Theory of Evolution


A9 TV; 26 September 2011

Now primary and middle schools have gone back. I have looked at the official textbooks. They are packed full of Darwinism and materialism. As much as you could ask for. Wherever you open one you see Darwinist and materialist predilections and account. Then people put Marxist and Leninist thinking on top of that. Marxism is built once someone is a Darwinist and materialist. Because Marxism already talks about dialectic materialism. But the state cannot espouse dialectic philosophy, or Darwinism. The state has to set out both views. The state does not allow the teaching of creationism. Have you ever  seen it say, “There are 350 million fossils that prove Creation”? No. Have you ever seen textbooks that say: “A protein cannot form by chance. This is the structure of the protein molecule. Protein needs protein to come into existence”? You cannot. Yet the state’s own books say it came into being by chance. Then they complain about terrorism. Abdullah Öcalan says: “I used to pray and be religious. Then I was politicized. The people around me taught me communism. I learned about Darwinism and materialism from books, and I learned about atheism.” He says he did not recognize Allah nor the Book. Then he says he is a communist, Abdullah Öcalan. In his own words: “Initially, I was religious. I did not know about materialist thinking. Then I learned about communism and became a communist.” That is what happens if we do not answer back.

A9 TV; October 12th, 2011 

(Regarding Milliyet daily’s Internet Site’s News report about Evolution quoted from BBC)

My poor guys. They have become such a laughing stock. What else shall I say to them? Look at the style they employ; look at the devastation they are in. They make headlines such as, “Our forefathers were mice”, “Our forefathers were microbes”, “They became athletes as they leaped over and over again.” First of all, how do you explain how that protein came into being? You say, “Aliens  made it.” “Aliens”; so that is the end of the story. Do you have any other thing to say? We ask, “How did the protein come into being?” They answer, “Aliens.” Was it also the aliens who made the fish leap?  You are still unable to bring an explanation for how the protein came into being. For a single protein to come into being, there is need for the existence of another protein. What does this mean? The theory of evolution is a lie, it is not true. If evolution were true, it would be me who would first embrace it. I would advocate it fiercely, but it is not true. We would speak out and say, “Allah created through evolution.” But it is non-existent. It is a sheer hoax and an inconceivable plot. First of all, a person sees an image within his brain. You can not give an account of it. Someone hears a voice within his brain, and hears the electricity as a sound.  Notice that there is someone who hears the sound. That is to say, there is another body outside the body. There is a body that you can not give an account of; an invisible body. You speak of flesh and bones. You can never give an account of the body that is living. There is a body that thinks, hears the voice, sees the image and senses the sensation of touching. The actual body is that body. You can not give an account of flesh and bones. It is the actual body, the actual human being. While you are still unable to explain the flesh and bones, how will you give an account of the body? They can not explain the actual body. We ask, “Who sees the actual image?” No answer. “Who hears the voice?” No answer. We ask, “Who perceives the sense?” No answer. They ask Lenin about this issue. He says, “Never think about this issue, otherwise you will get drowned.” “Neither materialism, nor dialectical philosophy, nor another thing remains.” he says. Do not think about this issue, do not think about that issue; so what else remains to think about? They have the mindset of avoidance from issues. They must abandon this “literature of leaping”. They can not  still give an account of protein and there are more than 350 million fossils proving  Creation. I said, “Let them bring a single fossil that proves evolution in any way. I will give away trillions of lira to them.” I also added, “ I also accept its photograph.” I swear to Allah that I will award the money but you also can not even bring the photograph. It is an utter lie, a hoax. They should not jump around for no reason. Their mentor came up and said, “It is the aliens who made the protein.” He said, “A great intelligence made the protein but let’s not call it Allah, that would be disturbing.” But he says, “A great intelligence.” What you call “high intelligence” is “Allah.” What is infinite intelligence? He has finally come to this point, masha’Allah. He says he believes in Allah, but our Atlas of Creation dropped on his head like the brick of a skyscraper. He says, “If the Darwinist mindset were to prevail, we would have been ruined, it would be so bad.” What kind of a mindset is this? He says that he supports Darwinism, and then adds that Darwinism would devastate the Earth.

A9 TV;  September 19th 2011

(In response to the question, “Muslim, Christian and Jewish scientists have put down their signatures and admitted to evolution. They acknowledge evolution, why don’t you?”)

Because I am on the side of Hazrat Mahdi (as). They are not aware of what they are doing. We are on the side of Creation. In his time Pharaoh was also trying to convince the public saying, “You have been created from the mud of the Nile”, he too was trying to collect signatures from the people there and trying to make them believe. What did Prophet Moses (as) do? Allah made him throw his staff. When the staff turned into a snake, they understood that Creation is a definite fact and the notion of evolution is wrong. So they believed. Therefore those who advocate Creation are with Hazrat Mahdi (as). We, as the followers of Hazrat Mahdi (as), surely advocate Creation

A9 TV, 19 April 2012


The have built a rampart against science. “Science must be banned,” they say. No reply to nonsense, no scientific statement, “must be permitted,” they say. And they really can prevent it. They can prevent it all over the world. The Church backs Darwinism, the Catholic Church, all over the world. The Catholic Church officially supports Darwinism. In other words, to espouse Darwinism has become a condition of Catholicism. There is the belief in the Trinity, one, and Darwinism, two. These have become the main articles of faith of Catholicism. Belief in Darwinism is obligatory in the entire Catholic Church. You cannot deny it. You cannot say, “Allah created and Darwinism is invalid” in the Catholic Church. You can only say, “Darwinism is true, what Darwin said is right.” That shows the ruthless power of the system of the antichrist. But we are a community who know how to stamp on the way of the antichrist’s head in a most effective manner, insha’Allah.
A9 TV, 18 April 2012
They should ask themselves, do you believe it? Is there anything scientific in it? No. Is it at all logical? No. Is there any evidence? No. There is nothing logical or scientific about it. They publish every fabrication there. The theory of evolution has long since collapsed and come to an end. Had it not collapsed, the details might perhaps have been examined, but it has collapsed at the protein stage, and at the fossil stage. And it is a desperate resort to try and raise such a theory again. There are colored people, and Oriental races, and blonds, there are people of all kinds. Almighty Allah places these human appearances in the genes of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). They then came out in later generations. And that is happening now. Being colored is in someone’s genes, and his children will be colored. There are some white negroes. Meaning some past generation was white. But a white person will only appear once in that family, and then their children will be colored again. Another white person may then appear in the future. That is the wisdom of Allah, how the system is. That was the system in the prophet Adam (pbuh). They really should not worry their heads about these things. Let them investigate the soul and try to understand that. My advice to Darwinists is, first the soul. Because when we speak of something human, we mean the soul. A dead body is of no interest to Darwinists. The body is dead. It is the soul that matters. It is not the eye that sees, but the soul. So it is meaningless to examine the eye. The eye is merely a camera. The eye does not see. Does the brain see? The brain does not see, either. The brain merely stores that electrical current coming from the eye. The brain is a bowl that hold incoming electric currents. It has no other property. They should concentrate on the soul that sees and hears and touches and smells and tastes.
The fact they attach no importance to the soul shows that they do not really believe their own beliefs. Because the sense of taste arises with chemicals in food reacting on the tongue. The tongue cell converts this into an electrical current and sends it to the brain. This reaches the brain as a current. Fine so far. The current has got there. Is that of any use? Nothing would normally happen when it got there. Electricity is not a human being. It is the soul that interprets that electricity and understands and sees and hears. Does it have eyes? No, but it sees. Does it have ears? No, but it hears. They should bring that up. It is wrong to pretend not to understand it. Otherwise, a body producing electricity is of no use to them. You cannot call it a human being. You say, “You need an eye to see.” But the soul sees without eyes. “You need an ear to hear,” you say. But the soul hears without ears. The soul has no fingers, but it touches. It has no tongue, but it tastes. These people are bothering with the machine when the real human being is there for them to study. There is no such structure in that machine. They are preoccupied by the body. All it can do is produce electricity.
A9 TV, 1 April 2012
They really should not make themselves so wretched. They are ruining themselves in a way that has never been seen before. Subsequent generations would lose the power of speech if they felt they really believed these things. Not even a child of five would credit them. It is like a miracle, truly amazing “It all happened by chance,” they say. “There are no transitional fossil,” I reply. “That makes no difference,” they say. “Proteins cannot form by chance,” I say. “That makes no difference,” they say. It is the same with the ear, the ear, and the senses of touch and taste. There needs to be a soul there first. And where is that soul? “It already existed and was there waiting,” they say. Who created that soul? That is what really constitutes a person. You are talking about a machine, but that machine needs a soul. Where is the soul? They are like children, making a lot of noise, then stopping, and then doing it all over again.
A9 TV, 31 March 2012
The system needs a seeing soul to use the eye. The soul waiting there ready to see says it has found the electric signal it was seeking and can now begin to see. But how can a sightless atom with no awareness know of the existence of such a seeing soul and prepare an eye for it as the result of evolution? How does it know that the soul will remain for millions of years. In the same way, the soul that hears without ears has to be ready and waiting so that when the ear produces sound from electric current and vibrations can tell the soul that the sound consisting of electricity is ready for it. Come and hear this sound make up of electricity, hear it in three dimensions, it says. How do you know that such a soul is ready and waiting? Our Darwinist friends say this all took place very smoothly by chance. But they will not speak so easily when questioned in the hereafter. They only come by that through fighting their consciences. And people who fight their consciences will be punished accordingly. Because they refuse to believe, out of pride and cruelty.
A9 TV, 12 May 2012
At once. What do people say. “Evolution took millions of years.” No way. Allah made a pottery statue, “and he was.” He suddenly stood up. “He Who has created all things in the best possible way. He commenced the creation of man from clay;” Baked clay, earth. Allah says He shaped man out of clay. Almighty Allah. Look, “When your Lord said to the angels, ‘I am creating a human being out of dried clay formed from fetid black mud. When I have formed him and breathed My Spirit into him, fall down in prostration in front of him!’” says Almighty Allah. “He created him from earth.” This is pottery clay. What is baked earth? Pottery. Allah emphasizes that it is dense clay. The term makes it clear it is pottery clay. Not just any old mud. Classic pottery clay. The kind of clay that rings when hit, that emits that ringing sound.
2012-10-31 16:38:23

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