Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 11 September 2012


A9 TV,  September 11th, 2012

Faith in Allah is normal behavior for a rational person. We look and see cars and houses and other people. Allah shows us these things  in our brains. What can we say about that? Believing in Allah takes nothing away from people. But unbelief does. It also leads to disaster. The result is anarchy, terror, loss of joy, evil and unease. The way that the state in Turkey provides a Darwinist, materialist education and says, “Allah did not create the universe. Allah did not create human beings and living things. They came into being by chance. The same with events in the universe. Allah does not create them. They are the work of chance,” leads to sterility. And that leads to great misfortune, may Allah forbid, because it is untrue. It is untrue scientifically and rationally, and in terms of good conscience. We must tell the truth, whatever it is. We must say whatever science tells us. The state should put fossils on display. There are tens, hundreds of thousands of fossils in Turkey. Let us put them on display so people can see them. People can then come to their own conclusions.

There is a problem of insincerity among some of our Muslim brothers. They talk about anarchy and terror. “Such and such is on the wrong path,” they say. All right, anyone can make mistakes. So establish Islamic Unity so everyone’s mistakes can come to an end. That is the complete solution. If you really want to out people’s lives right, then  establish Islamic Unity. Everyone will then come right. Terror and anarchy will come to an end. In order to see whether scholars are really scholars, first ask them, “How many times have you mentioned Islamic Unity in your life? How many times have you recommended it?” They recommend the headscarf millions of times but ask them how many times they have called for Islamic Unity. They talk about the headscarf from morning to night. But if they talked about Islamic Unity from morning to night, the headscarf issue would have long since been resolved. There would be no problem over people covering their heads or not. But they do not. You must demand Islamic Unity, the greatest obligation of all. And then those who wish to cover up will do so, and those who do not, will not. Let them all dress as they like.

(After meeting with Russian head of state Vladimir Putin and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov yesterday, Hillary Clinton said they were not in agreement with Moscow on a number of issues and continued; “Therefore, we can support the opposition in Syria by acting together with like-minded countries, accelerate the toppling of (Bashar) Assad and help Syria establish a democratic future and to stand once again on its own two feet.”)

She spoke very well. That poor man Assad is in a huge panic. He has no room for maneuver. He has a family and children. They might harm his wife and children. Assad is a prisoner. The Middle East is in an odd state. Look, they have pronounced sentence in Iraq (on Deputy President Tariq Hashimi). He has been sentenced to be hanged. He is a guest in Turkey and has done nothing wrong. There are savage types like that in the Middle East. Tell us what crime he has ever committed. How dare you sentence him to death? That is utterly shameless.  This is why Assad’s safety must be guaranteed first of all and the safety of his family. Russia lacks the courage to act alone. I do not think Putin has the courage to do that, yet all it would take is for Putin to stand up alone. But if Turkey, Iran and Russia were to forge an alliance, all the balances would then be in place. Turkey should propose that to Russia. It should propose it to Iran. And Iran needs to abandon its pride and obstinacy. They have this enormous pride and stubbornness but they could behave so moderately and modestly. They could analyze things more tolerantly and lovingly and reasonably. They have made Iran a matter of an enormous nations obstinacy and pride. What need is there for that? We are all the servants of Allah. What need is there for bullying? What need is there for crazy language? And they keep threatening Israel. They are making Israel genuinely uneasy. They imagine something will come of that, but Iran is really very afraid of Israel. Really terrified. They cannot do anything at all; they cannot take a single step. But Israel is also afraid. That is why they spoke of bombing them. Then I spoke to them and they have changed their minds for the time being.

(In a statement condemning the attacks in Syria over the weekend, the Russian Foreign Ministry said there needed to be a ceasefire between the sides in Syria.)

 They do not listen to mere words. If they are going to do it, force needs to be used. They must go in without bloodshed and establish a buffer zone. America could do it if it wanted, but I guess it is nervous of Russia and China. It is afraid of becoming stuck but they are also fed up and looking for a way out. The thing to do is for the UN to go in with a humanitarian and rational approach and to place Assad and his family in safety. But they all insist on these things happening in Syria. That is Allah’s destiny. But the hadiths say that they will end up in defeat. That story of the prayers in the Ummavid mosque in Damascus is true. Our Prime Minister spoke the truth.

(In response to a mail from a viewer asking, “Is it permissible for a woman to put make-up on and go out?”)

Depending on the situation and circumstances. If a woman is going to meet with high-quality people, with rational people, if she is going to be respected, then she should show her respect by going there looking nice and well. But if there are immoral, low-life types there, then she should dress in such a way as to protect herself. She should dress according to the situation. If cars are coming, you wait on the sidewalk. Then you cross when they have gone. If food is hot, you wait a bit. You have to use your head.

2012-11-13 13:43:02

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