A9 TV; 7 November 2011

Age, beauty and everything are feelings inspired in our hearts by Almighty Allah. Otherwise we would know none of these. Thanks be to Allah. Thanks be to Allah for giving us the concept of beauty. Thanks be to Allah for giving us the concept of handsomeness. We might never have known it. Everything might have been lovely, but we might never have known. Fresh water might have seemed bitter to us. Food might have caused unpleasant sensations in us. Roasting meat smells very delicious. Apples and oranges and everything are delightful. But our bodies might have been repelled by those same smells. Allah has created our perceptions in perfect form, masha’Allah. But these smells are pleasant; ultimately, they are the vibration of molecules. Allah represents the vibration of molecules as the blessing of a pleasant smell or taste in our brains, masha’Allah.

A9 TV; 11 September 2011

Human beauty is the greatest blessing in the world, there is nothing greater. We have flowers, but this is a billion or trillion times lovelier. Human beauty is incomparably lovelier. It delights me enormously and instills a feeling of great well-being in my heart, insha’Allah. I am filled with love of Allah. Because Allah manifests Himself in the other person. Allah manifests Himself in human form. And I look with amazement on that beauty and give thanks to Allah, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; 21 October 2011

Some of them are people with no understanding of esthetics, beauty or love. They have no love for children or women or flowers or animals, no love for cats or birds and, above all, no love of Allah. They are not used to it. People have gone wrong. They are amazed. “How does this love arise? There cannot be that much love,” they say. They even say, may Allah forbid, “Not even Allah can be loved that much. You must not love Allah too much. You much just love Him in moderation,” they say, may Allah forbid. So what can you love? You must love money and position. That is all that bothers them. A beautiful woman is a manifestation of Allah and the greatest blessing in the world, and if you notice they are radiant and immaculate. People are really shocked. I see it everywhere. They look with amazement at your beauty and reflect on it with astonishment. They appreciate it with amazement. Because a woman does not look full of love at someone she does not love, and she will lack the strength to be well-groomed. That is why many women are dirty and unkempt. Because they hate. Who is going to look at them for them to reveal their full beauty? Most women do not reveal their full beauty because they hate. Why should a woman have any dealings with people she hates? Women are normally immaculate and radiant. But they turn their backs on life in the face of base, mocking and loveless guys. There are many people like that. One can see the woman is tired of life. She is unkempt, her hair is all tangled, her hands and face are uncared for, and she is weary and loveless. Her heart and soul have frozen, she lives like a dead person. But when you give love to such people it literally enters their souls, and life returns. Their eyes shine, their hair shines, their skin glows and they have a joyous love. Blood flows to their brains. They are fully restored to themselves. They realize they are Allah’s servants. Their souls rejoice with love and passion for Allah. Everywhere and everything is beautified. Their language and their hearts are beautified. But if you have no love of Allah and do not submit to Him, then He will put strange people in your way. Allah will drown you in filth because of your own filth. That is why you cannot see. So do not envy. There is no other problem. I have hundreds of attractive female friends. They have only seen a few of them. Light radiates from their hands and faces. Female acquaintances used to come here all bedraggled, frozen, with matted hair and wrinkled faces; life no longer had any meaning for them. They used to smoke and drink from time  to time. I had many female acquaintances like that. But they came to me and became really lovely. Through faith, the Qur’an and love of Allah their skins and faces came to glow, their eyes became huge and they acquired the finest manifestations of passion for and love of Allah. They were filled with youth and vigor. Masha’Allah. When envious people see them they say, “We never saw them looking like that before.” Because even stone would turn black alongside types like that! Not even a plant or flowers could survive in that horrible world of theirs with no Allah and no Book, in that characterless and artificial world of self-interest and perversion. Even the flowers in their homes all die.

But faith beautifies people and makes them younger and healthier. The Qur’an means health. Health of the body and soul. People who live by the Qur’an are beautified. Their lives and bodies become beautiful. Their passion and love become beautiful. Their depth and everything becomes beautiful. Allah then gives them strength and goodness and beauty. For example, I look at people, may Allah forbid; I see how they look without any make-up on. I see how wretched and haggard they become. Lovelessness makes the cells cancerous. The cells say, “I want love.” But these people say, “I can only offer a state of being accursed, filth, hatred, envy, artificiality and insincerity.” The cell says, “But I cannot bear that, please don’t.” But they say, “We are going to do it whether you like it or not,” and so the cells begin dying off one by one. Hundreds of cells die. Eye cells die. Their bodies collapse. And finally, may Allah forbid, they die in a state of misery. Yet if they were to submit to Allah and the Qur’an, if they lived with a love of Allah, then light would radiate from their hands and faces. Allah would bestow radiance on their very veins and everywhere in their bodies

A9 TV; 29 November 2011

Real beauty is beauty with faith and purity. A person will respect and value it. But since people attach no worth to a man with no character they are repelled by him even if he is attractive. I take no pleasure in such people. I do not like. Their existence disturbs me. But a person with faith whom I value and respect produces a great excitement within me. A very serious excitement. Because I think we have a chance of being together in paradise. How excellent! But the other types are ignorant of Allah and His book. What kind of mind can someone who is unaware of Allah has? I cannot imagine. How can I respect him. I just pity him. But there is a majesty to purity. A radiance. A beauty. No matter how beautiful a person is, since one can attach no value to them they have a bad effect on one. They are most discomforting, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; November 30th, 2011

The display of blessing is beautiful. Our Prophet (saas) says, “Get blessed and show the blessings.” This is a nice thing for Muslims. Seeing a blessing on his or her brother or sister opens the heart of a Muslim. It also makes the hypocrites angry, insha’Allah.

A9 TV; October 30th, 2011 

The greatest blessing is faith. Once guidance is granted, that person is saved in all aspects Insha’Allah.

Love, reason, knowledge and logic will prevail. Beauty will prevail. Sound, strong thoughts will prevail. Goodness and honesty will prevail.

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