New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar ( July 17th, 2012; 23:30)


THE SYSTEM OF THE MAHDI IS SOMETHING THAT WILL COME ABOUT THROUGH A MIRACLE. Normally speaking, it would be impossible for Islam to reign across the world. It would seem impossible under the circumstances as they are. But look, ALL THE EVENTS THEY REFER TO AS NATURAL ARE COMING ABOUT IN SUCH A WAY AS TO ASSIST THE MAHDI. In other words, natural events, as they put it, are taking place especially. Let me give as example: it would normally be impossible for the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and his followers to escape from Pharaoh. But what they call a “natural phenomenon” happened at just that moment through the hand of Allah. They say, “That was a one-off.” It was not a one-off at all. What about Badr? Or Uhud? The tried to martyr Rasulullah (saas) in his bed. Rasulullah (saas) put Hazrat Ali (pbuh) in his bed, and that was that. RASULULLAH (SAAS) USED TO WALK AROUND. THEY COULD HAVE MARTYRED HIM WITH ARROWS AND SPEARS AND KNIVES. THEY ATTACKED HIM EN MASSE. BUT A MIRACLE HAPPENED AND NOTHING CAME OF IT. IT IS THE SAME KIND OF THING WITH THE SYSTEM OF THE MAHDI. MIRACLES ARE HAPPENING TO BRING IT ABOUT.

They would have martyred Bediüzzaman a hundred times over. He was an old man in their eyes. He walked around openly outside. They could easily have martyred him with a single shot by sneaking up behind him. He was shot at many times from a distance. They tried to poison him many times. He should normally have died, been martyred, in the prison they put him in. They put him in a wooden cell block at minus 10 degrees. There was no stove inside. What can an old man do in a wooden cabin with no stove? How long could he survive? How many months, or weeks? He would normally catch the flu and die as the body weakened and could not be strengthened. But nothing happened. The government, all governments, were against him. They would not let him out of prison. They could easily have martyred him in prison. They could have hindered him everywhere, in all ways, but he was never worn down.


THERE IS A RIVER OF LOVE IN ISLAMIC UNITY. LOVE FLOWS LIKE A RIVER. Affection, compassion, friendship and brotherhood. That is what the way of the Mahdi consist of.


Why kill yourself? “I am ready to kill,” you are saying. “I have the soul of a killer and am ready to murder,” you are saying. These are not words a Muslim can use. Someone willing to die over money will also kill for it or be willing to steal or be immoral. It is humiliating and a disgrace to kill oneself over money.




They are now trying to impede destiny with all their might. But one feature of destiny is that it is UNSTOPPABLE. You may change the material form and appearance, but you cannot alter destiny. ONE FEATURE OF DESTINY IS THAT IT IS IRRESISTIBLE. IT BROOKS NO OBSTACLES. NOTHING CAN STOP IT, BY THE WILL OF ALLAH.


2012-11-07 11:45:37

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