Darwinists could not speculate on the platypus

  • The platypus is a mosaic life form. In other words, it has characteristics belonging to more than one species.
  • Although it is a mammal, it lays eggs. It is covered in fur, has milk glands and suckles its young.
  • Its mouth resembles a bird beak and, again like birds, it has webbed feet.
  • It has venom and leaves its eggs to hatch in a burrow, like reptiles.
  • Fossil remains of the creature dating back to the age of the dinosaurs have been found (208-146 million years ago). And it has never changed over the intervening years.
  • If the platypus were extinct and if its remains had been discovered by Darwinists, then in all probability it would have been heralded as a prominent intermediate form, just like many extict life forms.
  • The fact is, however, that the platypus IS A FULLY FORMED AND FLAWLESS LIFE FORM that is still alive today and HAS NEVER CHANGED AT ALL OVER THE LAST 200 MILLION YEARS. 


2009-08-29 18:36:17

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