Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 16 November 2012


A9 TV,  November 16th, 2012

(Israel began shelling Gaza again in the early hours of this morning. Prime Minister Netanyahu declared a mobilization, calling on 30,000 reservists to be ready. With the most recent attacks, 20 Palestinians have died and some 235 have been injured. It was also learned that the Internal Affairs Ministry building was hit and destroyed in the attacks. Several  attacks were also carried out against many civilian settlements in the north of Gaza. Israel has hit a total of 300 separate points in three days.)

There will be no peace without Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). Moschiach the Mahdi (pbuh) will come like a breath of fresh air and is essential to both sides. Otherwise this will never end. They are suffering for nothing. There is a very worthy rabbi, Mr. Abrahamson, who came here. He is a very well-mannered and polite person. He is very mature and thinks very clearly. He is very predisposed to Islam and the Qur’an. He cites verses from the Qur’an when he speaks. He called me. “Where are you now?” I asked. “In the air raid shelter” he said. The shelling was continuing then. What is the point of firing rockets out of the blue? What will that gain you? So you launch 10 rockets, or 20. “Our aim is to keep them uneasy,” they say. Then they bomb you back. And they call that self-defense. There will be no public support for you then. If you launch a rocket at his house, he will respond by bombing you. Women and children are dying on both sides. Palestinian kids are as sweet as pie but they are the ones who suffer.

We never hear of Islamic Unity in Palestine. Let us hear about it. Allah will not bestow plenty any other way. They must pray, saying, “O Lord, send us the Mahdi (pbuh), honor us with the sight of Jesus the Messiah (pbuh).” They must ask for Islamic Unity. It is no good saying, “Let Palestine be freed, so we can live at ease.” Allah will give you no peace. Not in any way. Let me say that. Let us imagine that Palestine has been freed; then what about Afghanistan? And Iraq? And Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria? What about Libya? If you say, “Those places are no concern of ours,” then troubles will rain down on you. Devout people in Israel must also ask Allah for Moschiach, ask with great fervor. They must pray out loud in the streets. They must be hear saying, “O Lord, show us Moschiach.” Young people in Palestine must also use a more powerful language  for their requests for Islamic Unity. They must pray to Allah, saying, “O Lord, show us the Mahdi (pbuh), and allow us to meet Jesus the Messiah (pbuh)”  and they must ask for that out loud. Then prosperity will come to the region, and beauty. Otherwise, the tragedies will never end.

If you bomb them, they will bomb you. So embrace one another, and be brothers. Study together in the universities there, praise the name of Allah, tell people of Islam and the Qur’an, and build modern facilities. Speaking about  Allah and religion is not banned in Israel. On the contrary, it is encouraged. It is something admired. Perform faith-related activities in universities. Dominate Israeli universities in cultural terms. Enter those universities as students and then work there. Become lecturers and professors.

(The number of rockets launched by Hamas against Israeli towns in 2012 was 1,158, with 627 falling in Israel in 2011. The figure has approximately doubled this year. In the last two days, since  November 14th , 351 have fallen on Israel. Since 2001, 12,800 shells and rockets have landed. That works out to an average of three a day. More than 1 million Israelis live under threat of rocket attacks.)

Now when asked, “Why are you carrying out these aerial operation and these bombings?” they reply “We are defending ourselves.” My brother, do not do it. It is meaningless.

Our Palestinian brothers say not one word about Islamic Unity. Only “Israel be damned,” day and night. May Allah forbid. How can you want other prophets to be damned? You may say it about the state of Israel, but why say, “Israel be damned”? That is no good. You may say there are people in the state of Israel who kill, persecute and use disproportionate force. You can say that kind of thing.

(President Abdullah Gül issued a statement about Israel’s attacks on Palestine. He said they had been hearing rumors that attacks would be made during election time, but that it was highly significant that the attacks should come right at election time. He also said that that the previous Gaza operation had taken place during election time, and expressed his intense condemnation of this.)

People can say these kinds of thing. They may also seem logical. But now the Palestinian side has started firing rockets out of the blue. Does that not mean, “Come here and bomb us back?” Why should they go and bomb you if you do not attack them first? You are giving them an excuse to do so. Then you complain about them attacking you. So why do you do it? You never say a word about Islamic Unity.

Look, since the West Bank recognized Israel and has not attacked it since 2005, there have been no attacks on that region since 2005. What is the point of upsetting them? Open the borders up, go and live in Israel, invite them to you, let them build homes and live side by side with them. You must have Jewish neighbors. And you should go and live in Israel. It is great, they believe in Allah and you believe in Allah. They share the same prophets. You believe in the same prophets. They are punctilious about Allah and the book. What more do you want? Would it be better if they were irreligious? Let them live in the region, too. Where is the harm in it? What is it that troubles you? Forge an alliance. Talk about Islamic Unity with them and win them over. Being born Jewish has become a crime. How can that be right?

In Surat al-Haqqa, Almighty Allah says: “Ad were destroyed by a savage howling wind.”

So Allah threatens people with hurricanes. The hurricane is truly a miracle. Such a powerful and destructive wind is created by Allah as a test. “Allah subjected them to it for seven whole nights and eight whole days without a break.” Look, verse 7 of Surat al-Haqqa. “Allah subjected them to it for seven whole nights...” The seventh verse.

“You could see the people flattened in their homes just like the hollow stumps of uprooted palms.”

How do fossils form? The exterior remains. The interior disappears. What does the verse say? Verse 7 refers to a fossil whose exterior remains while the interior has disappeared. Look, it says, “Do you see any remnant of them left?”

 You can see it if you look. If you investigate. Allah is stressing that looking and investigation. He says that such a remnant will be left, and you will see it. But a hollow stump remains. The skeleton. The outer protective part remains, He says. He says you cannot see it alive but the Qur’an refers to this investigation and it describes how it will be found when it is found.

(Interpretations of verses from Surat al-Qalam)

“So a visitation from your Lord came upon it while they slept”

says Allah. Tragedy striking while people are asleep is one of the most terrifying prospects. Allah threatens them with that.

Surat al-Qalam. The Pen. In the name of Allah, All-Merciful, Most Merciful

“Nun.” Nun may refer to light. “By the Pen and what they write down!”

This means the pen will rule in the End Times. What the pen writes will reign. So someone who writes and explains things well, who proves his points well, will reign in the End Times. There is a reference to that in the Qur’an. “By the blessing of your Lord, you are not mad.”

You are not crazy, Allah says. Prophets and mahdis are accused of insanity in the Qur’an. Unbelievers always say that about them. “You will have a wage which neverfails.”

You will constantly earn merit, He says. By Allah’s leave, a Muslim will earn merit every day. This verse is addressed to our Prophet (saas). “Indeed you are truly vast in character.” The Mahdi (pbuh) will resemble our Prophet (saas). “His morals are like mine,” he says. “His form and body will not resemble mine,” our Prophet (saas) says. “But he will have the same moral values as me.” He sets out two attributes. His body will not resemble his, he says because the Mahdi (pbuh) will resemble the People of Israel. That also applies to our prophet (saas), but it is more pronounced in the Mahdi (pbuh). Abjad calculation gives the date 2017. “So you will see and they will see...”

 What? World sovereignty. The disbelievers will also see it. And Muslims will see it, insha’Allah. “...which of you is mad.” Allah says they will soon see who is crazy and who is not. They call the prophet crazy. So you will see and they will see which of you is mad. This is a reference to both our Prophet (saas) and the Mahdi (pbuh). “Your Lord knows best who is misguided from His Way and He knows best those who are guided.”

What is the guide? The Mahdi (pbuh). What is it that is misguided? Those of the dajjal. Allah emphasizes two separate groups.

“Do not obey those:” says Almighty Allah.any vile swearer of oaths,” people who always swear by the name of Allah. This can also be seen among the hypocrites. They swear by Allah all the time. He says they are vile. They lack character. “...any backbiter, slander-monger,”

For example, a Muslim appears and they immediately start denigrating him. Even though they know he is a good, fine person. They spread corruption. “an impeder of good, evil aggressor,”

What is good? To preach all over the world. You strive against Darwinism and materialism, but they try and stop you. You preach, and they try and obstruct you. “...gross, coarse and furthermore, despicable,” they openly do things that are forbidden in the eyes of their own beliefs. Allah says they are hypocritical. They lack character. They are aggressive and always up for a fight. Allah describes their psychologies in great detail in this verse, insha’Allah.

(Following Turkey’s criticism of Israel, the Israeli Embassy in Ankara issued a statement: “Since the beginning of 2012, Hamas has fired more than 800 rockets at Israel. More than 200 of these were launched within the last week, and more than 150 within 24 hours. Students cannot go to school because a rocket is launched every 20 minutes. The aim of the operations is to eliminate the threat posed by rockets aimed against civilians. No country can permit its own people to be exposed to such terrorist attacks.” A major explosion just took place in Tel Aviv.)

They and the Palestinians must seek Islamic Unity. Then the trouble will cease. Otherwise, there would seem to be no end to this strife and affliction. Shaytan has become involved. He is setting brother against brother, people who believe in the same prophets. By Allah’s leave, the region will then improve, but only when the Mahdi (pbuh) appears, insha’Allah.

Surat al-Najm, 56:

Does this refer to 1956? “This is a warning like the warnings of old.

A Mahdi like the mahdis of old, but it indicates our Prophet (saas). Of course, our Prophet (saas) is the greatest of all the mahdis. There is only one abjad calculation, and it gives 2031. The 56th verse refers to 1956. Al-Najm means the star. It gives the date of global sovereignty. When asked who this is, we will say it is a mahdi like the mahdis of old, insha’Allah. Yes, he is the greatest mahdi in terms of guidance. The greatest guide there has ever been. Our Prophet (saas) is the greatest spiritual guide and teacher of all time. He is the greatest prophet, insha’Allah.

“Allah’s promise is true,” Surat al-Jathiyah. That also gives 2031. Bak, 2030-2031. What is Allah’s promise? Global sovereignty. Verse 55 of Surat a-Nur says, He will make them successors in the land...” Who? The followers of the Mahdi (pbuh). What is the abjad value? 2011, or 2029 if you count the gemination marks. Surat a-Dukhan. “We chose them knowingly above all other people.” The most vibrant years of the system of the Mahdi. ‘Dukhan’ also means war, famine, terror and economic crisis . They are all prevailing across the world at the moment. Allah says in verse 11 of Surat al-Dukhan that a smoke will prevail across the world in the End Times. The appearance of ‘dukhan’ is one of the signs of the coming of the Mahdi (pbuh) in the End Times. Anarchy, terror, economic crisis and troubles, that is what is meant by ‘dukhan.’ A troublesome environment and climate, in other words. Surat az-Zukhruf 61; “He is a Sign of the Hour.” Abjad gives a date of 2026. Anyone who thinks a little can see something extraordinary here.

Children who are martyred do not suffer, of course. They experience not the slightest suffering. There is no reason for them to be tested. They are taken straight to paradise. And they remain there as little children to be loved.

Surat az-Zukhruf, 68:

"My slaves, you will feel no fear today;you will know no sorrow.” 2023. Look, the exact date of sovereignty. When I said this three years ago, they said, “Are you joking?” But 2023 is now official state policy. World sovereignty. From the Adriatic to China, you will not be saddened. There will be no anarchy and terror. You will not fear, but you will reign across the world, it means, 2023.

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