A9 TV, 18 July 2012

Our Prophet (saas) did not open schools, he did not enter politics either. He ruled with his sincere faith and miracles. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) did not open schools, he did not enter politics either. He did not feel the need to put forth a thousand and one logical statements. He submitted himself to Allah and became very sincere. The masses, thousands, tens of thousands of people witnessing his candid love, his faith came to believe. One should act with the spirit of the Prophet Moses (pbuh) with the spirit of the Prophet Mohammad (saas), with the spirit of the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and attain results. As a matter of facet you all see that tremendous miracles are taking place. Tremendous steps are taken.

A9 TV; 18 October 2011

The Prophet Abraham’s (pbuh) home was a place of refuge. Rasulullah’s (pbuh) home was a place of refuge. The Prophet Noah’s (pbuh) ark was a place of refuge. Bediuzzaman and Imam Rabbani’s homes were places of refuge. And where I am is a place of refuge. Where Muslims are is also a place of refuge. The homes of good, honest people are places of refuge. Of course Muslims will take shelter in them. What else can they do? Of course they will take refuge with good, honest people who fear Allah. That has been so since the dawn of history, and will always be so. Why did Muslims shelter on Noah’s Ark? Why did everyone come to the Prophet Abraham (pbuh)? Why did everyone shelter with the Prophet Joseph (pbuh), including even his own brothers? They were his enemies, but they still sought refuge with the Prophet Joseph (pbuh). Why did the Prophet Joseph (pbuh) take them in and protect them? Persecuted and oppressed people came to the Prophet Moses (pbuh) from Abyssinia. And he protected them all. Where he was, was a place of refuge. And where Muslims are, will of course be places of refuge. Wherever there are good, honest, fine and patriotic people, these are places of refuge. And that is a religious obligation. Allah’s commandment.

A9 TV; 24 October 2011

Allah inflicted an unbearable sickness of the Prophet Job (pbuh). The sickness lasted for a very long time. “O Lord, I have received a tribulation from satan,” he said. And what did Allah say? ”Move your foot.” Be active, being active is of the greatest importance. It is important to walk a lot, rush about, do housework and go about here and there. It is no use sitting immobile all the time. And that can even be harmful. Second, Allah told him to “Drink water.” Dehydration harms the body. It is important to be active and to wash properly, as that also strengthens people. A lively, active person who does not heed himself will be healthy, but someone who is not will fall ill. It is very important to abandon oneself to Allah and say “Whatever You do, I belong to You.” Otherwise a person will fall ill. What must we say? “O Lord! I wish to struggle [for Islam]. I want Islamic Union, so give me strength.” It is no good saying; “I want to be freed from sickness so I can visit my children, finish school, go to work and make money, make more friends of Facebook, go to our summer house and have fun and that kind of thing.” Asking for good health in that way is no good. Why must we ask for good health? “O Lord, give me strength so I can help You and serve as Islam. As a manifestation of You.” But it is fine to ask for it in that sense. The Prophet Job (pbuh) did not ask for good health so he could go and have fun. Why did he desire it? He asked Allah for strength so he could propagate His religion. That is why if someone who prays for good health does so solely so that he can relax and take things easy, that prayer will not be heeded, by the law of Allah. It is not a prayer that Allah will heed. In order for prayer to be pure and genuine you must say, “O Lord, I have dedicated myself to You.” What did the blessed Maryam (pbuh) say? That she had dedicated her child to our Lord, for Him, for His approval. In order to spread His religion and for His approval and so that people might live by the religion of Allah. What does Almighty Allah say to our Prophet (pbuh)? “Take yourself away from all things, from all aspects of life and put all your care, effort and energy into spreading the religion of Allah, the global dominion of the moral values of Islam.” He tells him to concentrate all his energies on disseminating Islam. And our Prophet (pbuh) was never ill. Allah says that He has lifted that weight from him that had bent his back. He says He has given him ease and well-being. That is why all the prophets have had troubles, because they come in proportion to one’s faith. Terrible troubles will afflict Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). But he will not let it show. Our Prophet (pbuh) never showed it, either. When he had a stomach ache they heated a stone and our Prophet (pbuh) would wrap it up and place it next to his stomach, hidden in his clothing, so nobody ever realized. That is why one must honestly and sincerely submit to Allah and ask for good health in order to spread His religion. To strive for religion, in other words. Not so that one can lie back and take it easy in this world. That is no good.


A9 TV; September 14th, 2011

How was it with the Prophet Joseph (pbuh)? He was born from a mother and a father, we have explained this. What does our Prophet (saas) say for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)? "He is like the Prophet Joseph (pbuh)," he says. What does this mean? It means he will be born from a mother and father, he will be imprisoned, he will suffer ordeals, he will be slandered.  Since the persecutors cannot imprison a Mahdi consisting of a voice, how would this happen? It is clearly seen here that the matter is in  deadlock. There is nothing to defend in this. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is born in a city, he will endure pain, he will be insulted, he will be slandered. Hazrat Mahdi's (pbuh) whole life will pass with ordeals. That is why his rank will be very high. A Mahdi that will be invisible, one that passes through walls would not be tested. Consequently that would be something removing the free will of mind. Additionally, our Prophet (saas) does not mention such a Mahdi (pbuh). This is in complete contradiction with the hadiths as well. That is because Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) would not suffer any ordeals in such a case. How would someone passing through walls be imprisoned? How would such a Mahdi (pbuh) stay in prison? Why would he stay there?  He would leave there in the form of image, in the form of a voice. He would then be a spirit anyway, so he passes through everywhere. He passes through the walls, he enters houses. He does not enter houses through the doors, he passes through everywhere, according to what these guys say. Then why should he stay in prison? He would just go, why would such a being be imprisoned?  Consequently this claim is contradictory in a thousand and one points, it is a wrong way of thinking that contradicts the hadiths. That would be a very big blow on Islam. Such a belief would be a very big blow. They should be looking for the real Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Whoever he is. I would kiss his feet and follow his lead, I would be his orderly. But they should not lead Muslims on to such a wrong path. 

A9 TV, 20 April 2012

They recognize all the prophets. For example, think of a Jew who does not recognize the Prophet Abraham (pbuh); he will be ruined, may Allah forbid. What is your problem? “What if that means you cease to be a Jew?” My brother, it will make you a better Jew. You will be a true Jew. You will stop being half a Jew and become a complete Jew if you also follow Muhammad. Love the prophet. Does loving the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) mean you stop being Jewish? Since you love the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) you will love him even more. Do you not love the Prophet Abraham? You will love him more. Love the prophet as you love the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). How lovely. What will you lose from your faith?

A9 TV, 12 May 2012

When He created the prophet Adam (pbuh), Adam was amazed and knew the name of nothing. He could not speak at all. Allah taught him the names one by one. “What is this?” for instance. A stone. Allah taught him everything one by one. What is this? A branch. And this? A tree. And this? A shoe. He taught him them all. Almighty Allah taught him the names of everything. So he soon learned the names of all things, and learned how to speak. Then Allah said He had created a spouse for him, from His spirit. Almighty Allah creates his spouse using the same method, a method known to Him. He looked at her. A love developed, as that is how Allah created them. Then they had children. Their brothers and sisters, Almighty Allah made them lawful for one another at first. That was not incest. It is fine if Allah makes it lawful.  Blood brothers and sisters got married at first. Then after their numbers reached a certain level, Allah made it unlawful. In other words, moral values stem from the Qur’an. It is fine if Allah says it is lawful. But bigots have a problem with this. They try to find an answer to that, too. Bigots dislike the moral values revealed by Allah.

A9 TV, 10-April-2012

The Jews are descended from prophets. I am a sayyid, thanks be to Allah. But I also combine with Jews among my forebears. I am descended from David (pbuh). The line of Hazrat Ali (pbuh) is descended from David (pbuh). I am a descendant of Abraham (pbuh). Jews are the children of the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and Jacob (pbuh). Our Prophet (saas) is he who most resembles the Prophet Abraham (pbuh). In that sense, they are descended from the same line.

A9 TV, 13-February-2012

The Prophet Noah (pbuh) says that he cannot overcome these people and seeks refuge in Allah. “Destroy them, O Lord,” he says. And Allah destroys them. That is one characteristic of prophets. Once they pray, that puts an end to the matter. The Prophet Moses (pbuh) prays to Allah to cleave the sea. He prays, and it happens. He prays to his Lord to send a plague of locusts. And his prayer is immediately heeded. That is one attribute of the prophets. Jesus the Messiah prays to the Lord to destroy such and such a regime. He prays. You look and see that the country is at one another’s throats and people have literally become crazy. And the regime collapses. He prays, and that is an end to it. He prays to the Lord to destroy such and such a place. And a hurricane blows up and buildings are flattened. The place will be flattened if he prays for that to happen. That is a characteristic of Jesus the Messiah in the End Times. That is a secret for you. That is his characteristic. That he is a man of prayer. He prays.

A9 TV, 16-May 2012

Being afraid does not suit Prophets. As Allah says, he was alarmed. That was a flaw as well. "Do not be afraid" Allah frequently tells the Prophets "..not to be afraid and not to be sad." Allah has deemed fear unlawful for the Prophets. Being afraid is also unlawful for Muslims. "...two litigants" this might also be referring to two important litigations in the End Times. This also refers to the End Times in one aspect.


Surat ash-Shu’ara’

144- “So have fear of Allah and obey me”

Fearing Allah is not like fearing a gun or something like that. Fear of Allah is a pleasurable, lovely fear. It is a noble fear. Obey the commands of Allah that came in that time, and the Qur’an that came in this time.

145- “I do not ask you for any wage for it”

This means that people who preach and tell others of Allah ask no reward. They do it for Allah’s approval.

146-151- Are you going to be left secure amid what is here,

amid gardens and clear springs,

and cultivated fields and palms with supple spathes?

Will you continue hewing houses from the mountains with exultant skill?

So have fear of Allah and obey me.

Do not obey the orders of the profligate,

This is aimed at immoral people. You must not obey immoral people.

152- those who corrupt the earth and do not put things right.

Whoever distresses and hurts Muslims, Christians, Jews or anyone.

153- They said, ‘You are merely someone bewitched.

These words are always spoken to prophets and those who strive on Allah’s path.

154- You are nothing but a human being like ourselves, so produce a Sign if you are telling the truth.

You are a normal person, they say, there is nothing special about you.

so produce a Sign if you are telling the truth.’

And let’s see it. Insha’Allah, these people will soon being seeing what they wanted.


those who follow the Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet, whom they find written down with them in the Torah and the Gospel;

So there is a book called the Torah, and one called the Gospels. Allah says these exist.

They will find it written in the Gospels;

“It is written”, Allah says.


In other words, he cannot read or write

those who follow the Messenger, the Unlettered Prophet,

Everything that is good, brotherhood, peace and love and good intentions.

Forbidding them to do wrong,

Killing, oppression and suffering. Wrongs of all kinds.

making good things lawful (halal) for them and bad things unlawful (haram) for them,

There are many clean things and few unlawful ones. Pork, wine, meat not slaughtered in Allah’s name. The foods set out as unlawful by our Prophet (saas). Set out in the Qur’an.

Making bad things unlawful for them;

Blood is also unlawful, for instance.

relieving them of their heavy loads and the chains which were around them.Look, this is very important. Because the pagans at that time brought all kinds of laws out. Everything is banned. Laughing is banned, sitting down is banned, all is banned.

relieving them of their heavy loads and the chains which were around them.The chains of prohibition around them. Because everything you can imagine was prohibited then. If you slaughter an animal, “you cannot eat this part” they say. You can eat the right leg, but not the left. You can eat this part of its back, but not that. There were hundreds of prohibitions. Almighty Allah has done away with them all.

Those who believe in him and honor him,

They will take care that no harm befalls him. To believe and honor. His supporters will speak in his favor. They will take care that no harm comes to him, even at the cost of their own lives.

And help him,

Those who help him with all things.

and follow the Light that has been sent down with him,

Those who follow the Qur’an, all together.

They are the ones who are successful.

For people to be at ease, at peace, free from oppression, for them to be virtuous and enjoy peace of. But what do people do? They produce vast numbers of prohibitions. They create a difficult environment, a climate of war. They shed blood. Allah prohibits these. He tells us to live well. Bombs and bloodshed are difficult things. Suffering is very difficult. 

A messenger always comes in the Qur’an. He warns his people, but they do not listen. Allah takes vengeance. These things are always described. And Muslims collect around a leader. You cannot have a leaderless society. There is always a blessed person who seeks goodness. They are opposed by people who desire evil. But good always wins out. This is always described in the Qur’an.

2012-10-31 15:21:50

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