A9 TV, 15 July 2011

(An answer to the question of where we were before we were born)

We were soul. We promised Allah from time immemorial. The system we see after death will continue and change. The image we see is not that sharp, but it will become sharper. “Sight on that day is very sharp” Allah says. But we are busy coming to know the world here at this moment. I mean, we are learning proper moral values. We are learning the value of blessings. We are learning the value of a cup. Allah says there are goblets there. We like cups in this world. But they mean nothing to us here. There are cars here, but also in paradise. That is why we will like them, because we learn of them here. Paradise will thus acquire meaning for us. It would be different if we went there without having learned anything. It would be much weaker. But now it is very strong, insha’Allah. Looked at in scientific terms, no sound or image is ever lost.

That is scientifically impossible. No image we see right from childhood, no sound we hear, ever ceases to exist for all eternity. It is constantly in the memory of Allah and remains there, insha’Allah. Allah had to make us acquainted with ourselves. He is doing that now. But we cannot now remember what has been since time immemorial. In the same way one cannot remember if one loses one’s memory. But we will remember everything from time immemorial in the hereafter. There is no test in the eternal life. The test is in this world. Our test ends here. Allah has created much in great detail. It all exists as images within us. There is no light in the originals on the outside. Images outside our brain are completely dark. Matter is transparent, and you could see that if you could shed light on it. It is transparent like glass.

But there is no light on the outside. It is all created in our brains. This pen top is created separately, the three parts of the pen separately, and is again created to write separately. We have the intention to write, the pen arrives in the air and we start. Allah writes whatever enters our hearts, insha’Allah

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