Nightmare of Disbelief


A9 TV; 15 November 2011

(About the news that every 80 minutes an American soldier who returns home after serving in Iraq or Afghanistan suffers depression and tries to commit suicide, and about a video tape showing American troops in Afghanistan amusing themselves by mistreating a sheep)

These people are crazy. People like that can do anything. They can kill themselves or other people. Classic crazies. That is what comes of a Darwinist, materialist education. These idiots will cause America terrible problems. America must first of all renounce Darwinist, materialist education and adopt a form of education that teaches the existence of Allah. It must teach the dead-end nature of materialism and the falsity of Darwinism. If it does not do that, such tragedies will come one after the other. Someone who does not believe in Allah or the hereafter, who does not love Allah, will feel himself to be totally without responsibility. And then they turn out to be sadists like that. Materialist thinking does not regard human beings as human at all. It regards them as things, objects. So they have no love, and are cruel.

A9 TV; 15 November 2011

People who act out of logic sink themselves. People who act out of logic become polluted and dark. But people who act out of conscience are highly attractive. Logic looks like it will bestow some kind of advantage on people, as if it will be very accurate. Logic pollutes people. It darkens them and drags them down. But conscience makes them fertile and lovely. It always looks as if people will lose out when they act from conscience. But in fact, they always win in the end, insha’Allah. But one has to be patient, of course. Patience is very important, and a characteristic of Muslims. You cannot have good conscience if you have no patience. Patience and good conscience go hand in hand.

A9 TV, 24 September 2011

Envy is immoral. Jealousy is immoral. They portray it as something quite legitimate. “I am jealous,” someone says. Am I then to say “Well done”? That would be very wrong. What is there about jealousy to boast about? It is as wrong to boast of being jealous as it is of being a thief or aggressive. It is not acceptable. It is a base character trait. A lack of character. An evil thing. That is why none of the people I love have any jealousy in them.

2012-10-31 14:33:23

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