décolleté. And he is defending his state, he is defending his people. 

His Highness Muhyiddin Arabi related nine characteristics of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh): 

1.     He has foresight. Our Prophet (saas) says that he is foresighted.

2. He understands the Holy Book .He understands the Qur'an through Allah's inspiration,       insha'Allah. 

3. He knows the meaning of the verses

4. He knows the conditions and actions of the people he will appoint

5. He remains compassionate and just even when angered

6. He knows the classes of entities

7. He knows the hidden sides of matters

8. He has a good understanding of people’s needs

9. He knows the secret knowledge particularly needed in his own time. So he knows, through the inspiration of Allah, through information he takes from the hadiths.

Surah Yusuf, Verse 108:

" Say: ‘This is my way. I call to Allah with inner sight, I and all who follow me. Glory be to Allah! I am not one of the idolaters!’" Calls to Allah should be done with inner sight.

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