New Statements by Mr. Adnan Oktar (18 October 2012)


(More than thirty thousand people lost their lives during the 19 month-old insurgency against the Assad regime. Meanwhile it is announced that twenty-eight thousand people were abducted and no information can be discovered about these people.)

There is a persecution going on there, that is true. But it is possible to convince people in two ways. One way is crushing their heads, hanging and murdering them and the other way is to feel pity for them and try to save them. What needs to be done is to approach those in Syria with compassion. What is being done currently is wrong. This is not the style of the system of the Mahdi. If they insistently imparted the Unity of Islam to Assad, I think that he would have accepted it. They should gather the Iranian state administration, Syrian and Egyptian state administrations. What is wrong with uniting, no one will become an obstacle. If they express this in a sincere meeting, no one will prevent it. This will be said and there is nothing else to do.


2012-11-20 10:31:40

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