Highlights from Mr. Adnan Oktar's interview on 17 November 2012


A9 TV,  November 17th, 2012

Allah bestows a cuteness on little children, but the way we regard them as cute and feel such affection, compassion and love is a miracle from Allah. Yes, they are cute and adorable, but that feeling of love and affection is most wonderful. One really does not want to see them grow up. The children of paradise will remain children for all time. People will love them as children for all time. That is a huge delight. The love of children is one of the main pleasures of this world, the cuteness of children, the affection felt for them. Their being happy, for instance. A little gift, a small chocolate or a bagel, or a little toy, drives them crazy, they become really happy. And the pleasure they take from that, their joy and happiness, is so delightful. That is why I think it is so wrong to hurt their feelings for no reason. For example, if they want something, let them go and get it. Where is the harm in that? Where is the harm in a child getting something they want? “You must not spoil them!” That is not going to spoil them. One must also value children and respect them. They become sickly if they are not taken seriously and respected. But children who are valued and respected become very fine. They become very intelligent and sound. A child will feel if he is being treated as a child, as if he were not a normal sane person. That is very wrong. One has to show them they are rational, logical people worth speaking to.

(Clarifications of verses from Surat at-Tawba)

“But the Messenger” our Prophet (saas), the mahdi of the time. “and those who believe along with him have struggled with their wealth and with themselves.” People attach great value to possessions. That is why Allah regards it as so valuable to spend one’s possessions on His path because a person is then spending the belongings bestowed by Allah for Allah. “have struggled;” they strove hard. “They are the people who will have the good things.” They have goodness and abundance and beauty. “They are the ones who are successful.” What does that mean? Global sovereignty. “Among the desert Arabs,” says Allah, “there are some who regard what they give as an imposition” they give some money. They give away a few cents, but even that really hurts them. It hurts like losing a limb. “...and are waiting for your fortunes to change.” They wait for them to be detained, imprisoned, beaten, defamed and split apart, they want them to suffer. “The evil turn of fortune will be theirs!” Allah says.

(Surat al-Ma’ida, 56)

“… it is the party of Allah who are victorious!”

Allah says this in verse 56. Look, the number 56 is highly significant. It refers to 1956. “...the party of Allah” -  The supporters of Allah. 2055, the most splendid years of global sovereignty.

(Surat al-Ma’ida, 52)

“…But it may well be that Allah will bring about victory or some other contingency from Him.” He will produce an imam, a mahdi. The abjad value is 1996. Verse 52 of Surat al-Ma’ida. Allah says, “…it may well be that Allah will bring about victory or some other contingency from Him.” Global sovereignty, an instrument of salvation, the Mahdi. This points to the year 1996, insha’Allah. Abjad calculation gives the year 1996.

“…it is the party of Allah who are victorious!”

To the best of my recollection, this is the only reference to the party of Allah,  in a verse. Allah says their victory is certain. Whose victory? The party of Allah. What kind of supporters? Sincere and genuine Muslims, who ascribe no equals to Allah, who have the spirit of the mahdi. He says they will be victorious. Over whom? The whole world. 2055. Of course, this victory will be a victory of love, not one involving killing and slaughter.

(Surah Al’ Imran, 172)

“Those who who did good and had piety among those who responded to Allah and the Messenger after the wound had been inflicted will have an immense reward:”

Allah is referring to those people who have suffered wounds, our heroic troops. Isn’t that right? They are wounded and enjoy the status of disabled veterans. “Those who who did good and had piety among those who responded to Allah and the Messenger after the wound had been inflicted” In other words, those who fully abide by Islam and the Qur’an. “...will have an immense reward:”

Allah says they will be rewarded. A great reward. That means paradise.

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