Allah (God)

A9 TV, 12 October 2012

May Allah forbid, one forgets the love of Allah. How horrible it is! It ensures one to draw closer to Allah and have a profound love of Him. Think of yourself and your close ones. You have probably seen those who went through serious diseases. You have probably seen how conceited, arrogant people turn into innocent people of love. They change drastically. Allah gives pain and suffering, but He also cures them. Allah creates medicine that will alleviate even the severest pain. It is Allah Who creates both the pain and medicine. Allah eliminates the pain through medicine. It is Allah Who eliminates the pain, but He makes the medicine instrumental in that. In the verse, Allah states that He does not give the kind of burden that one can not put up with. No one encounters anything that he can not resist.

A9 TV, 31 August 2012

Allah’s artistry appears in vermin and insects, too. And in the human cell. Allah’s artistry is in all living things. In animals and plants. If you have no love and are ignorant of beauty, then you will feel no need to examine Allah’s artistry. You close your eyes and imagine that everything has been resolved. Then you find you are excluded and nobody takes you seriously. You do not talk to anyone. Always hatred and exclusion. If you are loveless, other people will not love you. That is no good. You foolishly despise things created by Allah and regard them as vermin. That is foolish. Allah creates them with artistry and with beauty. Allah creates them so we will like them and then see His wisdom. But you dismiss them as vermin. You dismiss trees as just plants. And you do not take people seriously. That is no good. Lovelessness destroys your soul. So you are then unable to love Allah. Look, Saudi Arabia has surrendered to the irreligious. Iran is in the hands of communists. That mentality has brought them to where they are now. If your heads were on straight, Saudi Arabia would not have ended up like this. Iran would not be like this. This mentality of yours just brings them down, and people become irreligious as a result, and in secret. You teach hatred and lovelessness and you act in a wrong way.

A9 TV, 4 September 2011

(An answer to the question “Since Allah knows the future and determines destiny, why did He create satan?”)

Allah does not like to be alone. He wants there to be conscious entities and human beings. He wants entities that appreciate Him and His creations, that are good and know all things and that are pleased with Him. But when human beings are created directly… You know He created the Prophet Adam (as) and Hazrat Eve (as) in paradise. That desired excitement, depth and submission do not form. Hazrat Adam (as) was a great prophet, but those things did not come about. But in the face of satan, earthly desires and hell, then human beings acquire a wonderful depth. Everything acquires a significance after that. A cup has a significance, and a mug, and life acquires a wondrous richness, and beauty acquires significance. There is no testing without satan. And without testing, the meaning of life largely fades away. In other words, it becomes unclear. Imagine a plain white wall, nothing else. That is where you end up. For instance, why do we like this cup? We like it in comparison to other cups. The only reason is that comparison. This pen of mine is attractive. Why? Because we compare it to other pens. Otherwise we would think it very ordinary. But it becomes a blessing when compared to other objects.

For example, what could we strive against in the absence of satan? We need to strive. Maybe I could not preach like this without satan. These things need to be described because of the existence of earthly desires and satan. When these things are described, one becomes a follower of Hazrat Mahdi (as), and that is delightful. There is an excitement, and you become brave and passionate, don’t you? You smash disbelief with your mind and ideas. That is a delight, a beauty and real excitement. But without those you destroy the beauty and excitement of life. Allah creates satan, and earthly desires and the dajjal in order to add excitement to life. He creates Hazrat Mahdi (as) against the dajjal. He sends back Jesus the Messiah and creates Hazrat Khidr (as). Allah gives rise to events. The result is excitement and beauty. Life acquires meaning. Monotony and dullness are eliminated. There are the angels, for instance. Allah loves human beings with faitfulness much more than the angels. An angel is not enough for Allah. He wants human beings. Allah greatly prefers human beings. Because they strive against satan and earthly desires and have faith in Allah without seeing Him.  Allah much loves this aspect of human beings, of human beings with piety. For example, Allah tells our Prophet (saas) that He created the universe from his light. He loves our Prophet (saas) very much. Allah refers to the Prophet Abraham (as) as “Khalil al-Allah, My Khalil”, meaning ‘Friend of Allah’. He also loves him very much. Allah delights in beauty. He loves all beauty. He loves attractive people and lovely views. He loves attractive speech and wants us to delight in all these. He loves them Himself. But we are of course weak. There is no weakness in Allah. For example, Allah sends His verses in a musical, majestic and harmonious form. If He wished, He could send them in a completely bland form. There might be no harmony. He might just have written them article by article. Allah produces Abu Lahab and Abu Jahil for our Prophet (saas) to strive against. Allah inflicts Hazrat Wahshi on Hazrat Hamza. He causes him to be martyred. It is also Almighty Allah Who causes Hazrat Wahshi to eat his liver. A fervent spirit of zeal arises among Muslims then. Hazrat Hamza feels no pain, as he is in paradise. There is no pain of martyrdom. He feels nothing at all. His soul has long since been taken. The aim there is to give rise to a feeling of zeal among Muslims. For example, Allah had Afghanistan invaded, in order to inspire feelings of zeal. He had Iraq invaded. It is also Allah Who allows children to be hungry and wretched. It is also Allah Who creates them. And feelings of zeal arise in us. Otherwise no child would suffer. A martyred child would feel nothing. But Allah shows us these things in our minds, to test us. We cannot know their state in the outside world. That is between them and Allah. But you must know that no innocent entity will suffer in any way. But that is how Allah shows it to us in our brains. In order to encourage and excite us and to hold us to account. “Allah does not oppress people,” says Allah in one verse. That is impossible. He may appear to die in agony; but he does not really suffer. His soul has long since been taken. There is a verse that says that Allah places no greater burden on any person than he can bear.

A9 TV; 8 October 2011

Allah always describes what is good. The Qur’an is also highly rational and consistent. It is logical from start to finish. Allah speaks of a second life. We never knew about that. We never knew we had a second life. We imagined we would die normally. We may have felt its existence instinctively, but we never knew it. Allah says the second life does exist. And it is not transitory, but eternal. It is a glorious thing. I looked indoors today and it is clear that Allah has created all the technical equipment and everything. I am amazed. How can people fail to believe in Allah? This pen is now being created in my mind. So Allah exists. There can be no other explanation. I can see that just from this pen. The existence of Allah is crystal clear. But He does not provide detailed information. The environment for the test is so perfect that any honest person will rise to the highest level, even if he does not possess that much knowledge. This is a huge opportunity, a great beauty. The world is a place of competition, competing to be the best. It is the opportunity to be the best. This is delightful. Because one wishes to be the best. And the path ahead of us is clear. How wonderful! Masha’Allah. If one had a lot of information, enough to eliminate the need for the use of free will, then there would be no test. I look and He has created all this technical equipment, these computers and televisions. But people fail to realize. One must embrace this opportunity with all fervor and never let go. Allah also provides contrary evidence. He provides evidence that disbelief can also make use of. But the evidence that disbelief can take advantage of is weak, as required by the test. A child dies, for instance. Disbelief might take advantage of that. But against that Allah creates computers and the miracle of the atom and the soul and the wondrous structure within the soul. But when the child dies, Allah says, “That secret of this resides with Me.” “Trust in me,” He says. “I gave you compassion and sympathy,” He says. “My intelligence is greater than all of yours,” He says. “It is incomparably greater. You can only think as much as I wish you to. When you can do nothing, think of how I shall act with wisdom. Trust in me,” He says. Allah says that if He takes a child’s soul, He has a good reason for doing so. What is a child? Allah creates him as an image in our brains. We cannot know the original of that child on the outside. How is his soul taken? When? At what moment did he enter paradise? We cannot know. “You must trust Me and think the best,” says Allah. That is the secret of the test. For example, Allah has made you very attractive, but He also creates ugly people. He creates people with disfigurements. That is where intelligent people must still support Allah. We must cling tightly to faith and never abandon it. The way ahead is clear for those who do not relinquish their faith. They are mysteriously, yet hugely successful. Look, notice how they rule the world. That also appears in the Torah. Allah says that He will bestow global dominion on even just 12 people. “Twelve people.” Believers. He says He will not destroy the world so long as it contains just 12 believers. For example, Allah makes life short. That is perfect for this test.

I look at that Fashion TV, it is on all the time, day and night. Those girls walk around on the streets and everywhere. They give them all the same ready-made clothes, the same shoes. Morning until night. They take them to a restaurant all in a group, then escort them all out again. Some of them, I mean, not all of them. Some have nothing creative about them at all. But should they not be reflecting on life?“ What is life?”? For example, they go down to the shore – they should be asking who created that. They eat fish there – they should be asking who created that fish. They get in a car and they should be asking who created that car. Some of them are totally vapid. They have no general culture or powers of deep thought. But what they should be doing is thinking. Deep reflection is most becoming of a woman. Allah creates that so well. If she thinks superficially she just remains a very ordinary person. Such a person is pretty meaningless. But I looked at all those devices at home and saw just how much proof Allah has created so that we should believe. But Allah also creates evidence for people who will lose their faith. In other words, so they will stray from the true path. As I say, a child may die or someone may be ugly, or we may have diseases and trouble sand afflictions, like headaches. One may have a headache or trip over, or a close relative may die or something else. Most people cannot bear that actually quite easy test. That is why Allah inflicts greater troubles on those with stronger faith, so they can measure themselves against them. For example, our Prophet (pbuh) suffered a great many troubles. Hundreds or thousands of times more than a regular person. Incomparably wore troubles, in other words. But our Prophet (pbuh) was never negatively affected. He could have been martyred at any moment. But he placed his trust in Allah, knowing that he was a prophet and did the most wonderful work until the very end, and nobody was able to take our Prophet’s (pbuh) soul from him. That is a miracle all by itself. People around him were martyred. We say that, “Hazrat Ali (pbuh) was martyred.” But there are those who lost faith because of that martyrdom. Many people lost their faith when the Prophet Aaron (pbuh) and the Prophet Zechariah (pbuh) were martyred. Many people who imagined that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) had been crucified lost their faith. That is also a secret of the test. For example, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) resurrected a dead man. That is a huge instrument of faith, but they still look at the cross and say that “The Prophet Jesus (pbuh) has been killed.” They believe it and at once lose their faith. Yet the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) was raised into the Presence of Allah. Allah produces very fine detail within the test. This world is paradise for truly sincere people, and they are totally at ease in it. It is easy for them to rise as high as possible. Take Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), for instance. He is not someone full of learning and scholarship who studied in the madrassas [Islamic schools]. He is not someone who graduated from universities, is learned in Arabic and was taught by scholars and wise men. He is a regular, poor servant of Allah. But Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is totally honest, that is all. He uses his head. Since Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is always on the side of Allah, Allah makes everything easy for him. That is why he will eventually rule the world. Allah places such a great prophet as Jesus (pbuh) at His command. But look, he is patient, determined and persistent right up to the end. He never falls into doubt. He never loses his determination. But Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is also tested. People may imagine that he is not, but he is. Prophets are also tested. They are all tested. Do you know what the distinguishing feature of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is? His main trait is his honesty. He is always on the Side of Allah, and that is why he is Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Allah refers to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) as the “peacock of paradise.” “We are the sayyids of the dwellers in paradise,” he says. “I, Hazrat Hamza (pbuh), Hazrat Hasan (pbuh), Hazrat Hussein (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) are the sayyids of the dwellers in paradise,” he says. Do you know what the main trait of Hazrat Ali (pbuh) is? He is totally honest. He is warm and fond of jokes, he is lovable and thinks the best of people. Hazrat Ali (pbuh) had lots of problems with his eyes, but he always loved Allah. He was wounded in 17 places. But he still loved Allah with an intense passion. When that cur struck at him to martyr him, he did not concede one millimeter in his love of Allah. Indeed, his faith grew still more. But someone else, with weak faith, might at once have said, “I have given my love for Allah and done everything, and then some traitor came and struck me while I was praying.” But he did not say that. It was also Allah Who struck him there. And it was Allah Who took Hazrat Ali’s (pbuh) soul. It was He Who martyred him, in other words. He just used him as His instrument. That is why the Companions never weakened in their faith. Yet every day there were those who lost eyes, or mouths or noses. Their hands and faces were always being sliced up. But their faith still grew enormously. It even turned into a joyous fervor. What was their distinguishing trait? Their sincerity.

A9 TV; 09 November 2011

Almighty Allah tells Muslims that they will watch the Day of Reckoning. That is what will happen When Allah desires it. But normally [it happens] in another dimension and normally, they should be unable to see it. The dimension of this world and the hereafter are not the same. But if He wishes, Allah can show the 4th dimension from the third, or the third from the fourth, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; October 14th, 2011

Who makes us speak right now? Allah. Who makes you speak? Allah. Everywhere there are the manifestations of Allah’s names. Therefore when we appreciate someone, we appreciate Allah. Otherwise it means ascribing partners to Allah. You, for instance say to someone, “You are very beautiful” but she responds saying, “I ask Allah's forgiveness; I am not so beautiful.” Are you the one who we praise? We praise Allah. We praise Allah’s names. For instance one says, “I do not like to be praised.” You are not the one who is praised; so how can you dare to say that you do not like to be praised? We praise the manifestation of Allah He creates in our brains. All beauty and might belongs to Allah. Everything belongs to Allah.

A9 TV; October 14th, 2011

It is related in the Qur’an that Allah sees all eyes but eyes can not see them. Notice that the One Who looks within from those eyes is also Allah. He manifests within those eyes with His beautiful name, Insha’Allah. For instance, Allah speaks of the existence of beautiful women with big black eyes in the Heaven. But their eyes are only directed to their spouses. They only belong to their spouses. Here Allah mentions passion as the most important feature. It is the most important feature of  Heaven. Insha’Allah, Almighty Allah will grant this blessing to all believers in the Heaven for all eternity because in this life we have an insatiable love for human beings. We have love for all kinds of beauty. The human soul can not get enough of love for cats, rabbits, flowers, the beauty of women, the sweetness of children. This can only be satisfied in  Heaven, Insha’Allah.

A9 TV;October 7th, 2011

Allah is the One Who creates all, He creates everything in the minds of people. Allah creates America, Allah creates Russia. This is rich, that is rich; in fact all are wretched, they are all images created by Allah. They do not have any power. Allah had placed them there within their destiny. He placed some there, others here. All of them have a specific place. They all are coming on to the stage of life like this. They are getting on the stage of the test. For instance at the time of the Pharaoh people used to say "Pharaoh is a very important person". And now you see the guy. He is packed like a rotten melon, waiting like that for centuries. 

A9 TV, 28 April 2012

How lovely to be under the control of an infinite power. It is good for the health of the mind, soul and body. And that is a fact. How lovely, you are under the control of and entrusted to an infinite mind. What more could you want. Would you prefer chaos? May Allah forbid? Chaos is in any case impossible. When someone says “I exist,” that makes it impossible for Allah not to exist. Impossible. Because that would be absolute non-existence and that is impossible. Impossibly impossible. Absolute non-existence is impossible. When someone says, “I exist” then everyone has to have faith that Allah exists for all time. There is no other way. There is no way back.

Allah tests us. Because Almighty Allah wants true love. He could make us love like robots, but… There would obviously be something missing if Allah made us love one another like robots. You would be compelled to love. That is not what Allah. He wants love in suffering, trouble and difficulties. That is what is valuable to me. But if we were compelled, that would not be love. Allah does not want artificial love. He does not want a forced love. He wants love with passion. You have to crawl and suffer. You must be like Majnun and Layla.

For example, Allah loves the love of the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). They put him down a well and he speaks of Allah. Allah sees that. Seven hours or seven months are not enough for that. But when it lasts seven years, that is what Allah loves.

This sounds like a reproof, but of course Almighty Allah has no need of such a thing. It would be a reproof in human beings, though. But with Allah it is a reminder. “They were unable to properly appreciate the glory of Allah,” He says. Everything is a blessing. Television is a blessing, a music set is a blessing. There is no end to it. Everywhere is full of blessings. There is a television in every home, for instance. The world is full of homes. The rooms of houses are full of televisions. Televisions have their own separate remote controls. So people should not have to get up, says Allah. So they can switch channels from where they are sitting. Allah places all channels at people’s command. People move around on the glass. Allah has the world sit on glass. He puts ships and steamers and everything else on glass. People dancing the samba, people dancing and laughing and talking, cars, homes and whatever else comes to mind. Forests and oceans and everything are all in this glass. Look at it how you will. There is no dust or smoke and nothing to make one uncomfortable. Were it really the sea we might get wet, or breathe in car exhaust. But it is spotless and luminous. He makes no problems for us and causes no discomfort. You experience the best sides of everything. How lovely and delightful, just like paradise. Masha’Allah.

I got up in the morning and Allah washed me, masha’Allah. He makes my hand His instrument. How lovely! Whenever I need anything. The lovely smell of soap and perfume forms around me. Then He dries me and dries my hair. These are all great sources of ease. Allah places spotless shirts at my disposal all ready for me. “We have created clothing for you,” He says. The shirt is ready and He puts it on me. He dresses me. Then He wants me to go out, He shows me the object known as a car. You come to the door and close it. The images on the screen keep changing. You move about and then suddenly arrive at your destination. Like a djinn car. It is really amazing. You just have to sit there for a time. The image flows and moves. But wherever you may be or wherever you may go, what is the area on the outside like? We do not know. We merely have faith that there is such a place on the outside. We do not know. A pitch-black world, but the world we see is lovely and brightly-colored and three-dimensional. With a sense of depth. Look, we point something out somewhere. It is all metaphysical.

Allah wants to be loved, but properly. Even human beings do not like being loved just normally. How do they like to be loved? With a very great love. Someone may say, “I love Allah.” How much do you love Him? And he says, “The Messenger of Allah (saas) will save me from Allah.” He does not trust Allah. “My sheikh will save me,” he says. As if Allah could make an unjust decision, may He forbid, and the sheikh could save him from it! Many bigots do not love Allah at all. Nor do they love the prophets. They love their own sheikhs and teachers and scholars. They love their own idols.

A9 TV, 27April 2012

Allah could have brought our lives to an end in this world. But He says, “I will make you live for ever.” How fine that is, thanks be to Allah, masha’Allah. And that is what best befits His glory. Why should Allah make what He loves finite? He loves and wants to love His servant. Allah will not be content with a brief love. Allah wants to be loved for ever. Why should Allah cut short the love of what He loves? Who would want that to be cut off? Allah would never want that. That is why Allah wants to be loved for all time. But with true passion, not a weak love, not with a moderate kind of love.

Allah delights in the appreciation of the beautiful. This is inspiration from Allah to us. Allah also loves Himself to be liked and appreciated. That is how Allah is, He likes it. Allah likes people to love Him with a passionate love. But human beings are very cruel and ungrateful. Allah tells us that in a verse. People give Allah many, many times less love than He deserves. They appreciate Him very little. That is why Allah says they fail to properly appreciate His might. But Allah must be loved with a passionate love. All beauties belong to Him. Look, we always praise you, and all that belongs to Allah. Who shows us that image? Who designed and created it? Allah has no need of design, but I put it that way for clarity. Allah does it. It all belongs to Allah. Allah love and passion must be directed to Him, of course, to Almighty Allah.

A9 TV, 18 April 2012

Allah loves to love and be loved. He teaches us to love and be loved in this world. He wants to love and be loved for all eternity. He wants to make us pray to Him. He wants us to know His divinity. He wants us to know His might. But love is the main thing. Loving and being loved. We love Allah, but Allah also wants to love. It is one of Allah’s attributes. He loves our Prophet (saas). He calls him His beloved.  He loves the Prophet Moses (pbuh). He says, “I have chosen you,” in one verse. He loves the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). But He does not love unbelief or dishonesty.

Allah wants people to live by His own moral values. Allah’s moral values are to be compassionate, loving, rational and honest. He introduces Himself to us in this world. If we leave without learning to love and be loved, may Allah forbid, then we will sit in the pavilions of paradise, by the trees of paradise, and just stare.

Nor is learning just a little about loving and being loved any good. Allah wants us to learn completely. That is why we are given a sufficient life span. Just as long as the course lasts. Believers are allowed to live until the end of the course. It is also completed in those who are martyred. But not in the rest. They have to undergo that training. Because Allah loves martyrs. Because they show their love most intensely. Allah loves them because they give their lives to Him. He loves them with a powerful love. The reward for that behavior is very great. He continues to teach them in paradise. They are taught one-sidedly, not like us. They are taught so as to know goodness alone, not evil. They eat, drink and are at ease, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 11 April 2012

Allah shapes events from inside and outside. But He does not eliminate the need for free will. That did not happen in the time of the Prophet Moses (pbuh). Nor of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) nor of our Prophet (saas). People imagine these events will eliminate the need for free will. But nothing to eliminate free will has ever happened. And nor will it. Things are continuing in line with the test, insha’Allah.

A9 TV, 5 April 2012

Almighty Allah always threatens peoples that deny Him. Because that is the peak of bad conscience. Allah constantly shows you a film, in full color. He gives you feelings. He causes you to experience the smells and taste of food, sensations of touch, the feeling of the wind and all kinds of beauty. You have come into being from nothing. And then you say, “I wonder if this could all be the work of chance?” That is a huge lack of conscience. You are mocking your own mind, your own brain. And Allah threatens people like that. But to look at the secret aspect of it, Muslims are in any way created such as to have faith. And deniers are created in that form. Do you want to understand the secret? You can’t. Simple as that. Where do believers come from? From paradise. That absence of time and space is really amazing. They come from paradise, but this is truly astonishing, masha’Allah. And where do the unbelievers come from? From hell. That is also most astonishing.

It is very important to love Allah as He deserves. Most people do not love Allah as He deserves, and are therefore committing an injustice and acting in bad faith.  That is why Allah speaks of cruel and ignorant people being ungrateful. The angels also wonder why He will create human beings, who will shed blood and spread corruption. But Almighty Allah says, “I know.” It is so important to love and trust in Allah. To submit oneself to Him unreservedly. People with a polythesitic mindset always fear that Allah will do something bad to them. They are afraid He will do them an injustice. That is why they think the Prophet (saas) will intervene and save them. But Allah is He Who shows true mercy. The prophet is a manifestation of Allah.

A9 TV, 3 April 2012

What a fine system Allah has established. The world is so rich. Had Allah wished, He could have placed us all in paradise. We could have been wandering round the gardens of paradise and eating the food there. But thinking about Allah and His love so enriches us that He makes us feel that way anyway. We come to love Him with a profound passion, masha’Allah. Now that love will grow still further. The coming of the Mahdi (pbuh) and Jesus the Messiah (pbuh) will increase that fervor enormously. But these spiritual leaders and elders are very important. Their agreement for Allah’s sake is most important.

A9 TV, 1 April 2012

Allah does not want to be alone. Allah wishes to be loved and appreciated. Allah regards this as good. When we say. “Almighty Allah is infinitely beautiful,” we do not mean solely a color or a shape. He has them all, insha’Allah. There are things we know and things we do not. There are whole worlds we do not know. But we can clearly see that Allah loves beauty and being loved. He loves loving and being loved.

Creation always takes place in such a way as to be loved. That is so with the angels, for instance. There is no alternative. But what Allah loves most of all in human beings is for them to find Him by thinking within a complex system and never abandoning Him, with a determined love. Not to abandon Him when troubles and difficulties come, or when old age or sickness come. In that case, the quality of love is especially high. Otherwise, Allah will give you youth and beauty and goodness. You eat and drink and say, “O Lord, I love You. Thank You.” Everyone does that. But that does not lead to deep love. That comes from the other way. A profound passion emerges, a true love.

A9 TV, 26 February 2012

That is the form the test takes. There will be doubts. And you must strive against those doubts with faith. Faith is the answer given to the army of doubt with good conscience. Doubts and suspicions will come, and you must chase them away and fight them off; that is what Allah likes. Allah creates doubts and skepticism. Allah loves us to resist doubts and skepticism and to love Him. Allah loves us to think the best of Him and always evaluate matters in His favor. In other words. Allah wants people who resist skepticism, who overcome doubts, who are loyal to Him in good conscience and who always think the best of Him.

For example, the Prophet Moses (pbuh) says, “O Lord, I want to see You.” That is a requirement of the test. It shows that the need for free will still applies. Almighty Allah asks, “Do you not believe in Me?” “In that case I shall manifest Myself on the mountain, and you will see Me, if you can bear it.” And when Allah manifested Himself on the mountain, the rocks were shattered by a powerful bolt of lightning. And my beloved one (Moses) fainted. “O Lord, I believe,” he said.

The way Jesus the Messiah brought the dead back to life, for instance.  People imagine there were a pile of bones buried underground and that those bones suddenly started walking again. Not in the least. If that were the case, there would be no more test for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh), either. The person would have been dead for two or three days. They placed the dead bodies in caves in those days. That is where the body was, in a cave tomb. Then he says, “Rise, by the will of Allah.” The person then walks outside, in a state of confusion. Now that does not eliminate the use of free will. The person may not have died. He may only have fainted. Or he may genuinely have died. But the believer believes that he died and was brought back to life. But someone else imagines it was all put on. He thinks that the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) staged it with his disciples. And so he does not believe.

A9 TV, 10 May 2012

People want you to teach them to pray and the ritual purifications. But do you believe in Allah first? Getting up and down is not praying. You must have faith first. There is no prayer without faith. Not, prayer first, then faith. Almighty Allah always speaks of faith in the Qur’an. Allah has created our minds as we can easily find faith and find Him if we do not strain ourselves. We have been created to be fully submitted. If someone regards faith as hard, then satan will infest him.

It is a terrible and very bad thing not to love Allah! Allah does all this work for us. Not work, but just so you understand. He takes such care... Look how lovely the stones of these prayer beads are. These are real stones. He creates them just to give us pleasure, masha’Allah. Almighty Allah makes a pumpkin pie and puts the sugar in the pumpkin, so the whole package is ready for us, masha’Allah.

In essence, Almighty Allah tests Muslims with a very fine test. A glorious test. I am amazed by Allah every day. A magnificent test. There are scholars with a store of learning, but no faith. Allah says in a verse that such people are like donkeys loaded with books. Allah compares them to donkeys loaded with books. But with faith, a huge system of the Mahdi can appear, people with such knowledge. But without faith, they are paralyzed. There are these very well-known scholars, but they have no faith. They are wretched, as if half-crazy. They speak the most nonsensical words.

A9 TV, 10 March 2012

“It is straight,” Allah reveals the secret of the world reign. What shall we follow? The Qur’an. Is there any deficiency in the Qur’an? Is there any need for any addition? No. “ warn of violent force direct from Him” So the fear of Allah is the beginning of everything. “ give the good news to the believers” Those who perform their acts of worship with sincerity. The good news of paradise and the good news of the Unity of Islam. Just as in the case of Surat an-Nur. “...that for them there is an excellent reward” There are rewards for them. “...a place in where they will remain for ever” Allah makes us love eternal life as an instinct. People think about eternal life day and night. There is the instinct of sexuality, the instinct of hunger, of reproduction. Allah estimates everything. The only instinct that Allah does not satisfy is the wish of living eternally. People always await death, they feel the excitement of it. Almighty Allah satisfies it in the hereafter. That only instinct that is not satisfied is left to hereafter.

A9 TV, 2 March 2012

They sit and say, “Recite the name of Allah 10,000 times till morning.” But these people are totally ignorant. You should be saying, “Read the and understand that. Read religious law, and understand that.” But 10,000 repetitions. One will fall over and go to sleep doing it. Remembering Allah means to understand the Qur’an, to keep Allah in one’s mind and to obey the commandments of the Qur’an. But they boast of repeating His name 100,000 times. You should increase your knowledge and culture, preach, spread Islam and tell people about Islamic Union. These things are clearly a religious obligation, from the verses of the Qur’an. And Allah punishes them for not doing it.

A9 TV, 25 February 2012

So he has doubts. Allah says, ‘They vacillate between the two – not joining these or joining those.’ Look, that is a feature of the test. He would have faith if he used his conscience.

As I have already said, Allah provides evidence that will make people doubt Him, and other evidence that will make them believe. That is the nature of the test. They concentrate on the evidence that will cause doubts. Believers, however, concentrate on the evidence for Allah’s existence, and thus have faith. What is the criterion involved? Conscience.

But this is the nature of the test. People ask why there is suffering. How could there be a test without it? Let them tell me that. What logic would there be? The angels are not tested. They know no pain. They only know the positive side. But Allah does not regard angels as enough. He regards human beings as important, since we can distinguish between good and evil. Allah has bestowed that attribute on us. Of course this is in their destiny, but it pleases Allah. That is why when a Muslim believes, he is far superior to an angel. Allah loves human beings. He says He breathed His own spirit into man.

Allah does everything in the best way. If He shows us something in our brains, then that is for the best. Allah creates our conscience, our compassion and sympathy. An infinitely long time ago, as you know. It is Allah Who plays that film for us, and Allah Who gives us feelings of compassion. It is Allah Who knows what the best form of everything is.

Allah says, Most of them do not believe in Allah without associating others with Him.” in one verse. They are afflicted by doubts, He says. But a person can have faith when his conscience goes into action. One cannot have faith without a high level of conscience. One will always have doubts, or even deny His existence. Only people with a lofty and high-quality conscience can have faith in Allah. That is how He has created them. Allah can know Himself, but the servant cannot know Allah. People with elevated consciences have faith. That is the feature of faith. Doubt may come to many people from time to time. But the believer overcomes it with faith and reason. They are called believers since they are victorious in their struggle against doubt and satan. But the unbeliever fall into that state because they are defeated. Otherwise, the majority of people do not believe in Allah.

A9 TV, 15 February 2012

Allah does not compel us to become Muslims. I am a Muslim of my own free will. I have also asked unbelievers and irreligious people, “do you feel a power compelling you?” And they have all said not. So that is complete justice. You cannot grasp Allah’s secret. But let me tell you this: Allah is omniscient. And infinitely good. It is He Who teaches us mercy. It is He Who teaches us love, compassion and forgiveness.

But there is one important point here. Allah says, “…They have eyes, but they do not see.” Of the people of hell. “… Their ears do not hear,” He says. They suppose, this is just metaphor. “…The eyes of their hearts are blind,” He says. He says their awareness is dulled. “ …You imagine they are living. But they are dead.” Is that enough? Understand this, if you can. There is a secret there. One must seek shelter from Allah against being like that, from becoming like that.

A9 TV, 7 August 2011

Allah is greater than everyone and everything. Man is a feeble entity. A person may serve as head of state in a space the size of a lentil in his brain. Allah shows him this in a space the size of a pinhead. There is no room for pride or arrogance. People then just fall to piece in the grave. Their intestines protrude from their mouths. One must be loving and compassionate and good natured. People do not expect pride or arrogance. People like others who are modest and loving. Arrogant people upset them. Eventually, everyone becomes one with the soil, and that is that. Even their bones rot away and everyone will appear in the Presence of Allah. Nobody has any rank in the grave. One must be humble and modest. Allah shows us things as an image. There is a soundless, colorless world, that Allah creates in full color in our brains. All words are spoken in our destinies. If someone becomes head of state, it is Allah Who places him. He was in that post in destiny before his parents even existed. There is nothing for any rational person to be proud or arrogant about.


2012-10-31 10:42:04

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