In the end times there will be spurious clergymen who will claim a fee for their religious services

“There will be such times that common people will read the Qur’an, devote themselves to worship (but) they will be busy with the acts of the companions of innovation (bidah) and stray into polytheism unwittingly. THEY WILL PROFIT FROM THEIR WORDS AND SCIENCE, GET WEALTH BY ABUSING RELIGION. HERE THEY ARE THE ACCOMPLICES OF THE DAJJAL, WHO IS BLIND IN ONE EYE.

(Ramuz al-Ahadith, Hadith no: 6255)

In this hadith of our Prophet (saas), it is stated that in the End Times some people will follow some persons who will concoct superstitions and innovations (bidah) into the religion. In that period some crooked hodjas will emerge and mispresent Islam to an extend that they beguile people to believe that they are in the religion. Therefore they will not be aware that they are straying into polytheism and going afar from the religion.

Profiting by abusing the religion will be one of those fake hodjas’ features. What that mean is that they will not obey the ethics that are stated in Surat al-An’am, 90 which instructs Muslims not to claim any fee for their services to the religion. Our prophet (saas) predicted that individuals with this kind of mindset would also be subservient to the system of dajjal that would struggle against the Islamic moral values. As it is known, our Prophet (saas) predicted in one of his other hadiths that some so-called scholars would enter into dajjalism’s service.


(Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal, Musnad, p.796)

These hadiths clearly indicate that, in the period of the emergence of Hazrat Mahdi (as), which is Hijri 1400s, there will be malignant, so-called clergymen who are afar from the Qur’anic morals, have intentions to abuse religion to their benefit, are against the reign of the Islamic morals and will support the system of the dajjal by striving to sneakingly demotivate Muslims, concocting superstitions and innovations into the religion and igniting strife.
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