Turkish president Gül: Iran never uses nuclear bomb

What He Said?What Happened?

Başkent TV, March 13-2009

Adnan Oktar: ... I believe Iran has exceptionally good intentions. There is no ill-will here…First of all Iran is a Muslim country and using a nuclear bomb is forbidden by religion so it is out of question for Iran to use it. In the case of using nuclear bomb it is impossible to separate righteous and wrongful. For example think of throwing a nuclear bomb to a city; in such a case, you kill everyone including Muslims, believers, whoever lives over there and there is no such approach in Islam. Unbelievers and Muslims should be separated at first. Then, after setting a certain time, the defense war starts if it is necessary. Consequently, it is forbidden by religion for a Muslim to use a nuclear bomb. It is also forbidden by Iran’s religion which is  Jafaria sect. As a matter of fact they cannot use nuclear bomb … 

They want to achieve a source of energy, so they can also produce nuclear energ. Why do you interfere? What is the problem here? For example they can achieve heavy uranium, processed uranium and can use it as a reserve for energy purposes. If you say to these people: ‘No you cannot use it’, this will be something rather weird… According to the Islam, using a nuclear bomb is unlawful. That is to say, it cannot be used. These people have deep faith in Allah. Why do you think they use it? 

Ekin TV, January 13-2010

Adnan Oktar: We will never give Israel to the hands of anybody.. That is, they are under our protection. Allah let us guard these people. Until the Doomsday, we will never let anybody to lay a finger on them InshaAllah.  They should feel relieved about this. Unnecessarily they worry about Iran. We will overthrow the sky on the head of anyone who dare to throw a nuclear bomb on Israel. Indeed, nobody can throw a nuclear bomb to Israel.

Besides Iran does not attempt such a thing. They are Muslim people. They do fear of Allah. It is forbidden in Islam. I said this once and then Iran also has made an official declaration to the whole world that this is definitely forbidden in Islam. 

Kanal D News, March 27-2010

“Even if Iran holds a nuclear bomb, he knows very well that it will absolutely harm Palestinian people as well as Al-Aqsa Mosque in the case that he uses it. Therefore Iran definitely avoids using it.” said Abdullah Gul, President of the Republic of Turkey in his explanation to Forbes Magazine. Also Gul emphasized that Israel should be put under guarantee and Turkey is an excellent mediator.

Milliyet, March 27-2010

Vatan, March 28-2010

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