A9 TV, 29 July 2011

(About the famine in Somalia)

For example, there is a disaster in Pakistan and everyone coughs up money. Or they say we must collect money and give alms and charity. Pakistan has been devastated. But Somalia has been in a wretched state for as long as I can remember. There is constant talk of aid and they are constantly wretched. Sending aid is fine. But instead of all this organized activity you should be demanding Turkish-Islamic Union, and that will totally resolve the problem. If we had Turkish-Islamic Union, Somalia would be like Paris. Wealth, plenty and abundance would pour in. Pakistan is wretched. People in Morocco are wretched, and our brothers in Iraq are wretched, their children going barefoot. They are wretched in Moro and Chad and everywhere. They cannot even wash once a month. They only eat meat very rarely. They are living from hand to mouth.

Countries invest at least half their earnings in weapons. It goes on tanks and shells and bullets. But there will be no need for that with Turkish-Islamic Union. Arms will disappear. Money will not be spent on arms.

Turkish-Islamic Union is equivalent to the way of the Mahdi. Islamic Union is equivalent to the way of the Mahdi. But you can see how Allah is devastating the world because they refuse to talk about it and how He is showing the world that. Everyone is uneasy, there are suicides and people crying and shouting and starving to death … If they obeyed the command of the Messenger of Allah (saas), fulfilled the requirement for Islamic Union, and obeyed Allah and the Qur’an’s command, instead of suffering all this misery, then the matter would be resolved

2012-10-31 16:08:15

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