Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 15 September 2012


A9 TV,  September 15th, 2012

Violence in any case equates with religion for a bigot. It means it is a requirement of religion. That is why the bigot mindset needs to be eliminated first. And in order for the bigot mindset to be eliminated, sects need to be done away with. People invent their own interpretations in these sects. They invent their own ideas. So the system of the Mahdi is essential. There is no alternative to the system of the Mahdi. The Islamic world will accept no pronouncements from any leader other than the Mahdi (pbuh). People need to be told of the erroneous nature of the references employed by bigots. You cannot free people by going out and burning books. 

The Mahdi (pbuh) is the only solution for America, and Israel, and the Islamic world. They are all, the whole Islamic world, being ruined at the moment. They are despised and put down everywhere. They killed that American ambassador, for instance. America responded very coolly. But America will still respond a thousand or a million times more powerfully. It will never leave them alone. What happens, happens to unfortunate Muslims. These things are not reasonable. A Muslim cannot commit cruelty even if no response is forthcoming.

Prayer is obligatory. Allah says in one verse; that the people of hell will be asked “‘What caused you to enter Saqar (the scorching heat)?” Do you know what the first thing the people of hell say is? Look, the very first. They say that they did not used to pray. They say that en masse. Is that enough? Yes, it is. Prayer is in all faiths. Praying five times a day has been obligatory since the time of Hazrat Adam (pbuh). It has never changed. The bowing and prostrations are all the same.

(In response to a mail from a viewer saying; “Even those false reactions on the subject of that film show how much the Islamic world stands in need of religious figures such as yourself. It depresses me to see this. Then when I read the verse, ‘Allah will perfect His Light, though the unbelievers hate it,’ I cheer up again.”)

There is nothing to depress one here. Everything is for the best. Bediüzzaman says that there will be Islamic rage before Islamic Unity. These things are omens of that rage. The system of the Mahdi progresses step by step, inch by inch, just as described. But there cannot be the slightest undulation in the progress of the system of the Mahdi. The system of the Mahdi flows because that is its destiny. Nobody can stop it. It moves forward with sure steps. It was predetermined that these people would make that film. The making of that film was created by Allah for the Mahdi to appear. That is its mystical nature. It is Allah Who creates the film. Let Islam reign across the world, He says. Allah encourages Muslims’ Islamic zeal. My words are in the nature of embracing natural causes but it will happen anyways, if that is destined. That is destiny.

(In response to a viewer who asks, “Who made that film defaming the Prophet (saas)?”)

Shaytan. Shaytan wraps them round his little finger. The man who made it was just an ordinary person. His origins are not Jewish, either. He lived in Israel. He is an Israeli citizen, but he is not a Jew. Now imagine that a man has made a film. He has out it on the market. That film needs to be marketed across the world, doesn’t it? Muslims undertake that. They say they will take care of the sales and marketing and advertising. Nobody will watch the film unless it is marketed, so it would have no effect. The film is very vulgar (surely our Prophet (saas) is beyond that). It is truly third rate, barely worthy of the name of film. Really horrible. That guy has described his own life, but they made it world famous by attributing it to the Prophet (saas). My opinion is that everyone has seen it. They have taught them all. The lack of the Mahdi (pbuh) as leader causes whole strings of disasters.

A woman must be like a flower, but chaste and intelligent and radiant. Of course she must be nice and attractive. Flowers and butterflies are nice. Allah has created all things to be pleasant. And women must be nice, too. One verse speaks of blessings and beauties. Allah tells Muslims that those blessings are theirs in this world and ONLY theirs in the Hereafter.If you produce a model of woman as filthy and man as filthy, then nobody will want to be a Muslim, among people who do not know Islam. You depict it as something hellish; no music, no art, no paintings, no beauty, no nothing. Women must be beautiful, but chaste. Nobody must make women uncomfortable. That is the kind of society we need. Women must be pleasant and learned and chaste; people must value and respect them. Such a society will be most excellent. It is foolish to seek a solution by making women hideous.

2012-11-20 10:20:44

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