New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (14 October 2012)


(In his address to the UN, our Prime Minister stated the following: “Just as how we believe in the prophethood of our Prophet (saas), we have faith in the prophethood of Prophet Jesus (as) and prophethood of Moses (as). No doubt we believe in them. Even if those of different faiths do not believe, we do believe, because this is a requisite of our faith.”)

Masha’Allah. Our Prime Minister experiences an exuberance in the sense of his faith, masha’Allah. This is the blessing of the system of Mahdi, insha’Allah. They say, “They speak of Prophet Jesus (as) while our Prophet (saas) deserves such mention.” They say, “Prophet Moses (as) is the prophet of Jews, so why do you speak of him?’” “Prophet Jesus (as) is the prophet of Christians, so why do you speak of him? You should talk about our Prophet (saas)”, they say. They simply do not know that all of them are the prophets of Islam.


(Alain Lamassoure, the Chairman of the Budget Commission of the European Parliament said, “Both Turks and Europeans do not want the membership of Turkey to the EU. For this reason there is no longer an issue called the “Turkish problem.” )

This is a sentimental accounting he has made. No, that is not the case. There is no longer a unity called the EU, so why would Turkey be willing to enter it? There is only a corpse, the unity is already dead. So there is nothing they can do but the Turkish-Islamic Unity is a brand new civilization, a brand new life and beauty. Has the government not received the understanding of democracy, freedom and liberty? Yes it did. The process might not have been completed yet, but they are making an effort to fulfill it.


(About the statement of Alshat Iskandarow, the State Minister responsible for the Religious Institutions in Azarbaijan who said: “ Azerbaijan and Turkey have the opportunity to present the Islamic model based on tolerance to the entire world. The world’s getting acknowledged with this presentation of Islam of ours will also contribute to struggle against Islamophobia. It is time to present our national and spiritual values based on tolerance to the world. We can accomplish this together.”)

Together, with whom? With Mahdi (as). If she were to try to accomplish this alone, she would do this for centuries . It can not be accomplished without Hazrat Mahdi (as). The reason why this zealous, sincere movement of the Unity of Islam, which is called ‘moderate Islam’ in Azerbaijan, spreads among the youth within Islam’s modern, sincere spirit with artistry and science is the system of Mahdi. No blessings, exuberance and excitement will come about without stressing this. No progress can be made. Once one says that he can do it, he can not see its accomplishment, for there have been thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who said this before. Only that person who is competent about that task can accomplish it. And he is the Owner of the Time, in other words, Hazrat Mahdi (as).


(It is stated that an investigation would be conducted into those who had leaked the information about the cargo carried by the Syrian passenger jet headed to Damascus from Moscow.)

Who leaked the intelligence? He is someone that they will never find. They should not look for him for no reason. They can not find that person who provided that information, just like how it can not be found in Turkey, they can not find him there too.



2012-11-20 10:27:24

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