''I told the Chinese Attachee Wang Xiaoning that the executions and the atmosphere of fear in their country should be brought to an end.''


Adnan Oktar met with Wang Xiaoning, People's Republic of China's Ankara Embassy's Attache on January 30, 2013. During the very successful meeting, Oktar asked Xianoning to ensure a swift democratization and end the oppression in their country. Oktar elaborated:

"I asked them about the allegations as to the oppression and of course they deny all of them. However, I suggested that they could appear on a live TV program with some other officials from the Chinese embassy to answer these allegations, to tell their side of the story and he found the idea interesting and said that he will inform the Embassy in Ankara and the Ambasssador about it. Insa'Allah (God willing) it will be very good. Because China is important for us. The China-Turkey friendship is important. If China and Turkey become friends, it will be a great contribution to the formation of the Turkish-Islamic Union. The Islamic world will support China and China will support the Islamic world. Then Turkic republics will support China and China will support them, so it will be an amazing jump ahead. But of course, first of all, that fear, that nightmare, that dark atmosphere should be brought to an end completely.

I said that the executions should be stopped, and asked him to tell this to the Chinese government, and he said he will. I also suggested that they should get 'European style democracy', that's what we wanted to see in them. He will also pass that on. He said that 'it's difficult for an execution to take place.' But in any case, execution is unacceptable. Insa'Allah, our next meeting will also be very beneficial. I believe that it will be even better if they appear on a live TV programme."


2013-02-02 19:16:48

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