Some of our brothers tell me, “When you lay the A9 [TV] emblem on its side it becomes like the sign you can see Pharaoh’s palace or freemasonry.” So Allah inspired the system that would tear them down in them three or four thousand years ago. He inspired in the idea that A9 would crush them and eliminate the way of Pharaoh and the way of the dajjal. He showed it in their own monuments and illustrations 4000 years ago. It really does resemble them. So they depicted the system that would destroy them. It is highly significant in that sense.

A9 TV is closely linked to the way of the Mahdi. Hazrat Ali made the sign 9 when speaking of the Mahdi. I have also been an instrument in A9, through the wisdom of Allah. That means he referred to a channel, A9, that the followers of the Mahdi would make use of. There really is no channel like it. It is packed full, and there are no empty words in it. It is always positive, rational, hopeful, inclusive and auspicious.

Getting people to watch A9 TV looks like a minor service but in fact is a very great one. For example, it will be a good thing to set it up in a gas station or a restaurant. That is very important. It will be very useful. And it will be instrumental in many people earning merit, since it will increase that merit. It will earn merit for the person concerned and also for the viewers.

Our broadcasts, our discussions and talks on A9, correct even the hardest hearts. 

2012-10-31 10:11:26

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