Signs Leading to faith


A9 TV, 11 June 2011

The creation of the universe is so glorious. There is a void, and there happens a sudden explosion in the void. The universe is formed in seconds. A boundless and perfect universe. Quadrillions of kilometers across, with a boundless perfection. At first, you look and there is nothing there. But Allah says, “Be.” And it constantly spreads out from a single point. There is no need to be an expert to understand the beginning of the universe. If a point is constantly expanding, it is clear that it has a starting point, isn’t it? It is impossible for it to expand without a starting point. It is so amazing the way such clear images and stereo sounds, 3D images, form in our brains. And in a space in the brain the size of a lentil. Everything is very amazing. We exist where as we would have been nothing. And it is impossible for something that exists to cease existing. For example, our words never vanish. Allah says in one verse He will cover up our errors, not that He will destroy them. It is impossible for anything to cease to exist. When a person commits a crime it does not cease to exist. Allah says He will cover it up. But it remains in His knowing for all eternity. It remains in that form. For example, I am speaking now. In 10 years’ time the sound waves from these words will have reached a distant galaxy. And I will be newly speaking to them there. I will be newly speaking in 50 years’ time when my image reaches another planet. A sunburst takes place, but it takes a very long time to reach here. Something happened in some stars a million years ago, but we only see it happening now.

A9 TV, 22 July 2011

You cannot issue commandments to a person with no faith. They must have a powerful faith. By which I mean a deep love of Allah in their hearts. They must fear Allah. To which end one must concentrate on the signs leading to faith. You can then suggest things to a person raised in that way, saying that this is lawful and this is not. But if you tell someone who has no perfection of faith, no belief, that this is banned but this is fine, that is in fact harmful. There is no point. Some of our brothers want to continue with the old madrassa style. But they already have communities of believers. They told them what is lawful and what not. But how can you explain the concept of lawful and unlawful to someone with no faith? To someone with no fear of Allah? You first have to have a solid faith. And if people have solid faith, there is no need to tell them as they will find these things out for themselves, what is lawful or unlawful. That is why Bediüzzaman says that the most important thing is the signs leading to faith. To reinforce people’s faith. For them to believe in the existence and oneness of Allah.

People who know about the signs leading to faith, think. They begin grasping the existence and oneness of Allah. They love and fear Allah. Then they will also abide by His commandments. That is easy, yet they still do not want Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union. But they are scrupulous when it comes to things that meet their earthly desires. Like getting married and circumcision.  They worry about their stomachs or what they hear. But that is wrong. First comes Islamic Union, Turkish-Islamic Union, signs leading to faith. Everything will be resolved if you have Islamic Union. But without Islamic Union you will be miserable and suffer. You see the predicament of the Turkish-Islamic world – all fragmented. The Islamic world is fragmented. All Turks and the Islamic world must be united.

A9 TV,  18 May 2011

The micro-world is crucially important. Those who wish to preach must have a good knowledge of the micro-world if they wish to bring disbelief down. There are millions of secrets and details there. Allah has worked the micro-world like lace. The micro-world is laid out in the same way that a carpet consists of individual threads. There are millions of details in chromosomes, mitochondria and cofulae.

A9 TV, 27 April 2011

Trees only absorb 13 ions from the soil, they do not absorb the others. If a tiny cell can say, “these atoms are good for me” then they must be millions of times superior to the human mind. They talk about grass, but the mind of grass is million times powerful than that of humans. If you ask a human being to separate the iron in it, but without the mercury, take the magnesium and leave the lead out, nobody could do it. But they choose atoms one by one. They say, this is iron, I can use that. This is lead, lead is poisonous, I must leave that out. I must leave that mercury out, as well, they say. That is potassium, I need plenty of that, they say. For example, bananas contain high levels of potassium. All bananas are like that genetically. Bananas are recommended to meet our daily potassium needs. There is also high potassium in potatoes. The cell issues an instruction. It says, there is a strong need for potassium. That is bananas are genetically. So it says, in that case I had best absorb a lot of it. Once the appropriate level has been reached after absorption, it then issues a command not to absorb any more. And no more is absorbed. There is a decision made to absorb no more once that level of potassium has been taken up. There is also a specific quantity of magnesium in bananas. Once enough has been absorbed, it says, enough. It does not allow any more to be transported. It absorbs just the right level. Books tell us that bananas contain this much potassium and magnesium, and that much water. And specific quantities of vitamins. Neither more nor less. It makes just the right amount of vitamins. Vitamin B is very complex, but it makes it perfectly. There is a need for Vitamin C. Human beings strive really hard to obtain it. But it produces just the right amount of Vitamin C, and does not permit any more. The proteins it will produce are all determined in advance, and that is what it produces. Take barley. The protein in barley is only in barley, not in the other cereals. For example, there is one type of protein in maize, but not in other cereals. Only it makes it. Wherever you may go in the world, only it knows that.

There are millions of details in the human body. It works flawlessly within a breathtaking system of millions of details. These systems never harm one another. The cables never break. The operators press their buttons at the same time. There are millions, billions of operators. Each one knows what to do, and when. That system is in the brain and muscles and everywhere. People know this but still say they do not believe in Allah. How will they explain that in the hereafter? It is impossible for a normal person not to believe in Allah.

Allah, Who created the proton and neutron separately in the nucleus of the atom, Who creates human chromosomes right down to the finest detail, Who perfectly creates the protein molecule, Who creates the eye and allows us to see in full color, Who shows us three-dimensional images and Who allows us to hear sound of the finest quality, uses a piece of flesh as His instrument in all this. We ask, “Why did He create the universe?” Some people say, “It has no purpose.” But you say, “Everything has a purpose. You cannot have purposeless human beings. Allah says in one verse that He did not create this universe as a bauble and an amusement. Allah is Almighty and knows all things. He created space. He creates infinite time in an infinitely brief moment. He created an infinitely long period of time in an infinitely short one. That is the power of Allah. It is not purposeless. Does a cup not have a purpose? Does not a pencil have a purpose? Does not paper have a purpose? Does not television have a purpose? Everything has a purpose.

The life of bees alone is breathtaking. Marvel upon marvel upon marvel. The bee is enough, hundreds or thousands of times enough, all by itself, for a rational person to have faith. Just the bee. Every detail is stunning, amazing. Yet people just listen quietly and move on. But when examined with care we encounter a breathtaking splendor. We see the wondrous intelligence of Allah, a manifestation of His Omniscience.

A9 TV, 03 March 2011

Every atom is a separate world. Atoms have nothing to do with anything else. The entity we refer to as ‘me’ is the soul. If we enter the atom, we encounter something as vast as the Milky Way. The essential thing is the soul. The soul has nothing to do with atoms or anything like that. It is your soul that is listening to, seeing and feeling me. Objects are made up of atoms. We will be totally recreated with a brand new creation in the Hereafter. The laws of physics will all change. The physical laws when we enter the fourth dimension are totally unlike those here. Atoms are used there, but not the atoms we are familiar with. But the soul is neither divided nor separated. Allah says He breathed of His spirit. Allah’s spirit can never disappear. It exists eternally in the past and future. It never ceases to exist. Allah adds a body to the soul. But the body dissolves away every day. It is constantly being renewed. There is a constant loss of nitrogen from the body, stemming from cell deaths. Protein is constantly lost and manufactured in the body. We have nothing to do with the atom. It is not the atom that watches, but the soul. It is my soul that hears, not the atom. It is my soul that feels what I touch, not the atom. It is quite clear if you think a little about what I say. There is nothing complicated about it.

2012-10-31 16:05:05

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