New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (13 October 2012)


Some Freemasons were very soulless, without love. Intelligent Freemasons, those who love Allah took precedence, this is very beautiful. The smart Templars, those who can think profoundly, have taken precedence. The deep world state has attained such a state that they have come to love Allah. While they were Darwinists-Materialists before the deep world state, indeed while they were communists, they have now admitted that Unity of Islam  is rational and beautiful. The big capital owners, the hidden capital owners in Europe are now convinced that the Unity of Islam  will bring great blessings. They are of this conviction now. Allah convinces them, it progresses gradually. Love thrives. In the past, love was known only as something extraordinary. But now they have noticed that it is life itself; it is something that is absolutely needed.


(In response to an e-mail of an audience member, “Is it a sin to have   plastic surgery?”)

It may be possible if there is something really extraordinary. But it must be of a very vital need, otherwise it is unacceptable, for narcosis is in question.


(Just before the United States presidential elections, news reports regarding Barack Obama’s Muslim identity increased. It was also stated that inside the ring which  Barack Obama has been using since he was a college student was inscribed “La ilaha illallah”)

This is indeed fine. “There is no god other than Allah.” This is the belief to which the entire world subscribes. Allah is One and only.


(Mesut Barzani called the Kurdish groups in Turkey, Syria, Iran and Iraq for a democratic and peaceful struggle.)

You may tell this to the PKK; and in response they will say, “This is indeed fine; why did we not think of it before!” and they will simply lay down their arms! There is nothing of that sort. The PKK does not heed any parliaments. They will just  communicate their own conviction. Against  Marxist-Leninst thinking, such superficial measures are not becoming. An intellectual, scientific and rational response must be given.



2012-11-20 10:25:49

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