Mother Nature; An Irrational Concept

The intellectual movement that influenced Darwin-and encouraged him to look for an explanation for the living things he encountered other than one based on creation-was naturalism, one of the main philosophies of the 19th century's atheistic climate. Naturalism was a movement that recognized no other reality than nature and the world perceived by the five senses. According to this perverted view, nature was its own creator and ruler. Concepts such as Mother Nature or clichéd expressions such as "Nature gave humans this ability," or "Nature created this creature in this way" result from preconceptions placed in the mind of society by naturalism.

Evolutionists say that Mother Nature gave living things the features they possess. But nature consists of such familiar components as stone, soil, trees, and plants. It is impossible for these natural elements to perform conscious, intelligent actions or to program living things, because everything we see in nature has been created and therefore, cannot be their creator.

Since living things do not create the superior characteristics they possess through their own intelligence. Since they are born with these attributes, then there must be a creator who endows them with these features and who impels them to display such behavior. Almighty Allah is our Creator.

2009-08-15 17:50:12

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