Cambrian Period, the

The Cambrian Period is a geological age that began some 520 million years ago and is estimated to have lasted 10 million years. Apart from single-celled organisms and a few simple multi-celled organisms, no traces of living things from before that period are to be found in the fossil record. But in the exceedingly short Cambrian Period (10 million years being a very brief space of time in geological terms), all the animal phyla emerged simultaneously, with not a single deficiency among them. In the geologic periods that followed. Basic classifications such as fish, insects, amphibians, reptiles and birds, and subgroups thereof, also appeared suddenly, and with no forerunners preceding them.

This totally demolished the theory of evolution’s fundamental claim, that of gradual development over a long period of time by way of chance. Moreover, this also represents major evidence for the fact of creation.

Mark Czarnecki, and evolutionist and paleontologist, in effect admits as much:
 A major problem in proving the theory has been the fossil record. . . This record has never revealed traces of Darwin’s hypothetical intermediate variants—instead, species appear and disappear abruptly, and this anomaly has fueled the creationist argument that each species was created by God. 69

69 Mark Czarnecki, “The Revival of the Creationist Crusade,” MacLean’s, January 19, 1981, p. 56. 2009-08-14 15:13:58

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