Everyone wants to live forever; life in the hereafter is eternal

Humanity is set to eternity,  which means, all of them want to live forever. They want to have all the beauty and blessings forever.

But, they then realize that their life  ends without a warning. All the blessings drain and all the beauty slip away from their hands.

Although humans never want to get old, their bodies constantly get worse and older. Although their souls are all young, fresh and dynamic, their bodies lose their ability that they render useless and stripped off of their stamina and quality..

Just when they feel themselves most efficient, they suddenly realize that they lost their youth, health and have consumed all those years without noticing.

There is a reason for people to find this situation strange.  The reason is that Allah created humans with an instinct to live forever. The humankind is set to an eternal life. For this reason, they refuse to get worn in time and grow older. It is almost impossible for them to accept and get used to the concept of being consumed to death.

Therefore humankind is set to eternity. This fact alone is one of the most prominent evidence of the Hereafter. It is not possible that this ephemeral world is the only habitat for the human soul, which is set to eternity. In an ephemeral life that is accepted to end with death, it is impossible for a conscious man to live patiently waiting for the death to come. The only thing for a man to live in peace and comfort is to accept and believe in the existence of Allah and  an eternal life in Heaven for him.

Allah endowed humans with a variety of expectations and desires as instincts. Feelings such as love, affection, mercy and compassion are created to be satisfied in this ephemeral world. Eternity is in existence as an instinct to be satisfied just like a cute baby or puppy satisfies the mercy and compassion and friendship, love and security are created as necessities. Allah Who put these necessities into humanity, created the fulfilments as well. As the ephemeral world is  not the place to satisfy this strong need, it is certain that humans are created for the Hereafter.

This is an obvious and technical reality that humans experience in their very soul which is created for them to comprehend the existence of the Hereafter. Humankind is endowed with the consciousness to know that they are not going to be perished by death and that they are not going to consume their life for an ultimate annihilation in this world. It would be more than enough to realize that just by reflecting upon it for a couple of minutes. Thus, it is certain that the Hereafter is the final desination. And the Hereafter will be the place where humans are imposed into Heaven and Hell. The conclusion that a conscious man should reach by considering this fact is to know that this ephemeral world is a testing place and to devote himself to the Hereafter for Allah’ sake. For Heaven will be an eternal life that Allah offered to the believers,  in which all the blessings or provide forever, Hell will be a macabre life in which most wicked tortures are experienced and it is no use to repent.


How can you reject Allah, when you were dead and then He gave you life, then He will make you die and then give you life again, then you will be returned to Him? (Surat al-Baqara, 28)
2010-03-19 01:31:57
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