Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 5 September 2012


A9 TV,  September 5th, 2012

(The new Egyptian constitution has banned the use of terms lacking the proper respect for Allah – may He forbid. At the same time, may Allah forbid, it bans the use of such expressions for all the prophets, the mothers of believers and the four great caliphs.)

That is how it should be. Ugly words regarding a Companion do not become a Muslim. That is very ugly, no matter what the sect or where one is. Were you there at that time? No. How can you have any idea about events that took place 1,400 years ago? Since it is not written in the Qur’an, that is an end of it. They are all Companions in Paradise, insha’Allah. It is disgraceful to speak improperly of the Companions. Stop doing it, my brother. We share the same Allah, the same Book, the same qibla, and we believe in the same prophets and the same angels. Do not create problems for no reason. Why encourage strife? “This is how it was in history.” How do you know? Were you there? Stop it. Leave it in the past. Almighty Allah will pronounce on such matters. Or would you presume to teach Allah justice? May He forbid. Seek shelter in Allah and surrender to Him. Obey the Qur’an. Let us be allies in the Qur’an.

(Great support for Israel was again given by delegates approving the party program at the Republican Party National Convention in America. But for the first time, it also said that “Jerusalem is the capital of the state of Israel.” This is a major development in U.S. policy and was interpreted as a major step by Muslims.)

My congratulations again to the Israeli government for granting my request (the cancellation of the wine festival planned to be held in a mosque courtyard in Israel). My particular thanks to the Prime Minister; because I sent an Israeli member of Parliament to make the special request  they then met with the mayor and the matter was pout right. This is evidence of how humanely and reasonably Israel approaches issues.

The word “sayyid” appears in only one place in the Qur’an, in verse 39 of Surah Al ‘Imran. As you know, the Mahdi (pbuh) is a sayyid. The sayyid Muhammad Mahdi. Everyone knows that; it is well known. It appears in the Risale-i Nur and everywhere. It appears in only this one word in the Qur’an. In reference to whom? To John (pbuh). As Zachariah was praying, “The angels called out to him while he was standing in prayer in the Upper Room: ‘Allah gives you the good news of John, who will come to confirm a Word from Allah, and will be a leader [sayyid] and a celibate, a Prophet and one of the righteous.” The upper part of the mosque. The angels called out to him.


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