A9 TV,  September 11th, 2012

Faith in Allah is normal behavior for a rational person. We look and see cars and houses and other people. Allah shows us these things  in our brains. What can we say about that?Believing in Allah takes nothing away from people. But unbelief does. It also leads to disaster. The result is anarchy, terror, loss of joy, evil and unease. The way that the state in Turkey provides a Darwinist, materialist education and says, “Allah did not create the universe. Allah did not create human beings and living things. They came into being by chance. The same with events in the universe. Allah does not create them. They are the work of chance,” leads to sterility. And that leads to great misfortune, may Allah forbid, because it is untrue. It is untrue scientifically and rationally, and in terms of good conscience. We must tell the truth, whatever it is. We must say whatever science tells us. The state should put fossils on display. There are tens, hundreds of thousands of fossils in Turkey. Let us put them on display so people can see them. People can then come to their own conclusions.

A9 TV;  September 19th 2011

What is so peculiar with Richard Dawkins? He goes and argues with kids, with clergy, Catholic priests, Protestants, rabbis and high school students. There is one single person in the world that he avoids; me. He is assured that I will, in the ideological sense, crush him like a bulldozer.

People have overrated him, but I lifted his veil. In that sense, right now no one takes Dawkins seriously. He has lost his credibility. In the past people used to see him like a legend. Now that we have lifted his veil, they simply ask, “Is that him?” and the case closes. He is in a stalemate in all respects. He used to freely say whatever he wanted. He used to say, “Proteins come into being by chance.” When we sent the Atlas of Creation in abundant amounts, all Europeans  awakened. They asked him to explain how proteins came into being by chance. Then he said, “Surely it can’t be, my brother.” “So explain how does it happen?” they demanded. “ It was aliens who made them ” Dawkins answered. This is the outline. When we asked, “Who made the aliens?” As a response, we hear nothing other than  a long pause. Right at the level of protein, I killed him in the ideological sense. From Turkey, from where I sit, I ideologically crushed the guy. In fact there is no need to come face to face with him but, by default, only to display how I crushed his ideas. Otherwise, there is no particular reason for it. Indeed, I have already crushed him in the ideological sense by raising awareness of the people in European countries. I educated the people who asked that question to him; they learned from my books. He asked that question from my book; otherwise, they did not know that a protein could not have come into being by chance. We taught it. They awakened after us. The person who questioned him was the person to whom I sent the Atlas of Creation. He wanted him to explain, but Dawkins has nothing to explain. He merely looks at the ceiling.

What else could he say? He says that it cannot be by chance. He says that what Darwin said was impossible. He says that protein could only come into being through  high intelligence, a very high consciousness. He says, “It could be the aliens, what else can I say?” He can not say that it “is Allah Who created them.” The issue is over.

A9 TV; November 30th, 2011

You must not be tense about that issue. For example you can say, “It is impossible for a protein to be formed by chance. Another protein is needed for a protein to be formed.” That would stick with him for all eternity. If you ask him, he would say, “No I am not impressed. I am not listening to you.” It is not important. You cannot get results by criticizing the social structure of communism. This is not the way to strive against communism. You would be defeated. You cannot handle this. You must destroy the essence of communism. What is the essence of communism? On what it is established? It is established on the dialectic philosophy. What is the dialectic philosophy based on? It is based on Darwinism. How is Darwinism destroyed? It collapses when you hit it on two points. For example, you will say proteins first and fossils second. There are 350 million fossils, you will say. They have not changed in any way. They are the same as animals now. There is no chance. 350 million. They have not changed. Despite this, there is no evidence Darwinists can show. They cannot show a single transitional form fossil, not a single one. Now this ends it all. But we are making it simpler. Look, we are not even mentioning chromosomes. We are not mentioning chromosomes. We are only saying; “Is it possible for a protein to be formed by coincidence?” Of course, he would say, “It is possible” due to his ignorance; but you will say to him, “Look, what is Dawkins saying? What is Dawkins saying? He says, “Only aliens could do it.” He says, “It is not possible, it has to be designed. It is impossible through coincidences.” Because a protein cannot be formed without proteins. So, what is Marxism based on? It is based on Darwinist philosophy. It is a theory based on Darwinism. What happens when Darwinism is gone? Marxism is caught out in the open. Like a house without a basement. A house without a basement; think about it, there is a house hanging in the sky. What happens? It collapses. This is what you will do. Do not bother about masonic symbols. You cannot cope with them.


A9 TV, 29 April 2012

People say, “It happened by chance.” They eat a strawberry and say it came about by chance. They say that oranges, bananas, melons, water melons cherries and everything are all the work of chance. Human beings also emerged by chance, and squirrels and birds and butterflies… So Allah says He will put you in a place that resembles chance. Not in those words, but so you can understand. That is a feature of hell, everywhere is as if random. Fire spurts up from the ground, people are like monkeys, heads are on back to front, and some people have no faces at all. They used to talk about mutation. Allah says there was no such thing, but here it is for you now. I am saying this for clarity’s sake, though Almighty Allah does not really say that. Allah shows them what mutation and chance would really mean. See what food that emerges by chance is like. There is the thorny, horrible and foul-smelling foods. Horrible food and the water is filthy and boiling. Yet here they drink sweet, fresh water. The water in hell is disgusting and boiling. That is how it should be. There is magma underneath, so what happens when water makes contact? It will boil. What happens when you put water on the stove? It boils. There is magma beneath the Earth’s crust, yet fresh, ice-cool water emerges. Allah says that if you do not give thanks and believe in what I have done, I will show you what chance really is. That is what they deserve. But they still do not believe. They say, “Tell your Lord to send us a blessing.” Their immorality and craziness persist even there. They never abandon it. And Allah punishes them, while easing the hearts of believers, of course, insha’Allah.

2012-10-31 11:32:09

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