Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 10 September 2012


A9 TV, 10 September 2012

(A symposium titled “The past and present of Alawism, and Alawism in Germany,” organized by a university Islamic Research Center and a charity was held in Berlin. Participants at the symposium said that; “Alawism is the kernel of Islam. Our common view is based on the truth, the Prophet Muhammad (saas) and Hazrat Ali (pbuh). Our Book is the Qur’an, our Prophet is Muhammad (saas) and our imam is Ali (pbuh).”  

Alawites are very precious. There is no problem with Alawites. So why do they feel the need to praise the Alawites all the time? They are already perfect and immaculate brothers of. In the same way we feel no need to sit down and praise our Sunni brothers, so we feel no need to praise our Alawite brothers. They are radiant Muslims. Our radiant brothers.

(The Baku administration has said it wants to do away with visas for Turkey, but that Tehran has threatened it, saying; “If you abolish visas for Turkey you have to abolish them for Iran. Otherwise, we will close the road that links Nakhchivan to other regions of Azerbaijan and crosses through Iranian territory.”)

They can do away with them for Iran, too. Where is the harm in that? If our Iranian brothers would abandon their communist mindset and demand Islamic Unity we can unite together at once. Azerbaijan, Turkey, Israel, Armenia, Pakistan, Egypt. Let us establish Islamic Unity at once. But they must not be proud and stubborn. They must not pretend to know better than anyone else. They must abandon their communist mindset. They must abandon the Darwinist, materialist mindset. They must embrace the whole Islamic world. Shiites, Sunnis, Alawites – we are all brothers. They must stop claiming to know better than everyone else, insha’Allah.

(Syrian head of state Bashar Assad is reported to have told the Russians, “If the Syrian people vote for someone else at elections, then I am prepared to step down.” Russian Foreign Minister Mikhail Goldenov said, “Assad said this himself. I do not know how sincere he is, but that is what he told us; if someone else is elected, Assad will go.”)

Why does he pretend not to understand? There is in Syria a communist, dictatorial system handed down from father to son. How could the Syrian people want Assad back? Would they want that monster back again? Will they tell him to carry on killing even more? Of course not. But we do not want him to be persecuted, either. Let him step down. Let normal democracy come in. Let the people bring whom they want to power. Just so long as Syria is at peace. He is sitting there like a plague and refuses to go. But the people are telling him to go.

(A cooperation agreement in the fields of science and technology was recently signed between Iran and North Korea. President of the North Korean Popular Assembly Kim Yong-nam met with Iranian President Mahmud Ahmadinejad and said that his country wanted to strengthen relations with Iran.)

Iran goes and sits cheek by jowl with communists. You should be creating Islamic Unity instead. What business do you have in North Korea? OK, forge links and be friends, but be friends with the Islamic world first. You go and cuddle up to communists but when it comes to the Islamic world you literally treat it like an enemy and keep your distance. My brother, unite with Turkey. Unite with Jordan and Pakistan. Establish Islamic Unity. Let us include Russia, too, and Azerbaijan and all the Turkic states. Let us include Israel and Armenia. That will put an end to it. Let us do away with the borders and live as brothers. There will be no more terror or anarchy then, and we can all live in peace. Why prolong the matter? Why do you not forge an alliance with Muslims?


(Hadiths about Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) and the signs of the End Times)

“The Mahdi will distribute goods equally.” What did we have before? Capitalism. Savage capitalism. That means there was no equality before. Had there been equality before, he would not need to bring equality in now. That means there will be an imbalance, a gulf, between rich and poor. What will Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) do? He will distribute goods to people on an equal basis.

“The hearts of the Ummah of Muhammad will overflow with wealth.” This means that people’s hearts will not be rich before. They will be greedy and grasping. There are many people who can never get enough. People even say, “You must have  enough by now.” But hearts will be full of wealth in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). In other words, they will be very wealthy, both materially and emotionally. Since their hearts are rich, they will also be generous and delight in giving and have spirits that delight in giving as an act of worship.

“His justice will enfold all places.” This means that justice will not be fully balanced everywhere. There will be more in some places and less in others. But what will Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) do? He will fill everywhere with justice.

“He will treat people with the Sunnah of the Prophet (saas).” What did the Messenger of Allah (saas) do? He obeyed revelation and the Qur’an. What will he do? He will implement his rule with the Qur’an.

“He will even ask for someone in need to be called to him.” Someone in need will be sought right across the world. “When the Mahdi fulfills his word, only one person will come.” Only one needy person in the world will come. This person, who will be famous, will be known. A famous bigot will strive against Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh); someone who cannot get enough, who cannot be satisfied, will appear, even though he is already very rich. The Ummah will see this. He will be heard everywhere, on radio and television. Will there be anyone in need? Everyone will say: “No, we are not needy. May Allah be pleased, we have more than enough.” But one person will come and say, “I am in need.” This person will want more, even though he is very wealthy already and not in need. He will be greedy. He always wants more. Goods will be given to him, although he is wealthy. But when those goods are given him, Allah will open up his heart. He will say, “Am I the greediest person of the Ummah of Muhammad?” He will be ashamed. “May Allah forgive me,” he will say. He will want to give those goods back. But Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will say, “We do not take back what we have already given.” That person will be unable to return the goods he has received. Even though he is very rich, this one person will say, “I am in need.” That is a marvel. Our Prophet (saas) foretold it beforehand. Second, he will be ashamed and want to give those goods back. Third, the goods are not taken back. He has to keep them. This is one of the events of the End Times. This will happen, insha’Allah.

“Immediately before his appearance, there will be disputes on the death of a caliph.” A caliph dies before he appears. So there is no more caliph. But our Prophet (saas) says there will be disputes after the death of the caliph. Wars, conflict, fighting, corruption. These intensified after the death of the caliph.

“An army will be sent against Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) from Sham,” from Syria. What is Sham? It is opposed to the way of the Mahdi. It strives against the way of the Mahdi. What kind of army? Secret armies. Armies of corruption. It sends agents, in such a way as to help the PKK. It sends various vile types. We can see from the hadith that an administration that wants to stop the way of the Mahdi will be in Sham. The hadith shows there will be an anti-Mahdi movement in Sham, in Syria. But it also says that this army will be disgraced and destroyed.

“Good and bad people in the Ummah in the time of the Mahdi...” Who are the bad? The irreligious and faithless because a communist is still from the Ummah of the Prophet (saas). An irreligious person is still from the Ummah of the Prophet (saas). But he does not worship. Muslims are the Ummah of worship. But those people are also part of the Ummah, though they do not worship. They are the non-worshiping Ummah. “The Ummah of worship and the non-worshiping Ummah.” Communists and the irreligious, in other words. “Good and bad people in the Ummah in the time of the Mahdi will possess more blessings than have ever been seen...”  At no other time. In none of the times of the prophets, right back to the time of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). Of all kinds. Everything. Food, drink, whatever they want. Technical equipment, cars, houses whatever.

“Even though much rain falls,” Even though there are floods of rain, “not a drop will be wasted.” Is water wasted now? Yes. People wash their homes and hearths and water their fields. Too much water is harmful. What happened to water in the time of our Prophet (saas)? Not a drop of it was wasted. It was all put to use. That is the intelligence of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will put all the water than comes from rain to good use through dams and other such means. This is one of the marvels of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

“The earth will be fertile and plentiful without demanding a single seed.” You want to cultivate some places and you sow seeds there and work hard, but most of the time they fail to flourish. You sow grass and it fails. But there will be no need for that in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). The soil will flourish of its own accord. Everywhere will be verdant and “fertile,” he says. There will be no more erosion. “...and plenty,” it will produce many blessings and return good harvests. It will produce many plants.

“Some people from the East will prepare the sultanate of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).” What does Bediüzzaman say? “I am a humble pioneer, one of the vanguard. I am preparing the way for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).” What does our Prophet (saas) say? “Some people will come from the East…”  The followers of the Nur, other Muslims, Kediris or Naqshibandis, they all prepare the ground for Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).

“As the Mahdi hands out goods and ingredients,” he hands out goods, fridges, washing machines, whatever they want. And ingredients such as rice and sugar and wheat. “He will distribute it generously, without counting.” Currently, things are written down in ledgers. They ask for your name or ID. But not in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). There will be no lists. It will all be done by eye. Much will be given, and no records kept. It will be handed out to whoever passes by. Anyone will be given great quantities.

“As Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) appears, a herald with a turban on his head,” a public crier, but one wearing a turban. “will cry out, ‘This is the Mahdi, the caliph of Allah, obey him’.” Who is this? Sheikh Nazım. Who else? Sheikh Ahmet Yasin. We literally see it happening.

“Many people from Iraq and Sham and many followers will come to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh).” This means our prophet (saas) foretells they will escape the communists and the godless in Iraq and Sham. Meaning Syria and Iraq. Scholars from both sides will come to Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), he says. The hadiths say they will be in a wretched state first. Then they will be liberated. There is currently intense concentration going on in both places, Iraq and Syria. A separate army will be sent against him from Sham, but the Prophet (saas) says that this army will vanish. The Syrian army is being destroyed now.

“A caliph from my Ummah will appear in the End Times, and he will hand goods out in plenty to people, without counting them.” Everywhere in the world, lists are kept and goods accounted for first, and then they are given out. That is how it has always been. Accounts have always been kept. Only in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will no accounts be kept. Goods will come in and go out again. No records will be kept. That will stem from Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) policy of quick action and effective results because our Prophet (saas) says, “One year for the Mahdi is like 20 years for you.” “He will do in one year what takes you 20 years,” he says. He will quickly improve the entire Islamic world. The whole Islamic world will be like paradise. But it will be done very quickly. That stems from Hazrat Mahdi’s (pbuh) practical way of doing things. He does not prolong matters. We can see from the hadiths he has no time for red tape. Keeping records, keeping ledgers, stamps and signatures . There are no official documents in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). But jobs flow very quickly.

“The Mahdi will appear from my Ummah. Almighty Allah will send him to make people rich.” All mankind will be rich, for the first time. There has always been a distinction between rich and poor. But in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) everyone will be wealthy, the whole world will be wealthy. “My Ummah will be blessed at that time, and animals will be in plenty.” Animals will also have plenty to eat and drink. Pigeons, cats, rabbits, sheep and everything will have plenty to eat and drink. “The earth will give forth many fruits.” There will be greenness everywhere. “Hazrat Mahdi will distribute goods in plenty, equally to all.” In other words, there will be no favoritism. It will be the same for irreligious people and Hindus, for Christians and Jews. Goods will be given to everyone. This is the very first time. Because for the first time, Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) governs Christians with the original of the Gospel and Jews with the original of the Torah. Until when? Until the coming of Jesus the Messiah. As the verse says, then Jesus the Messiah comes, everyone will be Muslims.

Our Prophet (saas) declares: “I swear by Allah Who holds my soul in His power that the father of the Mahdi is a Qurayshi.” He is from the Qurayshi tribe. So he is of good pedigree on his father’s side. “Look at his father’s pedigree, and you will see,” the Messenger of Allah (saas) is saying. What is his distinguishing characteristic? That he is a Qurayshi. Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) is from the Qurayshi tribe. “If I wished, I could go back to the end of the line.” What does that mean? It means his line will appear. “Because Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) will be the end of Islam.” So his line will come out to the very last detail and it will be realized that he is a Qurayshi.

”In the End Times, my Ummah will suffer terrible afflictions from the sultans at their head.” From presidents and prime ministers, in other words. What did Saddam do? He ruined Iraq. The Assad regime in Damascus is ruining all the Muslims of Syria. “So that places will become inhospitable for Muslims.” They are indeed looking for a place to hide. They seek refuge in neighboring countries. What does inhospitable mean? They will become impossible to live in. Then what will people do? They will seek refuge elsewhere.

“When the world is disordered,” when it is in a state of anarchy and terror. “...when corruption appears…” There is corruption everywhere. “...when roads are cut,” the PKK cuts roads, them and other jackals. Those communist troops spreading terror in Syria cut roads. Other people cut them in Iraq. And there are people who cut the roads in Lebanon and Libya, in Pakistan, in Afghanistan and everywhere. That is why he refers to “...when roads are cut.” This means that roads will be cut on an intensive basis in the End Times. This is an omen of the coming of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). It used to be very rare. There would be checkpoints at specific places. But roads will be widely cut across the world in the time of Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). “...when some of them attack others,” when countries attack other countries and people attack other people, ”...when the great have no mercy on the weak” when they have no compassion for little children, for example, and despise and oppress them. Little children are being wronged all over the world. Laws are passed, and rules and regulations  brought in, but children are still being wronged. “Then Allah will eliminate the roots of their hatred,” and what are those? Darwinism and materialism. “...and will conquer the bastions of their pride.“ And what are the bastions of their pride? Maybe Darwinist and materialist schools and institutes. Or maybe entire ideological systems or clubs and associations. “...and He will send one who will keep the faith alive in the End Times as I kept it alive in my time, and who will fill the world with justice instead of oppression.” Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh), in other words.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying, “Could you tell us something about Gog and Magog?”)

Gog and Magog are a murderous grouping who will appear in the End Times, who will shed blood and engage in mass slaughter, who will flow down from the mountains and attack people in the form of vast hordes. So what are they? The communists and fascists of the End Times. In the same way that Russia perpetrated terrible by coming down from the mountains and rocks with tanks and motorbikes, as infantry or cavalry. And America has also engaged in slaughter. They all came down in floods from the mountains. Hitler and Mussolini also shattered the Islamic world. Gog and Magog of the End Times are World Wars I and II. Gog and Magog appeared and did their work. They slaughtered more than 20 million people. And they crippled more than 1 billion.

You can take knowledge and wisdom and beauty from wherever you find it. Someone invents the car, and you buy one. Someone invents the plane and you make use of it. There is no difference between North and South or East and West. Knowledge is knowledge. The bigots come up with pointless rules like that, and you are influenced by them. They are pointless rules. You must disregard them entirely, and continue on the true path.

(About the presence of fossils in the granite on the walls of the Moscow Metro)

Fossils are sold in marble. The whole building is covered in marble fossils; fossils dating back 100-150 million years. The marble is full of them, and sold especially as such. It is used in normal building work; it is quite cheap. That is why there is not much the communists can do about it. They would have to tear the whole building down. There is really nothing they can do about it. And if they did, there are still all the marble deposits. There is nothing they can do about me, either, by Allah’s leave

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