"Those who deny the invalidity of Darwinism have the courage that comes from ignorance"


Our brothers must note that those who deny the invalidity of Darwinism are people with a very low level of culture; they are very ill-informed people. They have a courage that comes from ignorance. Theirs is not a movement that well-mannered, well-informed and high-class people could engage in. You need ignorance for that, by which I mean limited information, a lack of knowledge and background. There is this thing known as the courage of the ignorant. They speak as if they actually knew something. They have no knowledge concerning Darwinism, and no general culture. They know nothing about molecular biology. They have received a narrow and one-sided education. Darwinist propaganda goes on in books in primary, middle and high schools. Everything they have learned comes from that, but those books are totally one-sided. Middle and high school and university biology text books are biased; they directly talk about Darwinism yet there is no reply from the other side. But since these people are educated in a biased way, they think, “We must do whatever it takes to preserve this.”

They are very, very ignorant, and hugely lacking in background. They just look to people like Deniz Gezmiş and Mahir Çayan of old. They want to dress like them. They wear those parka jackets, as if they were ready to go off to the mountains and become terrorists at any moment, as if they were popular heroes liberating the people, heroes from the old legends.

Lack of culture and knowledge is a huge deficiency, a huge problem. That is what lies behind aggression and insulting talk. They never think of the consequences. That is very wrong.  There are people who help and support the killers of the Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon and the PKK and their actions out of ignorance, not really understanding why. They are making a terrible mistake.

The PKK wishes to take Turkey over in cultural terms. That is why the PKK needs Darwinism and materialism because one cannot be a communist without being a Darwinist and materialist. One first has to be a Darwinist and materialist, then one can be a communist and a Stalinist on top of that. But the PKK has literally gone crazy because we have demolished its ideology. That is why they are engaging in activities along those lines.

If people are patriots, they must not become tools of the PKK and the Alleged Terror Organization Ergenekon. They must research and reflect before acting. They would never do this knowingly, but they are obviously doing it unknowingly, and that is very ugly and wrong. (Adnan Oktar,  January 2nd, 2013, A9 TV) 

2013-03-16 21:20:36

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