The committee of the antichrist: Darwin, Marx, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, Trotsky and other bloody fascist and communist leaders

The Committee of the Antichrist

Charles Darwin

-    appeared in the name of Allah,
-    has indoctrinated people that they are idle animals who are not responsible towards Allah,
-    has spread the claim that everything has happened by chance to the masses,
-    and has dragged the entire world into cruelty, degeneration, mass murders and wars since the beginning of the 20th century by indoctrinating the claim of the survival of the fittest by natural selection is ATHEIST FREEMASONRY.

ERASMUS DARWIN, the grandfather of Charles Darwin, who propounded the theory of Evolution in its current state and pioneered in spreading this deceit to masses, is a WELL-KNOWN FREEMASON, A MEMBER OF THE MASONIC LODGE OF SCOTLAND, CANONGATE KILWINNING NO 2. CHARLES DARWIN IS ALSO A MEMBER OF THE SAME LODGE, and a 27 degree mason.1

In the last one and a half centuries following the indoctrination of Darwin’s views to the masses, the reason why faith in Allah has weakened all over the world, the number of atheists has increased, the world has fallen into a downward spiral of conflicts and degeneration, the world wars  broke out, hatred and anger have spread in societies, massacres and murders have increased and views such as genocides and racism which drift societies into destruction have spread is the infiltration of this deceit to almost all institutions, schools and state administrations of the world under the influence of the ATHEIST MASONIC DARWINST DICTATORSHIP.

The bloody communist and fascist leaders are well-known for their adherence to and admiration for Darwin’s theory of evolution. These people never hesitated to state that they had based their system of disorder, defeatism and cruelty upon the theory of evolution. Not to mention, all the bloody leaders in question are ATHEIST FREEMASONS.

Karl Marx, the founder of communism who shed blood on masses, openly expressed that he based his views on Darwin’s theory of evolution. Relating to Darwin’s book, The Origin of Species, he said, “The book contains the basis in natural history for our views
.”2  MARX, IS A 32ND DEGREE FREEMASON, A MEMBER OF THE GERMAN GRAND ORIENT LODGE. Marx, known for his atheism, was always annoyed with his Jewish roots. In his book, “A World Without Jews”, he openly expressed his anger towards Jews and faith in Allah.3 

Lenin and Stalin, the murderers of millions who adopted Marx’s views and also known for their adherence to and admiration for Darwin and the theory of evolution, are also FREEMASONS. LENIN IS A MEMBER OF THE GRAND ORIENT LODGE, while STALIN is from the ROSICRUCIAN LODGE.4 Stalin, during his administration was estimated to have cost 60 million lives and attached great importance to evolution propaganda. In his autobiography, he said:

“There are three things that we do to disabuse the minds of our seminary students. We had to teach them the age of the earth, the geologic origin, and Darwin's teachings.”5

Leon Trotsky
Leon Trotsky, another founder of the Communist Revolution together with Lenin, on the other hand, is another Darwinist who said “Darwin’s discovery is the highest triumph of the dialectic in the whole field of organic matter.”6  LEON TROTSKY is also a FREEMASON, a member of the GRAND ORIENT LODGE. Following his exile from Russia, he settled in South America. There he worked to join the grand lodges in Latin and South America regions. So far all the communist uprisings in South America, including Cuba, have been organized by these lodges.7 

Similarly, Mao Tse Tung, who was a bloody communist leader and the founder of the Chinese communism, openly stated that "Chinese socialism is based on Darwin and his theory of evolution." Also, MAO TSE TUNG, is also a FREEMASON, who is a member of the GRAND ORIENT LODGE.8 The Chinese socialism that Mao Tse Tung based on Darwin is one of the most repressive and bloody regimes in history. In that time China became the scene of countless political executions. In the following years young militants whom Mao called the “Red Guards” drifted the country into a sheer terror environment. China is still under the influence of the same filthy communist system and the bloody dictatorship. The greatest genocide in the history of China that took place recently and the horrible executions that followed openly reveals that the same perverted and filthy atheist masonic system which, in the words of Mao, is based on Darwin’s theory of evolution is still in effect. 

Darwin, who drifted the world to disbelief, degeneration, anger and aimlessness, his mentor and grandfather Erasmus Darwin and the bloody leaders of the communist ideology who supported Darwinism and cost millions of lives are HIGH DEGREE ATHEIST FREEMASONS. Today, despite the fact that it does not have any scientific evidence whatsoever, the theory of evolution is protected and supported all over the world within the framework of laws. The young people are obliged to learn this perverted theory while teachers are obliged to teach it. Those opposing to the theory of evolution are immediately dismissed and silenced. That is because, this decisive ideology that sheds blood on the entire world and inculcates disbelief in societies is the most important fortress of atheist freemasonry. Considering the resolute adherence of bloody communist and fascist leaders to this theory and the bloodshed of millions based on the Darwinist teachings, the worldwide-scale influence of this antichrist committee is better understood.


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