The devout will establish peace in Palestine

Denge TV, 14 January-2009

I would like to set my own view on this subject out. The sixth of the 10 commandments of the Prophet Moses issued to mankind is one that forbids killing, but they do not seem to obey it. What is the reason for that?   

Adnan Oktar:
No, those who are doing this are also at war with devout Jews. They are against them and against the Torah. They are people who hate the Torah, who have declared total war on the New Testament, who fight against the Qur’an with all their might, they are atheist Zionists. I am amazed that they are answered with the Torah. They do not believe in Allah anyway. They believe in Satan. They believe that Satan is the ruler of this world and they, the atheist Zionists, have allied themselves with the Freemasons. They are inside the global state, they use these masses as a tool of the secret world order. Most devout young Israelis do not want to join the army, in other words, most are forced to go to the front. They have also realized this tragedy and are also trapped by it. There are hundreds of people in Israel who do not want to join the military. There are many devout young Jews in the prisons. They are also aware of this immorality, this lack of conscience, this persecution.  THE THING TO BE DONE IS TO ESTABLISH AN ALLIANCE WITH DEVOUT JEWS, DEVOUT CHRISTIANS AND DEVOUT MUSLIMS AND TO DEMAND AN EXPLANATION FOR WHAT IS HAPPENING. But the time for that will be the time of Hazrat Mahdi (as). It other words, it will be possible with Hazrat Mahdi (as). Hazrat Mahdi (as) is also someone who will address the Jews. In the hadith our Prophet (saas) says “he will speak to them with the Torah and rule with the truth of the Torah”. He says “he will rule the Christians with the New Testament. And he will rule Muslims with the moral values of the Qur’an”. He describes this and calls on people to have moral virtue. That is why the salvation of the devout lies in alliance.

Yeni Asya, 5 February-2009

Saying, "It is easier for rabbis to make peace with Hamas than it is for Hamas and the state of Israel to make peace” the Israeli Rabbi Menahem CALLED ON TURKEY TO BRING RABBIS AND THE LEADERS OF HAMAS TOGETHER IN TURKEY. He reported that Rabbi Froman had met with Sheikh Ahmed Yasin, the Hamas spiritual leader killed by the Israelis, and that he told him, “You and I can make peace in 5 minutes. BECAUSE WE ARE BOTH DEVOUT. WE AGREE THAT ALLAH IS THE CREATOR AND THAT IT IS MEANINGLESS TO FIGHT OVER LAND” and that the reason he had gone there was because he was ready to go anywhere there was peace.

2009-11-09 01:38:54

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