Visas are being lifted in almost all parts of the Middle East

What He Said?What Happened?

Hilal TV, December 27-2008

Adnan Oktar:  If the Islamic-Union does not settle down right away,it seems that there will be great adversities and difficulties.  What I mean is that; the Turkish-Islamic Union is the only salvation of both Turkey and the Turkish World. The delay about this issue may bring great responsibilities. It is such a kind of a situation that requires great conscientious responsibility - they separated us from our siblings – why we are separated from  Azerbaijan, why we are separated from Turkmenistan, why we are separated from Kazakhistan. I mean; is it possible to be separated from Konya and Izmir? That is as irrational as this. Passports and visas have to be lifted, border gates must be opened. These are valid for Armenia, Georgia, Lithuania and Israel as well. All of those are like Great Ottoman Union InshaAllah; within a nice union, composing a Turkish-Islamic Union but composing a modern Turkish-Islamic Union; we will characterize with a happy, a comfortable and a rich structure.


Denge TV, December 9-2008

Adnan Oktar:  I haven’t seen any Islamic Country which doesn’t accept the leadership of Turkey. Also,  I haven’t seen any Turkish state which doesn’t accept the leadership of Turkey until now. Kazakhistan has recently said that; they want the leadership of Turkey. All the Turkish States want the leadership of Turkey. Azerbaijan is willing to see this; even Armenia wants to unite with Turkey. They say that; we should remove the borders. Obviously, they are encouraged and they have this idea after reading our notes and comments.  Armeni, Georgia, Lithuania and even Russia will be in the Turkish Union - in the Turkish –Islamic Union InshaAllah.

Akşam, January 15-2010

Because of the correspondence between Ankara and Moscow; Russia is also included  to the visa dispensation practice which is described by the President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan as “there is not only Schamgen (Damascus) but also Schengen”. After the researches are completed, the ”Schamgen (Damascus)” hinterland of Turkey will increase in 58 countries, with Russia. As well as Russia; Azerbaijan, Egypt and in the medium term in Iraq ; the arrangements are proceeding in order to lift the visas.


The Balkan Countires take place in the most parts of the visa dispensation between Europe and Turkey . There are visa dispensation pacts between Turkey and Albania, Bosnia- Herzigovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Croatia.

In Germany; the visa dispensation is acknowledged for the Turkish scientists , sportsman and artists. As the transition without visa is started in the Middle East with Lebanon, Syria and Jordan; for  the touristic purpose journies Iran doesn’t ask for visa from Turkey. The visa dispensation providence for Egypt and Iraq is still proceeding. There is a visa dipensation in Cacusia between Georgia and Turkey and it includes the trips not exceeding 90 days. 27 of the Central and Latin America countries; in short nearly all of the Latin and Central America countries do not ask for visa from Turkish citizens. The Turkish citizens are able to visit 14 Far East Asia countries including;  Japan, Kirgizia, Phillipines, Malaysia, Thailand and Tajikistan. In Africa; Morocco, South Africa, Libya, Mauristus, Savziland do not ask for visa as well.

2010-05-27 12:43:57

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