A Eusthenopteron foordi fossil dating to the late Devonian Period, found in Canada

There is no process of evolution behind the origin of frogs. The earliest known frogs emerged totally different from fish and with their own unique structures. There is no difference between this frog fossil preserved in amber, discovered in the Dominican Republic, and living specimens.

This is one of the fossils that demolishes evolutionist claims regarding Archaeopteryx, showing that no evolutionary link can be established between birds and dinosaurs. The wing structure in Eoalulavis, approximately 30 million years older than Archaeopteryx, is exactly the same as that in slow-flying birds alive today. This feature considerably increases the bird’s maneuvering ability and provides extra control during landing and take-off.

The point is that a bird 30 million years older than Archaeopteryx was able to fly in a very effective manner.140
This proves that neither Archaeopteryx nor any other birds like it were transitional forms.

140 Pat Shipman, “Birds Do It. . . Did Dinosaurs?,” New Scientist, p. 28.

2009-08-15 12:09:28

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