Yusuf Estes describes how he decided to become a Muslim from being a Christian priest

As a Muslim, the former American priest, who entered the world as a member of a very strict Christian family in Midwest, adopted the name Yusuf Estes. After becoming a Muslim, Estes worked in the Washington D.C. U.S. Prisons Service in the Muslim Chaplaincy, and on retiring from there he began organizing joint activities with Muslim student and youth associations by making contact with other American Muslims. Today he travels just about everywhere in the world trying to spread the message of the Qur’an. In this video, in which he describes how he decided to become a Muslim, Yusuf Estes says: “While trying to convert a Muslim to Christianity I became a Muslim myself. Of course it was in fact a lengthy process. Everything about Islam is very impressive. One of the things that most impressed from the beginning was that Muslims believe in the Prophet Jesus and the Injil. I was stunned. According to Muslims, the Prophet Jesus (as) is a loyal envoy of Allah, a prophet born in a miraculous manner with no father.”

2010-02-01 06:20:28

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